Knights Of Columbus Totally Not Catholic Version Of Freemasons

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New Haven, CT––The Knights of Columbus, which are made up of wealthy white men and organized into Jurisdictions, Districts, and Councils boasting of over 14,000 local units in America alone, were founded by Fr. Michael J. McGivney, who was totally a real person and whose real name was, no joke, “McGivney,” with the mission, “to prevent Catholic men from entering secret societies whose membership was antithetical to Church teaching.”  Upon entrance, a new Knight is given the title “First Degree” during a ceremony to which no one who is not a member is invited. After serving in the Knights for a certain un-specified amount of time and attending their meetings (which are not closed off except to those who have not gained membership in the Knights), the member enters the “Second Degree” by partaking in a ritual service which is entirely open to all who are members of the Knights of Columbus. Similar events happen during the “Third” and “Fourth” degree ceremonies. “Joining the Knights of Columbus is quite simple,” said Second Degree Knight Robert Burkens. “One simply must be a male, over 18, and Catholic, and current Knights will seek him out and badger him to join, treating him as somehow not truly Catholic until he does. The Insurance policy is completely optional, but recommended, since soon-to-be St. John Paul II was once quoted as saying ‘The Knights of Columbus Insurance Policy is the right hand of the Catholic Church.'”

  • Speaking as a 3rd degree Knight in bad standing, I can confirm all of this is true.

  • Freemasonry Watch

    The Degree initiation ritual is largely based on Freemasonry. McGivney was either a Mason or a Dupe. The ritual is not Christian, it is frankly evil, especially what they put the candidates through in the 2nd/3rd which are taken together on the same day and are more perverse psychologically even though there are no skull and crossbones in the dark like the first degree.

    • James

      Ummm, no.

      Without going into detail, the KofC degrees are all quite Catholic. Yes, they are secretive and mysterious, but not in anyway that is incompatible with the Catholic faith.

      They can be a bit pushy on the insurance, though.

      • Freemasonry Watch

        I wasn’t asking Brother James. The KOC Ceremonial is totally unchristian and therefore uncatholic. It is also totally Masonic in it’s origins and form.

        • dschack

          Freemasonry Watch – Are you both Knight and Freemason?
          I assume you are since you have apparent knowlege of both ceremonies. Your reply to Brother James was quite rude as you can’t expect to make accusations and just expect people to not challenge you or just believe you as you are not part of the main stream media. By saying “I wasn’t asking” you are implying that you have spoken and are the final opinion on your topic to which Brother James, Catholic clergy (and I) are in disagrement with you.

          There are other opinions besides yours and you shouldn’t express yours in public if you are so treatened by other’s opinions that you must shout them down and embrass yourself by crue remarks on line.

          Anyway I hope you have a blessed day.

        • MrRightWingDave

          With all due respect, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I was on a 3rd degree team for over ten years. I will defend that forever, however, due to other issues, I have resigned the KofC after over twenty years of membership.

          • Newp Ort

            By “resigned” you mean secretly ascended to the ultra-secret 7th Degree, right?

          • MrRightWingDave

            Shhh. 😉

          • Ed Fisher

            Dear Newp Ort ; There is no 7th degree in the Knights of Columbus . The highest degree is 4th . Shalom; Ed Fisher

        • Paul K. Sulkowski

          I don’t see how the initiation is anti- or non- Catholic.

    • Michael Thomas Monteforte

      if you are a christian in any sense of the word i want to educate you on the freemasonry and knights as i am soon to be a knight freemasonry was created by the same people that created Protestantism and they were the remnant of the knights of the temple of Solomon which is of Jewish origin now with respect and reverence because when you are talking about anyone you must show respect of them, Jewish and Protestant people demographically mostly not all consist of liberals it was called the Protestant Reformation for a Reason to politically trick people into thinking that Rome is the Antichrist have you even gone to a Protestant Church they claim Israel is theirs and Rome is evil the argument is absoluty absurd Masonry traces back to Ancient Egypt and Biblical History shows the origins of Israel are to close in connection with Egypt to write off as coincidence you also look in the bible the Israelites also worshiped idols as well as Baal who is a Babylonian fertility god and that is basically who the masons are it’s a war based remotely on the fact that they want to dilute Catholicism to the point of no return where the Knights of Columbus is an organization that helped make things like the special Olympics the Kennedy’s were political backing,members in their own right, and the only Catholic Family in office the purpose of the knights creation had nothing to do with masonry you need help you are not a Christian in any sense of the word not Protestant, Orthodox, nor Catholic but I will be Praying for you in the name of Jesus Christ and The Blessed Virgin Mary and God Bless You Brother James on a separate note please keep up the good fight

