Film Review: Will The New Noah Movie Radically Depart From The Hyper-Environmentalist Themes As Seen In The Biblical Narrative?

February 23, 2014 by  
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Hollywood, CA––With the upcoming Noah movie directed by Darren Aronofsky due out in late March, many Christian groups are complaining that it might not be true to the original biblical narrative in which environmental and animal rights take the forefront. And with that, many are beginning to question just how far the movie will deviate from the environmental themes that form the core message of the Bible story.

Sven D. Groffannas of Recent Films wrote that the news reports surrounding Noah have shown that Christian audiences might not be too keen on the movie, specifically if it does not turn away from some of the minor points in the biblical narrative such as judgment, love, and covenant.

“At its core, the story in Genesis is about the environmental apocalypse which is the biggest theme for me,” Groffannas said. “The over-arching theme of the biblical story is that of the habitat. We all should be concerned about what’s happening to this planet. So I think the movie has got these big, big themes that connect with us. Noah, after all, was the first environmentalist.”

Groffannas went on to say that “The small amount of biblical points being reported are not all in the final movie. Biblical points are there, but they are dropped pretty quickly, and it’s more oriented toward environmentalism and loving animals and trees. Christians should not be concerned that this movie will be a departure from the biblical narrative, but rather, an artistic expression of where we’re headed if we don’t take global warming seriously.”

In the end, it seems audiences will simply have to decide for themselves whether the film keeps with the biblical narrative. As for Groffannas, he believes that, though he does not anticipate a radical departure from the hyper-environmentalist themes as seen in the biblical narrative by final cut, he does warn that the movie may have some gay themes. You can read his thoughts in his new article So, How Gay IS Paramount’s Noah?