New Line Of Sleek, Sexy Ankle Length Jean Jumpers Stirs Up Controversy At Homeschool Fashion Show

April 10, 2014 by  
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Renowned homeschool fashion designer Mary Elisabeth O’Conner kicked off this year’s Homeschool Fashion Show, unveiling her new line of sleek and racy ankle length jean jumpers.

The event, which also featured many other star-studded designers and their lines of long white undershirts and black clogs, has come under scrutiny from the Homeschool Society of Virginia, whose President recently called on homeschool mothers to ban the O’Conner line.

O’Conner’s line of ankle length jean jumpers, called The Billy Jean Jumper Is Not My Lover line, has been advertised in traditional Catholic circles around the country with the tagline, “Ankle Is The New Black.”

“The fact is that O’Conner line is lewd, shocking, and indecent,” Homeschool Society of America President Teresa Therese Bryant told the press. “The line shows far too much ankle. Ms. O’Conner says that this year ankle is in…next year she’ll say it’s all about the lower calf.  Where does it stop?”

But The Billy Jean Jumper Is Not My Lover was not the only line turning heads this year. Legendary homeschool designer Margret Mary shocked crowds after debuting her suggestive and naughty line of long white undershirts that are worn beneath jumpers, many of which expose close to half an inch of skin below the neck.