  • Freemasonry Watch

    I’ll add that the KoC Councils are dominated by active, motivated Freemason members of the Parish and thus the entire KoC Edifice is a tool for Freemasonry to influence what is going on in the Parishes. Don’t forget that Parish Lay Council’s largely put forth candidates for the Priesthood and that the Knights are big donors and thus have twice the influence.

    Freemasonry completely dominates the Political Parties and Protestant Churches, I doubt they would stop there. Do you?

    • Texafud

      Father Michael McGivney was a member of the AOH, whose rituals the Knights were founded on, which was formed in this country in 1836 in NYC. The reason for the creation of the Knights was not, as you claim, to stop people from joining secret societies, it was to help the poor in his parish who were widowed or orphaned from the all too common death of the father, thus the insurance program was key from it’s inception. There is not one iota of fact or truth in anything in this article. One would expect the writer to be somewhat of a liar for making up facts to match his beliefs. Just because you believe something to be true, does not indeed make it true. My council has donated over $100,000 in the last 2 years to families with sick children, to local food pantries, & to our parish. We assist seminarians to become priests. We have absolutely no way nor desire to “recommend candidates to the priesthood”. What a load of malarkey.

      • Texafud

        Also, St John Paul said the Knights of Columbus is the strong right arm of the Church, not the insurance program. A simple google search would have shown you that, but since this whole article is factually inaccurate, what’s one more lie, right?

    • Newp Ort

      I can confirm Freemasonry Watch is right, because I am an active, motivated Freemason member KoC at my parish and I try to influence what happens there.

      But what these Freemason Watchers don’t know is that being a Freemason is my cover for being an active and motivated member of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn.

      And that’s actually a cover for my membership in the Daughters Of The American Revolution.

      And I’m really active and motivated in that because it’s the only way I can maintain a library card without having to pay all the fines I’ve accrued.

      • I suggested that a lot of the leadership of the koc were also freemasons. Seen it with my own eyes in my council as well as observing some national koc leaders. But you go ahead and keep on masonic yukking it up. No skin off my toga.

      • Fr. D

        And you smuggle guns into Canada with Loyal Members of the Moose Lodge and The Elks are trained assassins

        • Newp Ort

          Don’t even ask what I get up to with the Loyal Order Of Water Buffaloes.

    • Texafud

      “Parish Councils largely recommend candidates for the Priesthood”…..Priests are assigned to parishes by the Bishop of the Diocese. Twice in the last 15 years Priests in my parish have been transferred to another parish, and I assure you, if we could have done anything to stop that, we would have. One of them was our Council Chaplain. Every Council has a Priest as their Chaplain. You wouldn’t want to mention that, right? Doesn’t quite fit with your conspiracy theories. You are doing your best to be sensational here, but none of what you say is true. When I joined the Knights, I was asked flat out whether I was now or had ever been a mason, because you would not be admitted if you were. Supreme Council has softened this stance somewhat, but as Past Grand Knight of my Council of 287 members, the vast majority of which I know personally, there are no Masons there. This whole article is based on falsehoods. I am also certified as a Degree Team Leader. There is not one thing in any of the lessons imparted that I am not proud of. My daughter is in our Squirettes of Mary, and we have 27 Squires, which is the boys group. My Pastor is a 4th degree Knight. We routinely have priests in attendance at the degrees, and never has there been a problem. I am proud to be a knight, I wonder if you are proud to be a liar?

      • Texafud

        Listen, anybody reading this can go to the Masonic Lodges web page, or, and all the truth is right there. There will always be rabble rousers like this pathetic excuse for an article, if this is what you want to believe, then all I can say is may the God of Mercy above forgive you for spreading lies.

      • Seminarians are selected, sent and paid to go to seminaries by the parishes were when they are completed become priests. They then begin there careers back in their diocese after taking their vows with their bishop. But you already knew that didnt you? Oh I can guarantee there are plenty of freemasons on your council, especially among your officers. But they lie alot, Masons, so you have to know a bit about the subject material. But life can sometimes be easier believing everything you are told. Ignorance is bliss.

