San Francisco Catholics Petition God To Remove Jesus From Trinity

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In an unprecedented move, more than 100 prominent San Francisco based Roman Catholics signed a petition and ran a full-page ad Friday calling on God to remove Jesus from the Trinity for fostering “an atmosphere of division and intolerance.”

The plea follows months of dissent within the archdiocese over Jesus’ emphasis on traditional, conservative doctrine, including asking all Catholics to accept that both sex outside of marriage as well as homosexual relations are “gravely evil.”

In their open letter to the God, Jesus critics say his morality-clause push is not only mean-spirited, but that it “sets a pastoral tone that is closer to persecution than evangelization.”

San Francisco Catholic Leonard Nibbi, who signed the letter, said the Second Person of the Trinity “is just causing a lot of discord, especially with the young people in the diocese.”

“The crux of our worry is that the faithful are going to become very disenchanted and stop going to church because they don’t like the message that Jesus sent when he preached the kingdom of God some 2,000 years ago,” Nibbi said.

According to a source familiar with the drafting of the open letter to God, the frustrated Catholics first considered running the ad weeks ago. They held off while they appealed to saints, including John the Evangelist and Mary Magdalene, to address their concerns. When nothing came of that, they went public.

Incidentally, don’t expect Jesus to start soft-pedaling his opposition to same-sex marriage. He’s encouraging Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco to join him at a large march in Washington D.C. in favor of “traditional” marriage on April 25.

  • Vince M Sr

    YES!! His days of parting with the apostles hanging around at the beach going fishing in the middle of the night… How did He make the Three anyway?? Then at the height of His Ministry gets caught in the Garden after curfew and angers the High Priest AND Pilot and get Himself hung.

    • Carol Lugo

      Well if you know so much, how come you cannot answer your own question as to how he became a part of the “Three”. He did not become…He always Existed with God, and the Holy Spirit. But you know this in your head…you simply refuse to believe in your heart.
      He hung on that tree for you and all of your smug, arrogant, attitude. I pray one day you will realize just how merciful our God is…how much Jesus loves you and how much the Holy desires to live in your heart to lead guide and direct you.

      • Michael Roy

        Carol, I understand your concern, but I’m almost positive that Vince was joking. This article is by a Catholic comedy page and shares fake but humorous news articles. It isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Everybody here loves and accepts Jesus and we’re simply joking around, not intending to go against the Catholic Church whatsoever. 🙂

        • Marilyn Zeman

          Not buying your comment Michael Roy. Some people take what you say as “gospel”. Catholics do take this seriously.

          • fredx2

            Nobody takes EOTT seriously

          • Vince M Sr

            I made that mistake once since it was referred to me by someone who I never thought would enjoy the writings on these pages. Little did I know he enjoys a good laugh or two even in his pious ministry.

          • antigon

            Watch it, glorious fredx2. That skirts very close to formal heresy

          • nothingpetty

            Doesn’t mean I have to

      • Vince M Sr

        Carol, yes I was joking… I have too much time on invested on my knees earning that free pass to heaven.. last count I had 20,647 indulgences so that should be enough to knock off a few millennium in purgatory and with years of sacrifice serving on the alter with my now Bishop friend and all going to countless funerals to earn enough time off for good behavior I might make it to heaven before the final judgment!!

  • Pauline Lambert Reynolds

    Don’t do it. It would make all the famous paintings lop-sided.

  • Mark O’Keefe

    I spent a fortune on crucifixes’ over the years. Now what?

    • Carol Lugo

      Keep them Mark…No can remove Jesus from God nor God from Jesus! They are inseparable. God will never remove his Son…The Holy Trinity is a Mystery to be accepted by Faith…All three have worked hand in hand since the beginning of time. God is creator…Jesus…is Savior and the Holy Spirit is … Comforter (Paraclete). All 3 equal in Power!
      This shows their ignorance and the work of Satan at hand. That doesn’t mean YOU have to believe what they believe and want done by the Church. Even the Pope would tell them they are in grave error.
      So hang those Crucifixes high, rebuke Satan and simply pray for these people that the blinders will be lifted from their eyes. Read your Bible, pray daily and ask the Lord to lead you. This is all we can do. Then worship him through the Mass. Remember Sweetie, Without Jesus there is NO MASS!

