Raymond Arroyo Apologizes For False Story About Being Hit By Cannonball During Battle Of Lepanto

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The World Over Live anchor Raymond Arroyo apologized Wednesday for falsely claiming that he had been aboard a ship that was hit by a cannonball during the battle of Lepanto in 1571, EOTT is reporting.

On last Friday night’s broadcast, Arroyo cited “a terrible moment a few centuries back during the Holy League’s war against the Ottoman Empire when the ship I was traveling aboard began to sink after being hit by a cannonball. I was rescued, surrounded and kept alive by two ships from the Papal States.”

This week, several historians told EOTT that Arroyo had not been in a shipwreck, but that he had arrived centuries later.

On Wednesday, Arroyo conceded that he was not aboard the cannonballed ship, but he told reporters that he did not intentionally make the mistake.

“I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Arroyo said. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one century with another. But I believe it began years ago when I was reading a book about the battle. I remember that I was sitting in the jacuzzi at the time and was surrounded by water, very much like the ships were doing during the battle. It was also hot in there, like some of the ships that caught fire that bloody day. I simply misremembered the event. I apologize to the entire fleet of the Holy League, and in particular, Don John of Austria and Miguel de Cervantes.”

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  • totustuus333

    this is so dang funny

  • T. Audrey Glamour

    So I guess it wasn’t Raymond I met there after all. I wonder who, then, came to my rescue? I still can’t swim…

    • Mara319

      It may have been Pee Wee Herman.

      • Mook

        Same person! That isn’t Pee Wee every week on World Over Live? I was wondering why Pee Wee started using more make up.

    • fredx2

      It was Brian Williams.. He won a gold medal in the Olympics, so he can swim.

  • Jim

    Et tu, Raymond?

  • I haven’t heard what EWTN has done, but Laura Ingraham has already suspended Raymond until the feast of Saint Eligius.

    • Holly Williams

      Do you have a source about him being suspended?

      • He was actually on the other day. Always keep in mind: this is a humor site 🙂

        • Holly Williams

          Oh okay. Thanks!

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    You win the internet this week!

  • To tell you the truth, it was not I who made that pass. I was Doug Flutie.

  • Guest

    EEOT wins the internets with this story!

  • Adam Welp

    In a statement from Doug Keck: “It is with heavy hearts that we announce a nine month suspension of Raymond Arroyo. The latest allegations surrounding his recounting of the Battle of Lepanto have called in to question his entire body of work. We have begun an investigation into the cover photo used on the book he co-authored with Laura Ingrahm “Of Thee I Zing”. We cannot be 100% sure that Raymond was actually in the boat with Laura at the time the photo was taken. We hope that Raymond uses this novena to reflect on how his actions have damaged EWTN and his journalistic integrity. May Our Lady of Good Voyage watch over Raymond and EWTN.”

    • Hotrod1962

      and to make matters worse, Mother Angelica denies knowing who Raymond is.

  • Scott Smith

    Raymond Arroyo was never hit by a cannonball. The person who was hit by the cannonball was Brian Williams from NBC!

  • John Egan

    Euge EOTT!!!!!!

    • Jude

      Optime est!

  • fredx2

    It was Mother Angelica that was at the battle of Lepanto. He just stole the idea from her.

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      There’s that recent movie where she is lovingly referred to as “the pirate nun”…but we know she was on the side of the good guys!

    • Jo Flemings

      I thought Mother Angelica invented the Battle of Lepanto?

      • Jim

        A ratings ploy, no doubt!

  • Jo Flemings

    Our hearts are with Raymond, our sympathies are with the EWTN family, we know and love them all…. journalistic ethics aside, misstatements happen. In spite of the the lights, cameras and action- (oh, and zillions of dollars- did I type that????) we are after all, *heavy sigh*, only human.

  • Felini1

    Next Raymond will tell us he didn’t really drown in New Orleans during Katrina. You can’t believe anybody any more.

  • Polly

    And he has just as active an imagination as the formidible HILARY cLINTON!

  • Carlo Razzeto

    Easy mistake to make, I believe Raymond. Innocent mixup.

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    Had to wipe my eyes with this one lol.

  • Martha

    Hot tub time machine!

  • ThereseZ

    Best story EVER!

  • steve6904

    Even funnier was Arroyo’s recent fawn-o-rama over Father Jeff “Sweep it under the rug girl” Bayhi.

    Bayhi, who is currently using the seal of confession as a way to keep from having to admit he told a 14 year old minor to handle the sexual molestation by his 64 year old dinner buddy, and well heeled donor and parishioner, on her own.

    Bayhi, who appears to have gained a bazillion pounds over the course of his and the Diocese of Baton Rouge’s 4 year charade, looked like he was going to have a stroke during the interview.

    You know what they say about karma and the company you keep…

    And Arroyo, as usual, was in his hair dyed beyond audience recognition, best dressed Pee Wees.


  • pumpkin16

    Raymond Arroyo belong on Fox news. He offends me and I never watch the Catholic channel because of him. Radical.

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    Was is Pee Wee Herman?