        • Robert Collins

          Sure dude, whatever..

          • Robert Collins

            Maybe that’s all secret 4th degree stuff. I’m only 3rd degree, and am fine there, where I will continue to humbly serve. Keep stirring though. Not sure the point of your conspiracy theory, so logically, I wait, for your logic to emerge..

        • twoyetthree

          WRONG. Parishes don’t pay. Second, they don’t take vows, they make promises. Third, being a priest is not a ‘career’ it is a vocation. You are freakin’ clueless.

        • Fr. D

          You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. A seminarians education is paid for by the diocese NOT the parish. I was once a seminarian and am now a priest and a 4th degree knight. Please remember this is a satirical web site.

      • Where the F. do you think the names, recommendations and funding for candidates comes from? Not the Diocese, they’re too busy shutting down Parish’s and Order’s and selling off their assets. A Priest is present during the general meeting and is the Chaplin. Maybe even some of the ceremonials. Says nothing, doesn’t recognize or care about the Masonic angle or anything else, won’t answer basic questions about what is going on if you approach him. Real useful. A great moral compass/compass. But then he doesn’t have to worry about Masons trying to intimidate him, in ‘secret’.

    • Texafud

      From Wikipedia: To help combat this misconception of what the Fourth Degree was about, the actual oath taken by Fourth Degree members was also submitted to various groups of prominent non-Catholic men around the country for them to examine, many of whom made public declarations attesting to the loyalty and patriotism of the Knights. After examining the actual oath, a committee of high ranking California Freemasons, a group singled out for violence in the bogus oath, declared in 1914:

      The ceremonial of the Order [of the Knights of Columbus] teaches a high and noble patriotism, instills a love of country, inculcates a reverence of civic duty and holds up the Constitution of our Country as the richest and most precious possession of a Knight of the Order.

      Also: The first ritual handbook was printed in 1885, but contained only sections teaching Unity and Charity. Supreme Knight Mullen, along with primary ritual author Daniel Colwell, believed that the initiation ceremony should be held in three sections “in accord with the ‘Trinity of Virtues, Charity, Unity, and Brotherly love'”. The third section, expounding Fraternity, was officially adopted in 1891.

      Also: The primary motivation for the Order was to be a mutual benefit society. As a parish priest in an immigrant community, McGivney saw what could happen to a family when the main income earner died, and wanted to provide insurance to care for the widows and orphans left behind. He had to temporarily leave his seminary studies to care for his family when his father died. In the late 19th century, Catholics were regularly excluded from labor unions and other organizations that provided social services. In addition, Catholics were either barred from many of the popular fraternal organizations, or, as in the case of Freemasonry, forbidden from joining by the Catholic Church itself. McGivney wished to provide them an alternative. He also believed that Catholicism and fraternalism were not incompatible and wished to found a society that would encourage men to be proud of their American-Catholic heritage.

    • Robert Collins

      No masons in our council. My father is a freemason, actually I’ve heard my brother knights express suspicion of them. It seems unjust to me, the freemason ritual seems to be based on the builders of King Solomon’s temple, with no requirement to be Catholic….

      • No Masons in your Council but your Father is a Freemason. Now that makes perfect Masonic sense.

    • LukasThompson

      The mindless accusations (which I’m sure you cannot in any way prove, I might add) you make remind me so much of a televangelist. You are spouting off this crap and have no idea as to what you’re even talking about. The Knights of Columbus are recognized by the Holy See. If you are Catholic, you know that the Holy See is infallible on the subjects of faith and morality. If the Knights are so morally deprived, why would those given to us by God to shepherd us, inspired by the Holy Spirit, recognize them as true Knights of Christ? Please take some time to reflect on your words and actions, maybe reply to Brother James and let him know you meant no harm. Ask for God’s guidance on theses subjects, let Him tell you what He thinks. Also, maybe revisit your Catechism, and look at the Holy See. If you are not Catholic, please look into what Catholics are all about, maybe find a simplified Catechism. If you are going to try and start a heated debate, solely to piss people off, at LEAST have three facts to back up your statements.

      In Corde Iesu et Mariae

    • twoyetthree

      Seminarians are chosen by the bishop. It has nothing to do with a parish. I should know, I was one. Also, seminary is paid by the diocese.

    • Paul K. Sulkowski

      What is your information source here. I myself am active in my KoC council. I’m actually a Warden for my council. I am NOT a Freemason.

