Parishioner Can’t Begin To Explain How Important All The Symbolism Is In Tridentine Mass

July 31, 2014 by  
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Atlanta, GA–Local Tridentine Mass-goer Desmond Wilson reported to friends today that it was difficulty and nearly impossible for him to even begin to explain all of the subtle and nuanced symbolism contained in the Latin Mass.

“It’s like…I mean, everything…literally everything means something,” Wilson whispered to friends during their first ever Tridentine Mass. “And all of those ‘somethings’ are so important. That’s why I prefer the Latin Mass over the Novus Ordo. Not that the Novus Ordo isn’t valid or anything. It’s just that, the Latin Mass is so much more reverent and stuff that…I mean, literally every move the priest makes is important and represents something from scripture.”

Friends of Wilson, who are only the latest in those who have been lectured on the utter importance and paramount significance of everything done in the Latin Mass, told EOTT that they were all “moved” by how everything he explained seemed to have some deeper meaning.

“At one point, the priest started sneezing,” said longtime friend Anna Thomas. “Des pointed out that the priest had sneezed seven times. He said he did that because there are seven deadly sins, and that sneezing was symbolic of him expelling all the mortal sins from his soul.”

Wilson later went on to say that even genuflecting was symbolic, whispering, “Look how the priest just genuflected…see how his right knee was on the ground? Yeah, and what’s on the ground? Dirt. That recalls Genesis 3:19…‘For dust you are, and to dust you will return.’ And the knee is also pointed toward Christ on the altar. Now the knee is a very strong part of the body, and Christ to whom the knee is pointed is also very strong. If you noticed, at one point during the genuflection, his thigh was positioned vertically, of course, up and down, pointing both at the earth where Christ came to redeem us and pointing toward Heaven where he later ascended.”

At press time, Wilson is explaining how essential it is that the priest accidentally tripped on his way up to the altar, saying, “That was very symbolic of how we’re all called to approach the Lord with confidence even when we stumble along the way.”