      • Michael Mornard


        • Nate

          All of you people running around yelling, “Satire! Satire!” think you’re pretty smart, don’t you? You know, atheists think the things they like to shout are pretty smart too, so, you know, there’s that.
          The fact of the matter is that Carol is right: Even the Pope would probably say that Christianity might be better off if we kept Jesus involved!
          If these poor misguided people in San Francisco get their way, will make things difficult in many ways – not just for Mark O’Keefe and Pauline Lambert Reynolds there, but probably many others as well – so relative to that, it’s a moral imperative to oppose this campaign.
          Do you really think accusing EOTT of misrepresenting the truth contributes to their intended message?
          I, for one, think responses like Carol’s, and Mary Carroll’s (despite the confusing names), and Lady’s, and many others’, are exactly the sort that should be encouraged on this site, rather than you all trying to shut them down; they add to the tenor of EOTT’s pieces in a way to which all of you spoilsports really shouldn’t object!
          So can we please stop with the assertions (on every single article, no less) of so-called “satire,” and let EOTT get on with their important work?

          • Edmund T. Dean

            “Satire” usually isn’t a critical comment. It certainly doesn’t accuse anyone of misrepresenting the truth. It’s just a warning not to take things too seriously. You never know when someone will take something too literally and have a disproportionate reaction to it, or quote it to a friend thinking it was fact.

          • Nate

            Yes, perhaps you’re right; I suppose it would be a shame were one to mistake irony for sincerity.

          • AreAy


          • wiffle

            The whole site is The Onion for Catholicism. It’s not supposed to be serious. This is probably why the Onion doesn’t bother with comments.:)

          • Nate

            So… you’re saying that if the Onion, whatever that is, had comments their ability to raise awareness about important issues would be impeded with libellous accusations of “satire,” just like EOTT?

          • wiffle, the whole point is to be dead serious. If you don’t know that, then you confuse ancient satire with silly modern comedy. The attire may be colourful and clownish, but the bones beneath the attire are famished and begging for serious consideration, even prayer and fasting, plus weeping.

          • wiffle

            You know, I’m a Catholic Mom. Mary and I are best buddies. I’m watching you. Not that I’d have a reason to do that.

          • Vince M Sr

            You mean to tell me that The Onion is satire?

          • Mike

            Haha. Funny.

          • Nate

            Thanks, Mike; you know, I was really starting to worry about some of the people here, but it’s nice to see we’re on the same page: It certainly is funny (haha funny) the lengths some people will go to discredit journalists with whom they disagree rather than addressing the issue itself!

          • Gavin Thibodeaux

            You just want to watch the world burn, now don’t you?

          • Nate

            Of course not! What I want to watch is, as I said, the decline of accusations of “satire” on EOTT, which only stifle the ability of people like Carol to earnestly address these issues (issues, by the by, we far too rarely, see linked elsewhere from EOTT).
            Now, people like wiffle, there, may not think it’s “supposed to be serious,” but I think we can all agree on just how very serious it is to suggest a petition to remove Jesus from the Holy Trinity, right? If Michael Mornard, and wiffle, and all the rest succeed in bullying the Carol Lugos et al into buying into this whole “satire” business, who’s going to be left to stand up and remind us that, “No can remove Jesus from God…”? Because that, too, is what I want to watch.

          • antigon

            ‘I think we can all agree on just how very serious it is to suggest a petition to remove Jesus from the Trinity, right?’
            Absolutely Nate! I mean, what if God the Father decided to give the idea a hearing!

