Iraqi Christian Who Risks Life To Attend Mass Not Super Concerned About Bad Church Music Right Now

August 11, 2014 by  
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Tel Keppe, Iraq–As Iraqi Christian Raghda Ablahad and three other family members risked their lives to attend Sunday Mass in Tel Keppe, Iraq, this week, Ablahad reported to family members that Catholics around the world were, at that very moment, “no joke,” complaining about female altar servers, as well as the music at Mass.

Ablahad told family members that, though she, herself, was not a big fan of the music played at her church, that she had decided to spend her free time on the “little things,” like finding a less-conspicuous route to church, and watching her back for radical Muslims looking to slay an infidel for Allah.

When asked when she had decided to stop focusing on the bad church music and the fact that her church had female altar servers, Ablahad told EOTT: “If I had to take a guess, that would probably be the moment I saw Muslim militants pointing guns at my child’s head…yes…I think that was the moment.”