Most Doctrinally Sound Sermon Given On The Catholic Faith In Past Three Decades Unfortunately Given By Protestant Pastor

July 10, 2014 by  
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San Marcos, CA–What some are calling the most mesmerizing, breathtaking, and doctrinally sound sermons delivered on the Catholic Faith in the past three decades was unfortunately given at the noon service at Deluge Community Church in San Marcos, California last Sunday.

“It was so thrilling to learn about what the Catholic Church teaches,” said cradle-Catholic Helen Seymour, who accidentally stumbled into the Protestant church service during their one month long What Other Christians Believe series. “I go to Mass and listen to the homily every week, so I thought I knew what the Church teaches…things like fellowship, gathering, community, and not judging. But to hear someone teach me that the Church believes in so much more is something I never expected to hear. Who knew there was so much depth to the Faith?”

Seymour, whose biggest fear in life is becoming a Protestant, went on to report that ever since stumbling upon the service, she had decided to skip going to her parish and to begin attending Deluge so as not to miss out on the fullness of her Catholic faith.