          • wiffle

            Poe’s Law strikes again.:) Until recently I have been haunting sites where people were sincere the point of causing me major mental disorder. I’m recovering, but I think pity is in order.

          • 1crappie2

            Pssst, Wanna buy a good used fiddle? Why waste a big fire like that?

          • antigon

            Absolutely. There needs to be more piety on this site or everybody’s going to hell by Thursday!

          • It is Thursday! shoot, I’m getting off the internet.

          • Nate, you have made a very clear point, suspect of intelligence. The people who think this is a joke/satire don’t know what satire is, or/and don’t know the present state of the Church.

            Nonetheless, it is important, even for the sake of the ignorant elect, to signify that these scandalous things done by church authorities and prophesied by EOTT, have not be done in the fullest sense of the article.

        • Oh, Michael, Michael, ’tis not satire, ’tis fortune telling!

      • Tibor Spagina

        I agree, Carol, but the Lord Jesus Christ is not just inseparable from God – He Himself is God. We cannot have any question, the spirit of anti-Christ is in the world.

      • jimbino

        We have to keep Jesus. He and St Paul are the chief examples of the single and childfree life. They both expounded against marriage. They didn’t breed like rabbits, as did many of the patriarchs, kings and prophets. While there are no models for modern Amerikan marriage to be found anywhere in the Bible, these two guys can serve as models for the Amerikan single in avoiding marriage and breeding, and in focusing instead on more important things.

      • evelyn

        i could not have said it better myself! May Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit Bless you!!!

  • jack smith

    Poe’s law might be so strong here I can’t tell if irony or double irony is being employed.

    • Bonnhoeffer

      The Poe is strong in this one

    • rozdieterich

      The answer is “yes.”

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Don’t want to be part of their flock on judgement day.

  • Michael Lombardi

    You heretics in San Francisco get more STUPID everyday!!! I wonder if it is all the fog that rolls in…its making your brains foggy !!! Time to excommunicate these idiots already!

    • Anshua

      Michael, by being heretics they automatically excommunicate themselves! Any of them when do not go to good confession, regretting for their damage, for spiting on somebody like Archbishop are in mortal sin, very mortal sin. The poor souls do not understand that. Pray for them, because when they go to holy communion they will perform profanation the holy Eucharist.

    • FYI: this is a satire site.

      • averagejoe

        It is. But you have to admit, they ARE getting stupider. To satisfy the satirical need. let me just say that (while stupid) they are prominent.

  • T. Audrey Glamour

    Rumor has it that these prominent Catholics also have it in for the Holy Spirit, who they are holding responsible for the sprinkler system at St. Mary’s Cathedral that was purportedly soaking the homeless who were taking shelter in the doorways there.

    Although it is not clear whether He had anything to do with it, they are now calling for the Holy Spirit’s ouster from the Trinity.

    It has not yet been proven that the sprinkler system (regardless of who installed it) was not an imitation of the homeless shower system installed in Vatican City. A trusted source who declined to be identified told EOTT that Leonard Nibbi, CEO of Nimble Nibbi Builders, had bid on the sprinkler Installation and felt his bid had been lowballed by a certain Polish Archbishop from Rome who is near and dear to the Holy Father.

    The group, now known as Prominent Catholics™, is now seeking the ouster of the Papal Almoner.

  • Richard D. McDowell

    I stumbled in here by accident…got stuck in the parody, help !

  • Anne Hendershott

    This is so great – loved this! You guys are so funny.

  • elmccl

    And that curmudgeon of a Holy Spirit. How silly is he to facilitate the choosing of a prelate. Doesn’t He have better things to do?

    • Eve bergez

      Perhaps the Holy Spirit needs to go too. Not

      • Vince M Sr

        Eve don’t be so quick to put in the NOT!! He hangs around goody-two-shoes JC and what shines a light on Him to take away attention to the Father? I think it is a conspiracy to detract from the Father that’s all I’m saying…

        • BotGregory

          Heavens, no. Where do you think our dissident friends get all their great ideas from?

