On Good Friday, Christians To Celebrate The Holy Feast Of The Fastest And Most Violent Reversal Of Public Opinion In History

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From the News Desk––With Passion Week beginning today, Catholics and non-Catholic Christians from across the globe gather to contemplate the events leading up to the Holy Feast of the Fastest and Most Violent Reversal of Public Opinion in History.

Passion Week begins with Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and the crowd’s acceptance of him as “Hosanna.” Millions of Christians worldwide will honor the day by carrying palm leaves in processions to recall Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem, when cheering crowds waved palms, hailing what they expected to be a political savior. Then on Friday, Christians will honor the day by someway or another denying Christ by either word or deed, to recall the Feast of the Fastest and Most Violent Reversal of Public Opinion in History, when those same people that had accepted Jesus as King of Israel just days prior, inexplicably, spontaneously, and quite violently changed their minds and demanded that he be crucified.

Founder of Splendor of Truth Ministries Nicholas Lebish recently explained to EOTT why Good Friday is such an important day for Christians, saying that it is a day to contemplate the “complete absurdity and feebleness of the human mind.”

“We mourn on that day for two deaths. First, we mourn the condemnation and death of Christ, and second, we mourn for the death of common sense,” Lebish said, moments after meditating on what he considered should be a sixth mystery in the Sorrowful Mysteriers. “If this isn’t a mystery in the literal sense, then I have no idea what is. You have the mysteries of The Agony, The Scourging, Crowing, Carrying, and crucifixion, but what is missing is the inexplicable and unprecedented mystery of such a rapid, spontaneous and quite vicious change of public opinion that allowed for Jesus’ torture and death.”