Report: Some People Actually Go To Adoration At Two In The Morning

April 23, 2015 by  
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Image by Nheyob

Image: Nheyob

According to a report out today by the USCCB, some Catholics actually wake up in the middle of the night and go to Holy Hour instead of going right back to sleep and waiting to go some time during the day when they’re not sleeping.

“It was shocking to learn that a very small number of Catholics actually wake up in the middle of the night to go to adoration, or they don’t go to sleep at all until they return from adoration,” said USCCB spokesman Tony Campos. “What’s fascinating is that many of these people signed up for an inconvenient time slot when there were more attractive time slots open to them like 5 or 6 in the evening. It’s one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen.”

The poll also found that of the all people who went to adoration at “weirdo hours,” nearly 99% of those were Filipino women.

  • parismorning

    You need to work harder at humor….this is pretty flat…what is the point about the Filipono women by the way?

    • Amadeo Garcia III

      It was pretty stale to me until the end, AT the part of the Filipino women, then I laughed out loud. Because my mom is a Filipino woman, and that’s totally her.

      • parismorning

        so then you are unanimous in that… Hyacinth Bucket (Booquey) would say.

        • pennalady

          I think you have your ladies mixed up. Wasn’t that Mrs. Slocombe from “Are you Being Served?” Both are great characters, and I am unanimous in that!

          • parismorning

            Right-o! Thanks for correcting.

    • AreAy

      So you didn’t even get the last line, yet you’re saying they need to work harder at humor. Got it.

      • antigon

        Wait a minute. I didn’t see anything about Filipono women, who from my understanding prefer the 10am slot.

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      You don’t live in my part of the world then!

  • 1crappie2

    The other 1% who go must be older Polish women…with their husbands in tow?

  • T. Audrey Glamour

    Some of you may be wondering where the Filipino men are.

    Earlier in the evening they were at the Knights of Columbus meeting.

    (And may God bless them. In ceremonial dress, they manage to look dignified in a suit handed down from a very ample Italian gent…)

  • Jennifer Roback Morse Phd

    Actually, in San Diego, there are a lot of Mexicans, both men and women, who come in the middle of the night.

  • fredx2

    Jesus charges cheaper rates at 2 in the morning.

    • MamaFactotum

      Yes! And you get BOGO graces.

    • T. Audrey Glamour

      Sheer modernism!

      Before Vatican II you used to get extra indulgences after midnight!

      • MamaFactotum

        And 50% off Purgatory for you and a guest!

        • fredx2

          With coupon.

    • Hotrod1962

      How true, admission at my parish is pretty pricy during the day. You can get discount coupons in the parish bulletin, occasional groupons, or you can even try StubHost. At 2 AM, the admission is much more reasonable and I have sat so close that I’m sure Jesus could hear my intentions, even if I whisper real low.

      • Newp Ort

        Why can’t I upvote more than once for StubHost?

      • fredx2

        One thing for sure, Jesus has really good microphones.

    • Vince M Sr

      I go at 4 after the 2 am crowd wakes and leaves after having fallen asleep in order to pick up dropped coins from them pulling out their rosary beads then falling asleep… claiming the Holy Spirit overcame them while in prayer…

  • Maggie

    Not Filipino but going tonight from 11pm to 1am. This is not satire either. So many graces to make that sacrifice to come.
    The Filipino ladies must be the holiest in their parishes.

    • Jim

      Piety are not square! Thanks for going.

  • Mara319

    Yes, yes, yes! I’m one of those, and I’m Filipino.
    I live a half-block from the church and walk to adoration at 3:00 AM three days a week [leaving at 5:00AM.]

    It’s a beautiful time to be alone with the Lord. I can do Office of Readings and the Morning Prayer; say the Rosary and the Chaplet of the Holy Face; pray for the living, the dying, and the dead; and pray for priests. When I was still the cantor at our TLM, I used to practice chanting the next Sunday’s Propers with nobody else listening but the Lord. [He never criticized my chanting.]
    All this, and sometimes with a few minutes left to do absolutely nothing, i.e., as St. John Vianney told of a Eucharistic adorer, “I look at Him and He looks at me.” And sometimes I fall asleep.

    • Thomas Gillespie

      God bless you, Mara319, for your devotion!