          “Dual covenant theology becuz Holy Spirit”.

          “Orders don’t exist but women need to be priests becuz Holy Spirit”.

          “JC was really just this nice guy becuz Holy Spirit”.

          How will anyone be able to take them seriously without him?

  • Tom Sargeant

    April fools, a little late.

    • Br. C

      Eye of the Tiber is the Catholic version of the Onion. Everything is satire.

  • LadySappho

    I think it’s a satire based on this story:

    ‘A powerful cross-section of Catholics in the San Francisco archdiocese is asking Pope Francis to replace Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, saying the archbishop has “fostered an atmosphere of division and intolerance.”

    ‘In an April 16 full-page advertisement in the San Francisco Chronicle, more than 100 signers say the embattled [Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone] … pursues “a single-issue agenda,” coercing teachers with a “morality code which violates individual consciences as well as California labor laws” and “[isolating] himself from our community” as he “relies … on a tiny group of advisors recruited from outside of our diocese and estranged from their own religious orders.” … Larry Nibbi, CEO of Nibbi Brothers Construction, told Matier and Ross he thinks Cordileone “is just causing a lot of discord, especially with the young people in the diocese.”

    ‘”The crux of our worry is that the faithful are going to become very disenchanted and stop going to church because they don’t like the message, and the message is not the way they lead their lives,” said Nibbi, a donor and former chair of the trustees of Archbishop Riordan High School, one of the four high schools affected by the handbook insertion.’


    • T. Audrey Glamour

      Oh for pity sakes, don’t quote one satire site to explain another!


      • praedicator

        No – that story, unfortunately, is true, unlike this one. The smear campaign against Cordileone has been going for some time.

      • Jo Flemings

        Salvatore Cordileone- you know his name means something like our Salvation Lionheart.

    • Marilyn Zeman

      I have been reading about the problems is SF and agree with the Archbishop. First of all, the Catholic schools have every right to expect their teachers to follow a morality code and teach according to Catholic doctrine. If they do not want to do that, then go teach in a public school. Secondly, the Catholic Church is not going to change the Doctrine and message of Christ to fit how young people want to live their lives. They need to follow the teachings of the Church. Sad how the secular thought is trying to change everything in the Church to fit their agenda. Where some changes can be made and still be within the confines of Catholic Doctrine fine work through it.

      • Jo Flemings

        You do realize it matters little whether or not you agree with the Archbishop of SF. Mostly it matters whether or not he agrees with Jesus, hence the crux of the problem. If we don’t eradicate this obedience issue right now, before they know it- orthodoxy will have crept back in and conversions will take place in CA. Then the whole state might be saved from breaking off into the ocean—and I was so counting on a meaningful prelude to the eventual destruction o f the planet!

    • fredx2

      What if you’re wrong?

  • Mary Carroll

    We do not change the teachings of Jesus to satisfy our desires and wants in this lifetime. This is absolutely ridiculous. It is the Resurrection that is the center of our faith. You guys do not know the Catholic religion. If Jesus Christ did not come here on earth, to teach, to save us from Adam and Eve’s sin, to give totally of himself to open the doors to heaven – then where would you be. The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit was present at the time of creation. Read John. Plus you need to realize the Father is our Creator, the Son is our Savior, and the Holy Spirit is our Sanctifier (grace giver, advocate). So because a woman born a daughter, becomes a wife, becomes a mother no longer is a daughter. or wife. You guys need to learn your Catholic faith.

    • stfclm

      Breath! Breath, again, slowly. Now here it comes: it is SATIRE and the fact that you cannot tell is disconcerting, dear Mary.

    • Carol Lugo

      Thank you Mary Carroll!!!

      • antigon

        No, no, no, no. Thank YOU Carol Lugo, for thanking Mary Carroll. And thank you Nate & Marilyn Zema for upvoting Carol Lugo for thanking Mary Carroll, since that upvote really constitutes a big thank you to Carol for her thank you to Mary Carroll.
        Can’t thank you enough it would seem.

