Priest Accidentally Leaves Lapel Mic On In Confessional; Your Darkest, Deepest Secrets Revealed To Everyone

January 30, 2014 by  
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Your Parish–It was reported today that your parish pastor Father John Frank accidently left his lapel mic on after having finished saying Mass, consequently revealing to everyone in the church all of your deepest and darkest secrets. The news came just moments after revealing for the first time that thing you did during the summer of ’98, and all the people that suffered as a consequence of your shameless acts. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” said the woman who was behind you in confession, and who had actually let you go first so she could finish examining her conscience. “I almost fainted when I heard what was coming out of that confessional. I thought to myself, ‘What kind of person is this?’” The woman went on to explain how she had tried to open the door, but that for some reason it was locked. The third person in line behind you told EOTT that they tried their best to knock on the door while you confessed those things you did in Vegas the weekend prior, but to no avail. “You wouldn’t answer the door for some reason. We all just had to stand there and listen to your litany of sins as you nervously confessed one sin after another after another.” Other witnesses reported that they had not in all their lives ever committed even one of those sins, and that they could not believe that you of all people could and would actually commit all of those sins all by yourself. Presently, word is spreading like wild fire about what you confessed, and everyone cannot help but to see you in a different light, including your mother, and everyone who has ever loved you.