Planned Oklahoma City Black Mass Stirring Controversy With Schismatic Satanist Group

September 15, 2014 by  
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Oklahoma City, OK–The black mass scheduled for September 21 in Oklahoma City is stirring lots of controversy with traditional minded Satanist, The Oklahoma City Satanist Weekly is reporting.

The open invitation “black mass” scheduled to be held at the Civic Center Music Hall is sold-out, but one schismatic Satanic group is calling the upcoming black mass a “sacrilege” against the Prince of Darkness.

Anthony Williams, the leader of the schismatic satanic group The Society of Beelzebub, has told EOTT that “the new order of the black mass that will be used on September 21 is illicit.”

“These types of all-are-welcome, hippy black masses are not only invalid, but they are a mockery of the true blasphemy of the black mass,” Williams said. “The black mass is the most unholy thing on earth and should not be trivialized with some wishy-washy theories about inclusiveness.”

When asked why The Society of Beelzebub splintered from the largest Satanist group in the world, Williams said that it all started after the Second Gehenna Council.

“That’s where all this satanic modernity stems from. From there we started getting crazy liberal ideas and philosophies like Liberation Demonology that taught that even non-Satanists can enter Hell.”

Williams is asking people to boycott the black mass, saying, “From some fissure, the smoke of God has entered the temple of Satan.”

  • T. Audrey Glamour

    I have been afraid to ask this…but perhaps this is the time and place:

    Is the traditional black mass celebrated ad orientem or is the satanist facing the devil worshipers?

    • Matt Kososki

      The high priest faces the congregation instead of leading them ad diabolum. Heck, they don’t even use a nekkid lady as the altar!

    • Joe

      Thank, I got a good laugh out of you ad orient em comment.

    • I think, in a black mass, the satanist should face ad occidentem. 😉

    • Kat

      Oh man, I just died laughing…

    • codephined

      Actually you’ve just hit on something–it is the direct reverse of the Traditional Latin Mass. Google “Missa Nigrae”.

      The Catholic Mass of the Ages begins with…

      In Nomine Patris, et Fílii, et Spíritus Sancti. Amen.
      Introíbo ad altáre Dei.
      Ad Deum qui lætíficat iuventútem meam.

      And the Satanic Mass:

      In nómine Magni Dei Nostri Sátanae introíbo ad altáre Dómini Inferi.
      Ad Eum Qui laetíficat juventútem meam.

      I understand your satire, but I find it interesting that they don’t begin with “Good morning (evening)! Today’s opening hymn will be ….”, etc. And yes, they blaspheme Our Lord ad orientem.

  • gloool!!!

  • Janice Conway

    Note the reverse of the quote by Blessed Pope Paul VI from June 29, 1972 “from some fissure the smoke of satan has entered the church”!

  • GO’MH

    I thought the quote was, “through some smoke, the CRACK of Satan has entered the Church.”
    Anyway, there’s a surprising bit of truth in your satire – Adam Daniels, one of the would be desecrators of the Blessed Sacrament actually WAS kicked out of the other satanic group he led.

  • Vincent

    I dunno, I thought old Beelzebub was quite content with the low Mass attendance, the hiding of the Eucharist in the corner, the collapse of a multitude of religious orders, low birth-rates, and many of his other triumphs. Word is he may skip the event and just go enjoy a diet coke.

  • Lee Bacchi

    Good one! Thanks, EOTT!

  • Mike Dross

    I wonder how the attendees would react if they got surprised with a clown mass?

    • Lee Bacchi

      A clown Black mass — what a hoot!!

      • Rick Gutleber

        I can’t imagine Satanists would do something so undignified.

  • JabbaWocky

    This is, without a doubt the funniest thing I’ve read in months.