    • Michael Roy

      This article was not intending to make a statement against the Catholic Church. This is a Catholic satire/comedy page. They share fake but humourus news articles. The writers and viewers understand that this is just for fun and believe everything that you just said. 🙂

    • fredx2

      We learn our Catholic faith from the real expert – Oprah! (pbuh)

      • Jo Flemings

        Nancy Pelosi, duh.

    • Vince M Sr

      Well if he, JC that is, was on the ball in the beginning he could have stopped this whole thing by coming to earth a little sooner and kept that Eve from listening to the snake in the grass but nooooo!!! He had to make things complicated and let us have free will and ability to see right from write and will from nil and all that has created havoc and pain and suffering then to blame it all on us frail human because we are still basically greedy self-centered creatures who only want the best for ourselves and all and don’t really give a hoot about much except a hot meal and some good wine and a party at the beach… wait does that sound like JC? He liked to party to with his best buds on the beach and all; maybe we are like gods after all… NOT!! ( Father forgive me for my satirical comments and just laugh with us … please?.)

      • pupsncats

        You have it all wrong. JC was a homosexual liberal at the same time he married Mary Magdalene. There is no contradiction there, by the way. One’s sexual orientation can change on a daily basis you know.

        • Vince M Sr

          you mean bi-sexual… can’t make up his mind… like in the garden… do I do what God the Father wants or not… typical non-committal talk from a guy trying to get out of his responsibilities… we all do it!! If I were going to be savior I sure would have waited until I had more than 4 guys following me… heck they couldn’t even keep themselves awake for a couple of hours after dinner!!

  • David Poecking

    It’s about time the Trinity included a woman, anyway. But with Jesus out, putting Mary in would be awkward. Maybe we could allocate one seat for the LCWR as a group?

    • Marilyn Zeman

      God you are stupid. Even if it is satire, that statement is just plain dumb.

      • fredx2

        Such nice manners.

      • David Poecking

        “If?” And I’m the one who’s stupid?

      • Jude

        Nice way to take the name of the Lord in vain there, Marilyn.

    • Jude

      Please, nobody tell Hillary that there may be a slot open.

  • Michael Mornard



  • Miguel Barrera

    Catholics? They are not Catholics!!!
    No man or woman who calls himself or herself Catholic, would ever consider taking our Lord Jesus Christ out of that glorious mystery of the Holy Trinity.

  • Lion_IRC

    I very much doubt that number.
    How can there possibly be more than 100 prominent catholics in SF?

    • Marilyn Zeman

      Led by Nancy Pelosi, right??? Can’t believe she has not been excommunicated yet for her crap against the Catholic teachings.

    • JR

      I think it is likely that they are prominent in there own eyes. But who am I to judge?

      • Vince M Sr

        Please don’t judge.. just observe how stupid they are thinking they are better then us who are better then they could even hope to be…

    • antigon

      There seems to be, actually, if the poll the Examiner took about reaction to the (Cordileone) petition is an indication. Some 90% backed His Excellency!

    • pupsncats

      You have to define prominent and Catholic. I’m sure both mean something different to different people.

  • missandromeda

    LOL! Exactly! And while we’re at it, can we start doing Dionysian style pagan ritual dances at the alter as part of the Easter Liturgy…oh wait!…

    • pupsncats

      The diversity in expressing one’s faith, whether faith in allah, buddah, the Dali Lama, oneself, or anyone or thing other than Jesus Christ is the New Order of the evolution of the Church to meet modern man on his terms. After all, every religion or no religion is to be respected. All religions have some “truth” in them and the Catholic Church merely “subsists” within the Church of Christ, which is to say, all of humanity.

    • RuariJM

      “Alter” is right – it has changed so much it could not possibly be an “altar” any more!


  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    Only liberals.

