Woman Praying Salve Regina Still Not Sure Whether It’s “Vale” or “Valley” Of Tears

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29-year-old Maria Sanelli reported today that after more than a decade of praying the Salve Regina, that she was still unsure of whether she was supposed to be saying “vale of tears,” or “valley of tears.”

“Seriously though, is it vale or valley?” Sanelli asked her friends midway through her recitation of the Salve Regina. “And what exactly is a vale, anyway? It is vale right? As in V-A-L-E vale, not veil as in a wedding veil. Is vale short for valley? That sounds right. Nevertheless, which should I be saying? Sorry, sorry…I’m done. It’s just that If I’m gonna mourn and weep, I wanna know in which of the two I need to be mourning and weeping into, that’s all. Wait…are we 100% sure that it’s not valet of tears?”

  • T. Audrey Glamour

    I’ve gotten past that part. I worry about who is supposed to say “Pray for us, O holy Mother of God”–me or somebody else

    • Jed Patrick Juntereal

      I worry about saying “let us pray” when I’m the only one saying the Rosary 😀

      • Johan Peter Oliveire

        Secret pretender to the Chair of Peter, are we?? o.O

      • Adam Hovey

        I still do it. I have Saints Praying with me.

  • Mara319

    My big problem has to do with those “poor Spanish children of Eve.”

    • Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

      Good one, Mara319! Could you help me figure out “from thigh-bound T”?

      • Johan Peter Oliveire

        Through Christ our Lord, Marie: that’s all you need to know 😀 (Phil. 4: 13)

    • Johan Peter Oliveire

      I don’t think getting to use blue vestments for New-Eve by papal indult makes our Hispanic [email protected] “poor”. Anything to help avoid the bulls…and not the papal kind :/

      • Mara319

        I suppose it depends on whether bulls can spell “cerulean,” and not just for protection of Hispanic hermanas but also of Filipinos who received the indult long after they’ve stopped being poor Spanish children of Eve. The Philippines got its indult to use blue liturgical vestments for feasts of Our Lady on 12/8/1910, when it was no longer a Spanish colony but a U.S. Hollywood colony.

  • Jim

    I think the “valet of tears” was actually something that cropped up after the Reformation. If you look closely during “Downton Abbey,” you can sometimes see a young boy in livery holding a handkerchief at the ready. His job is to daub his lordship’s eyes on the rare occasion when m’lord is brought to tears.

    • Johan Peter Oliveire

      The Catholic edition, of course, is rarer–once a papacy, really. It’s the only time the Papal MC goes by a different name: from when the winner is enters the room, to when he leaves, all dressed and ready for his first day of schoo…
      I mean, on the jo…
      I mean, the chair of Peter.

      • Jim

        Hmm. Now that you mention it…when Francis stepped out on the balcony, I thought I heard someone shout, “Habemus Kleenex!”

        • Johan Peter Oliveire

          That would be Card. Tauran, yes.
          From what I understand, his predecessor as protodeacon said he wanted to do the same thing at Pope Benedict’s election–and, for some people, ESPECIALLY because it was Pope Benedict’s election. That and, well, being in charge of inter-religious dialogue–I’m not even gonna go there–he went ahead with the last-minute revision.

          Word on the street is Pope Francis went all “promoveatur et amoveatur” on him recently, so someone else has the job when…–I’m not gonna go there either.

  • jeep229

    I am still hung up on the tongue twister “That we may be made worthy [of the promises of Christ.]

    • susanna

      I just leave out the “may”.

  • Johan Peter Oliveire

    At high school–true story–every day was ENDED (take note of that…) with “Sub tuum præsidium” once and “O Maria, sine labe concepta” THRICE (…and that), all in English. And still for some pupils the latter part ended up like this:

    V/. O Mary, conceived without sin,
    R/. Pray for us throughout the course of the day.

    I kid you not.

  • William Hesch

    If she was praying in LATIN, there would be no ambiguity.

    • Johan Peter Oliveire

      I say the same thing about priests and their private prayers, ever since the revised Missal translation came out. Especially at the offertory.

  • William

    Dear Marie, You’re correct in assuming the BVM is eternally needy and high maintenance, but the real issue here is how much do you identify with that Vale (valley) of Tears. As the ancient Catholic hymn goes, “If you’re happy and you know it it’s a sin,” the important issue is that you continue to feel sinful and inadequate enough to seek salvation in the Papist Communion. Whatever you do, don’t think life was meant to be enjoyed, like that evil pagan philosopher, Epicurus.

    • JR

      I thought only Irish Catholics aren’t supposed to enjoy life?

      • LadyAnneJT

        Considering the number of kids they have, they must be enjoying something.

  • fredx2

    Where’s Elizabeth Johnson when you need her?

  • Cajun

    Typical. This is what we can expect from those trouble makers at ISIL. Or is it ICEL? Who am I supposed to be wary of again? Why do all these dadgum words sound so similar…

    All I know is one of these groups is responsible for striking fear into the heart of Christians.

  • Chris Lewis

    For a good while my youngest daughter wondered why there was a mention of a tortoise in that prayer…

  • James
  • habeatisVITAMabundantiam1010

    In all seriousness, vale and valley mean the same thing (dictionary.com), but if you say ‘vale’ it can be a pun for ‘veil.’

  • Ed8791

    My dad always said it sounded like “Dominic, go frisk ’em” right before offertory in the Latin Mass. . . .Dominus Vobiscum, (The Lord be with you)

    • Gloria in Excelsis

      My father told me the real story about Dominic. He was apparently filling in for an usher who was sick and couldn’t make it to Mass. Dominic had no clue what he was supposed do other than take up the collection at the appropriate time, which he apparently managed to pull off quite well. After Mass, the pastor was absolutely stunned at how much money Dominic had collected at just that one Mass and asked him how he had done it. Dominic said, “Well, Father, I just did what you said to do every time you told me to do it.” Father was bewildered and inquired further. “Dominic, what are you talking about, what did I tell you to do?” Dominic shrugged his shoulders and said, “You know, Father, every time you told me ‘Dominic, go frisk them,’ that’s exactly what I did.”

  • Gloria in Excelsis

    And what’s up with the wife? You know…”our wife, our sweetness and our hope”? Seriously, when you are a child with a hearing impairment and an overactive imagination, it takes a while to get these things all sorted out!

  • Virgie Z.

    Let us not forget the poor, bandaged children of Eve.

  • More Tea Vicar?

    ”Thanks, Peter God.”