      In fact, we recently had someone with Freemason ties apply to become a member. The main thing that is BLOCKING completing his application is specifically his ties to the Freemasons.

      Another council member actually brought up that being a Freemason can get a person excommunicated.

  • dmw

    What is frustrating in fraternal organizations with “secret initiation rituals” is that one cannot defend such organizations against ignorant commenters like Mr. Freemasonry Watch. I’m a third-degree myself; there is nothing un-Christian or un-Catholic in the exemplifications. They are somewhat silly, yes, but certainly not “perverse psychologically.” Since I cannot fully defend the KofC by citing the ritual itself, lest I betray my honor as a Catholic gentleman, I am left with namecalling.

    • Larry R. Herron

      Same with the Masonic lodge, you can not defend it by either confirmation or denial.

    • Newp Ort

      Yeah, well, you would say that, wouldn’t you?

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    Hmmm, my experience hasn’t been one of being pushed to do anything. The members of our council are not pushy and actually a fun bunch of guys. Our primary goal is service to others.

    • Casey Pemberton

      Hmmm that sounds like another organization I know that everyone thinks is evil.

  • good man

    Knights are not masons. Knights are committed catholic men that do awesome charity

    • Casey Pemberton

      And many Masons are good Christian men dedicated to charity.

  • good man

    Talking like knights are spooky men is just ridiculous

  • Texafud

    Wow, you are angry. I don’t know of masonic rituals. I know that the degrees have been there from the founding. They are lessons in Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism, which are the founding principles of Knighthood. If that’s a bad thing, than so be it.

    • Do you want me to list the seven sacraments of the faith? The Priesthood is one of them. That’s the only fraternity you need. Don’t need bogus gate keepers using masonic words and forms. Kreepy black skull and crossbone embroided ‘altar’ tablecloths??? Sick, wrong & satanic. And on church property! You’re abunch ofvery confused christians. Probably why all the lieing and abuse here.

      • Texafud

        OK, this is my last post here, as all it is doing is making you get traffic. I have researched you, you are a racist, an anti-semite, you are a disgrace to the proud nation of Canada. You use anonymity to incite others, you use half truths and conveniently change information to fit your warped beliefs. Why don’t you use your little St John the Sublime Reformer title here? The rants that you posted after 9/11 make me want to find you and tune you up. I lost 2 family members and 3 close friends in that attack, you lowlife scum. Why don’t you do the world a favor and take a nice long walk off a nice short pier.

        • Masonic thug. You see I was right the first time. You go on ‘enforcing’ and intimidating, stalking and lieing the things you enlightened masonic family types do bestest. The whole war on terror thing is starting to get a bit confusing anyways. The purple curtain in the Temple was torn in two by God for a reason.

          • arvil

            Small minds sometimes have a hard time expressing them selves , and they uselessly end up in the gutter where they belong.

        • Greg Burton

          Having lost family members on 9/11 would make me think you would want to know who the criminals behind 9/11 really were…

      • PrincessPhat96

        FINALLY, another fellow Catholic with some brains, logic, and sense! Thank you, Freemasonry Watch; I was beginning to think that I was the only one who could see through this bogus Knights of Columbus facade. It’s a terrifying, crying shame that more Catholics are so easily snowed. Their willingness to blindly follow, defend, and condone whatever asinine narrative they’re being spoon fed is not only horrifying but shameful and pathetic! And to think, many of these are the exact same people questioning what’s happened to the Church……WAKE-UP, SHEEPLE!!!

        • Texafud

          I appreciate your reply and I appreciate your passion . I am proud to be a knight, and I am confident in the Catholic men who are my brothers. If you want to see conspiracy you will. That will never stop me and many more from doing the good work we have and will continue to do. I love my children, I lovemmy wife, I love my country, and I love my church. I just don’t want blatant falsehoods propagated without someone standing up and calling an obvious agenda to the light

  • Texafud

    There’s no oath dodge, what you have here on your part is a truth dodge. Caveat would be the proper spelling, by the way.

    • The oath dodge Jim Jones is all you Knights saying you cant respond to my or other description or question about the ritual or practices by saying you took an oath that you couldnt divulge it. Thats a dodge, a polite way of suggesting someone isnt telling the truth.