  • Caoimhín P Connell

    These people are no more “Catholic” than the Pope. These are the heretics borne of the heresy of Vatican II.

    • averagejoe

      This is the funniest reply so far! You really take your satire to a new level. Anyone who didn’t realize you were being satirical might think that you were actually stupid enough to believe that this was a real article and idiot enough to think you are more catholic than the pope. Ha! My sides are splitting!

  • Celeste Elizabeth

    I don’t think I have ever heard anything so absurd in my life.

    • praedicator

      This is a joke. It is commenting on a real petition to get rid of Bishop Cordileone for teachign Catholic doctrine.

  • Marilyn Zeman

    How utterly stupid, and these are supposed to be upper echelon people. Dear God, what is happening to our country? They need to conform to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit teachings; not the other way around.

    • ithakavi

      Um… This site is the Catholic equivalent of The Onion. It is satire. Unfortunately, some of the satire is so close to the truth that is it scary.

  • fredx2

    I support these San Francisco Catholics 100%. Think of all the extra money we could save and give to the poor if we only had to support two members of the Holy Trinity. Jesus has always been a divisive person, what with all that stuff about marriage being forever and all that. Get real, J.C. All you are doing is driving divorced people away from the church with your exclusive “Oh, join my perfect people club” style. Why don’t you get pastoral for once? Look, let’s just replace Jesus with Ricky Martin – then we will get somewhere.

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      I understand you’ve finally gotten that job at the Fishwrap™ –congratulations!

      • antigon

        Nah, Audrey, it’s obvious Fred’s angling for the post of top advisor to the upcoming Synod!

  • FrankieBeanPie

    It’s posts like this that leave me conflicted. Hysterical yet depressing at the same time. Spot on, EOTT.

  • MAJohnson

    This is a joke (satire), right?

    • AreAy

      No. People are ACTUALLY petitioning God. With signatures and everything.

      • Isn’t signing a petition going a bit overboard, theologically speaking? I mean the Father is omnisciently aware of both prominent and obscure Catholics’ current opinions, even before they sign papers and mail them to Him. On the other hand, perhaps the very act of signing is a necessary, threshold act of the will. In any case, I sure hope Jesus gets to continue being God.

        • pupsncats

          “I sure hope Jesus gets to continue being God.” Don’t count on it. After all, believing in Jesus is no longer a requirement to get to heaven. That is the “evolved” dogma of the church since Vatican II.

  • JBTascam

    St. Augustine railed against the doctrine of Hell because he found it to be incompatible with a loving God. He finally said “I would reject it completely if it had not been taught by Jesus Himself.” So yeah, removing Jesus makes sense if you want to avoid a lot of the issues with Eternal Damnation. God the Father just pretty much kills people for their sins, but the OT doesn’t say what happens after that. *wink*

  • jamey brown

    Does reading EOTT on Sunday count as the Mass obligation? Or Saturday night as the Vigil Mass?

    • Jo Flemings

      Sunday night 5 pm (whew! I just made it!) Mass.


    It is so sad to here this . We have The GOD,THE SON, JESUS and The HOLLY SPIRIT and we should worship ALL THREE OFF THEM , ALL 3 IN ONE ,

    • antigon

      Not me. I only worship the Holly Spirit.

  • ithakavi

    Hey, if we want to attract young people and “smell like the sheep” as Francis demands of us, we can remove JC and substitute Jay Z. That way the San Franciscans will be happy and we don’t have to go to the expense of removing the word “trinity” from all the literature.

    Of course, it’s going to require major changes in liturgical music.

    • Nathaniel Schetter

      Actually, no major changes in liturgical music would be required. When is the last time you went to Mass? 1962?

      • ithakavi

        Whenever I am away from home and enter a Catholic Church, I check to see if there is a drum set or an amplifier set up near the alter. If so, I find someplace else. You are sadly correct that what passes for music at the Mass most often lacks all aesthetic value. And the lyrics of some popular hymns approach heresy.

        And please do not get me started on liturgical dance.

        • Vince M Sr

          I do the same thing if there is an organ placed inside and if pipes are coming out of the walls I run.. run as fast as I can to the closest Calvary Chapel!

          • ithakavi

            May God forgive you.

  • Don’t they know that God doesn’t respond to full-page ads? They need to PRAY! LOL Then maybe they will get an answer.

    • Jo Flemings

      Right. It’s St. Jude who does the ad thing.

      • Jude

        Good one.

  • Eve bergez


    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing,denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    a literary genre comprising such compositions.

  • Gerald Donahue

    these are not Catholics. “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” “they will try to destroy the church from within.”——-unfortunately, they will also lead many astray.

  • cminca

    So the satirist is drawing a parallel between Archbishop Sally and Jesus……
    ell me–do you think Jesus would have installed a system of downpipes to douse the homeless sleeping at the church door?

    Do you think Jesus would have been caught drunk driving? (And who exactly, Sally, was in the car?)

    Finally–do you think Jesus would be caught DEAD in that particular shade of petunia pink the oh-so-self-hating queen Sally likes to wear?

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      Yikes! The screen on my tablet is dissolving!

      Acid alert! Acid alert!

      • antigon

        Wait a minute here. Surely one should applaud Mz c-ca’s determination to stop all the mumbling to herself!

    • anglicanusepapa

      Typical liberal/modernist heretic’s response. Attack the man (Archbishop Cordileone) who is standing for the ancient Catholic Faith by trying to make out that he is a sodomite, when in actuality you support sodomites in their perversion. Oh so Catholic of you.

      • cminca

        First–I attacked his actions–as a cleric and as a driver.

        And I attacked his “signature color”

        There are plenty of examples of self-hating gays in the Catholic church. Cardinal O’Brien is another.

        Gaydar is real ( and mine goes off like a car alarm every time I see the guy. And, living in SF, I know lots of gay men who say the same thing.

        I don’t care what he does with other consenting adults. And my rights as a US citizen allow me to criticize his actions and his hypocrisy.

        And my rights as a US citizen allow me to point out the fallacy of the original post trying to draw a parallel between the archbishop and Christ.

        • Eve bergez

          “I don’t care what he does with other consenting adults. And my rights as a US citizen allow me to criticize his actions and his hypocrisy.”If you look you will recall that he was with his 88 year old mother driving her home after her birthday party. You do yourself no favors by distorting and misrepresenting facts.

        • T. Audrey Glamour

          You did it in such a pleasant convincing manner! I’m sure you convinced lots of readers!

          If you could use a writing style more in tune with the style of this blog you might actually fit in.

          • cminca

            No one in this country has achieved civil rights by being nice and waiting for the powers to be to grant them equality.

            Not women, not blacks, and not gays.

            The gay rights movement started at Stonewall riots in NY when some drag queens got tired of being harassed by the cops.

            As one of them later said “Judy Garland had just died, it was hotter than hell, and we were NOT in the mood.”
            So forgive me if I JUST DON’T CARE if what you think.

          • T. Audrey Glamour

            ???? I didn’t think this topic was about a “country” or civil rights.

            Isn’t it about the Trinity? With a ginormous helping of satire?

            Even if you don’t care what I think I do hope you feel better soon!

          • cminca

            See if you can follow the path of travel.

            1. The article’s author is using satire while masking the attempt to develop the concept that criticizing Archbishop Sally JC is like criticizing JC.

            2. I show several ways where the AB is not at all like JC–one of which was also satirical.

            3. Angelican tries to paint me as using an ad hominem attack.

            4. I respond to Angelican’s statement.

            5. You attack me for my response to Angelican not being pleasant.

            6. I respond to your statement about the delivery not being pleasant because civil rights have never been won by this country’s minorities being pleasant.