  • Texafud

    I don’t appreciate you calling any priest a half cut priest. What kind of a lowlife calls priests names? I may be Catholic, but I would never disparage a leader of another faith like that. Shame on you!

    • You dra k the coolaid, didnt, you?

      • Texafud

        By your words alone you are no Knight. What you are is a liar.

        • You think you are a ‘Knight’??? I would have thought Monty Python took care of that piece of business but here goes. The only person who can make you a ‘knight’ is the Queen of England and only if she is your sovreign. Get it brave Sir Tex? The Bishop of Rome, Italy, his Holyness the Pope can’t, even if Angela Jolie UN ‘Ambassador Plenipentory’ is all aswooning.

  • Robert Collins

    Why the pseudonym? Are you skeered the magic templars are coming to git ya? There’s no honor in your slander or your anonymity.

    A comparative summation of points of view:
    “Take your jewels and it.” — Freemasonry Watch

    “The reason for the creation of the Knights was …… help the poor in his parish who were widowed or orphaned from the all too common death of the father, thus the insurance program was key from it’s inception…” –Texafud

    Texafud seems to characterize why I became a Knight and why I do what I do. In my words, to lift others up. –Freemasonry Watch seems to make sport of lying about what Knights do. I’m wondering if the slander itself is the point or if there’s an actual agenda…

  • Dante Prudente

    Freemasonry Watch is wrong. K of C is NOT a Masonic Organization and its “exemplifications” are 100% Catholic and thoroughly Christian. Was McGiveny a Mason? I doubt it. K of C was started to a) provide a Catholic fraternal organization in opposition to Freemasonry which is both anti-Catholic and anti-orthodox Christian and b) to allow Catholics (who were discriminated against by Protestant Freemasons) in the west from both jobs and Insurance polices. A Catholic was denied Insurance and good jobs whenever possible by influential Freemasons and Protestant employers and or Jews within the financial system (Insurance). K of C is a wonderful organization.

    However… it is true that K of C has been influenced and infiltrated by heretical liberal Catholics who in some cases have joined Freemasonry out of ignorance and arrogance. Essentially these men are Apostates to the Faith. Unfortunately there is dual membership that occurs and that high ranking members of K of C turn a “blind eye” to. This was admitted to me by an past Grand knight who I have personally witness advocating “new age” books to less informed (and intelligent) members. He is also highly partial to freemasonry and high ranking member in the Amway cult that has ties to Freemasonry.

    The truth is… the stock of many K of C members is poor. And the hierarchy of many councils act as tyrants bullying any member who does not play their game. The councils are in many cases run as “private clubs” for the benefit of close nit members to oppose any opposition to what I’d have to call a cabal. Yet there are still some very good Catholics who are members within the organization. The organization is more interested in raising money and satisfying their own self righteous shortcomings as a substitute for the true Salvation that the Church offers. In other words they are too far liberal and even humanistic. This is clearly due to misguided “influence” of Gnostics of the “Masonic Faith”.

    Freemasonry is Gnosticism and so called Protestant Christianity is actually a mild form 0f Gnosticism. Compare the earliest (Gnostic) heresies of the first few centuries to the teachings of Evangelical (and non-denominational)Protestantism and the parallel teaching hit you like a freight train. Freemasonry is neo-Gnostic and serves to create a syncretic blend of all religions into one. Ancient Gnosticism dis the same. Christian Gnosticism was a corruption of the True Faith (The Way) that is orthodoxy. Catholicism is ancient Christianity as are our Orthodox brothers in the Lord. Catholicism is under attack from inside out and I’d have to say KofC needs a cleansing and an authentic “revival” in my books but they are not Masonic in nature just “polluted”. This is what Pope John Paul II referred to as the “filth that is in the Church”.

    Freemasonry Watch is clearly (and surely) anti-Catholic and is on the “same team” as Freemasons. Both are part of what is loosely or so called “Illuminati”. The Illuminati is a term that essential means Gnostic and are opposed to authentic and ancient Catholicism (i.e. orthodox or “universal”) Christianity. What you will learn through alternative media and the internet about the Illuminati is dis-info.

    God Bless the Knights of Columbus and may she be revived within the Church as a true pillar of faith that she was originally intended to be. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water…Good Catholics (non liberals) should join K of C and work to cleanse her of the “smoke of Satan” – these liberals and Freemasonic sympathizers who have adopted “humanism” as their faith instead of Jesus Christ.