            7. You claim that I am not responding to THE ARTICLE.

            You are correct–I didn’t respond to the article because, by step #6. we were no longer TALKING ABOUT THE ARTICLE.

            Try and keep up.

          • T. Audrey Glamour

            Okay, help me out here.. Who is Archbishop Sally?

            Is he from one of the African countries?

          • cminca

            Nope–we’re done. I just don’t have time to talk to stupid.

          • antigon

            Didn’t respond to the parallel between what motivated both petitions either of course, granted how irrelevant that is in light of those army boots the bishop’s mum is reputed to wear, or whatever were the withering charges.

          • antigon

            Dear Mz C-ca:
            Commendations. Putting the assertion in caps makes it MUCH more convincing, possibly even more than all those other profoundly convincing ones.

        • antigon

          Unless the fallacy is that it’s precisely the parallel between Christ & His archbishop that…

    • antigon

      Mz C-ca is to be commended for her moral concerns, which clearly have no relation of any kind to the Archbishop’s upholding what Christ taught, which is why she doubtless vehemently opposes both petitions under discussion.

      • cminca

        troll all you want…..I’m not coming out to play.

        • antigon

          I should hope not Mz C-ca!
          And I don’t for a moment believe all those 100 prominent Friskies who are planning a petition that says you don’t play because all you know how to do is spit, so you don’t have to worry about that from me anyway. Nor do I buy that you’re a cannibal either, no matter what the folks with flesh-dar say about your color schemes!

  • 1crappie2

    Personally I think it would be catholic chic to let him stay, under the mantle of “pastoral care.” Maybe he could wear an ankle bracelet on His halo or something to prove the secularists are in control?

  • About time! All that talk about “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword,” and talk about coming to divide a father from his son and mother against daughter etc. How intolerant and divisive.

  • Allen Richard

    One word, “consubstantial”.

  • James Scott

    god is the father, god is the son, and god is the holy ghost, the father is god, the son is god, and the holy spirit is god, but the father is not the son, the son is not the holy ghost, the holy ghost is not the father, the son is not the father, the holy ghost is not the son, the father is not the holy ghost…makes perfect sense!

  • And to think that Jesuits are spearheading this nonsense with the help of their pope, it smears quite a bit of dirt on St. Ignatius of Loyola by suggesting his unapparent poor choice in brand name.
    Perhaps Society/Company of Judas? to keep the yellow pages happy with the already popular SJ?

  • Lee Bacchi

    Any nominations for His replacement?

  • Fr. Brain Gearloose, S.J.

    I fully agree with these prominent San Francisco Catholics. God should have done this a long time ago. But he’s always behind the times.

    • A more factual cause of the delay is that in the Trinity there is no democracy, it’s strictly Unocracy, hence the ‘One God’ Catechism catch clause.
      But how they know Church doctrine, they are so busy buying and selling, and feeding the poor, and eradicating world hunger.

      It’s just awefullllll how idiots ruin good names.
      Judas ruined St. Jude’s name.
      Pope Francis and the citizens of San Francisco ruined St. Francis’ name.
      The Jesuits attempted the ruinate the Name of Jesus.

      And then again, it’s scary the thread that runs through these people to form one hideous syllogism:

      Judas would rather sell Magdalene to feed the poor.
      Anti Pope Francis has sold the Church to feed the poor.
      The Pope is a Jesuit
      Therefore the Pope is from San Francisco

  • kirk

    A few years back, the United Church of Christ (that’s Obama’s church, to the extent that he has any religious affiliation) dropped the definition of Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit because, after all, the shrieking feminists and their he-hen accomplices claim to be “offended” at this blatant sexism, so they require only belief in a “triune God.” Catholics may not care what this shrinking denomination does, but they should, because the UCC has been setting the pattern for the religious left for many years now, being the first denomination to ordain homosexuals. Whatever happens to the UCC eventually trickles down to other churches.

  • a8mark


  • Heinz

    So there may be a march in April?