    • One important smoke of Satan with respect to the secret society/gang known as freemasonry is to try and apply labels or prisms like conservative or liberal as proof of Masonic membership. They don’t care. They also don’t care about flakey Catholic PhD angels dancing on the head stuff. Masonic logic is strictly binary – them or not them. Sure something non-human is behind them with there own agenda but Masons logic can be summed up associate always associate. They’ll find a friend and be ‘brothers’ to anyone they think may or could be useful to them.

  • Catholics for

  • James Tracy

    I am a 3rd degree Knight and although I am a caucasian, I am by no means rich. The Knights didn’t seek me out, I sought them because of the work they do in the community.

    • Did they get you to hold the skull during the initiation? And how did you feel about having to travel miles away from your Parish for it? Did they give you a hoodwink to wear. Was the room pitch black and filled with strangers? Warm Christian experience wasn’t it? And then there was the sick man ‘gag’. You fall for that bit of ‘fraternity’?

  • Alphonso

    Much information contained on this page, regarding the Knights of Columbus, is false.

  • zencowboy61

    All in the Same….No need for a “secret” society In being a Christian….Eastern Orthodox Christian…The first and true christians…since 33A.D.

  • Paul K. Sulkowski

    I am a Third Degree Knight. The one thing which I would disagree about this article. I was NEVER treated as an inferior or incomplete Catholic before I joined.

    • Monk

      Paul, Paul, Paul ….

  • KenC11

    I don’t know who wrote this article but none of it is true except the part that you can’t come to a degree ceremony unless you are a member. We have members from all races and walks of life.
    You must be a practicing Catholic.
    We have fund raisers and return profits to our community. Boys and Girls club, high school scholarship,becoming independent, pony tail league, people in need, our Catholic parish, seminarians, school events, emergency relief, and many other community causes.
    I don’t know if we are the right hand of the Catholic Church but we do help in support.
    It’s a great organization in which I am proud to be a member.
    It’s like the Lions, Elks, or Kiawans all of which do a great service.

  • BillRiedel

    This article is so wrong. The Knights of Columbus are not just for “wealthy white men”. You do NOT need to be wealthy to join the Knights and the only cost is a small, reasonable amount of dues each year and if anyone can not afford even that, accommodations can be made. You do not need to be white. In fact, in my council and many others there are lots of black men. My council’s Grand Knight is black. Our Warden is black. Many are also Hispanic and Phillippino nd African, etc. The picture above shows 4th Degree Knights (which does require a tuxedo) and that degree is a completely voluntary degree and not required. The first 3 degrees, which represent CHARITY, UNITY, and FRATERNITY can be taken relatively quickly. The Fourth Degree is the PATRIOTIC degree. Each degree ritual is designed to teach the Knights about the particular characteristic of that degree. For instance, those taking the first degree learn about the importance of CHARITY. The reason the rituals are secret is so that those taking the degree will learn about those degree characteristics by attending the degree ritual and not hearing parts and pieces in advance.

  • kabayanNOLI

    Does K of C also practicing idolatry?

  • Ross Courtney

    ah i was just about to consult with my local catholic church. I was under the assumption that the masons hadn’t infiltrated it. Listen ive been plagued by masons my whole life. I am now realizing now that i know what im looking for i realized that here in the state of MI that there is no escaping them. They had alot of history in the building of this state. Anyway I realized my uncle is one a pretty high degree of one cause i was looking at his tattoos and there are alot of deaths in his ink. I think he followed the Scottish rite. As of now i feel that i am part of a sacrifice about to go down is there any advice you could give me to escape this persecution. They are litterally a huge part of the law enforcement here too. I think im fucked cause i know that once you find one out they lead you to more and they know i know what they are

    • Cminor

      This is a joke site, so please don’t take the articles seriously. While I can’t speak for every church in the country, I’m pretty sure your local Catholic Church is about the least likely place in the community to be under Masonic influence. You seem to be under a lot of stress from this situation. It might help to talk to a priest or a good Catholic therapist. You can find a directory online if you search for “Catholic therapist”. My husband is a Mason’s grandson and a Catholic convert. We’ve had no trouble with them. They’re not living rent-free in our heads, so they can’t hurt us.

  • Ernest J Morissette

    the story above is not true in most part. The Supreme Knights in Connecticut, in the last few years have gone almost a full 90 degree from previous doings. Its far more in live with true Charity