Cardinal Kaspar Opposes Resettlement Of Traditionalist Refugees In Home Diocese

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Cardinal Walter Kaspar’s anger over resettlement of ultra-traditionalist priests into his dioceses took a new turn Thursday as a growing number of German bishops rushed to oppose Church conservatives’ plan to resettle some 50 SSPX “refugees.”

Five German bishops vowed to block the entry of Society of Pope Pius X priests into their dioceses, arguing that the safety of a “more open Church” was at stake after members of SSPX continued using the 1962 missal long after the Second Vatican Council.

Cardinal Kaspar, who is leading the charge to block entry of the SSPX priests, urged the Vatican to take a harder line when dealing with traditionalist Catholic priests, including members of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, until the ecclesiastical vetting procedures for all traditionalists were “as strong as possible.”

Echoing the debate, several bishops warned that traditionalists could arrive into their dioceses without verifiable documents proving that they are in good standing with the Church in Germany and that they could pose a “medieval, close-minded” threat once there.

“I’m not interested in accepting priests from either SSPX or the Fraternity,” Kaspar told EOTT. “We would have to be very cautious about accepting priests without knowing a lot more about what they believe about Vatican II.”

Campaigning for the papacy while in Germany, Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Holland, called it “absolute lunacy” to resettle large numbers of traditionalist from either SSPX or the Fraternity.

“Who in their right mind would want to bring over a bunch of rad trads, when German bishops cannot determine, when the Vatican cannot determine, who is and isn’t filled with the Spirit of Vatican II?” he asked.

A spokeswoman for Bishop Bonny said he would introduce a document to keep “tridentine zealots” from entering the Germany, though it was not immediately clear if the document would apply only to members of SSPX or Fraternity priests as well.

  • Paula Warnes

    Indeed. 😉

  • Lauren Brouillette

    Well since the SSPX is a recognized schism they wouldn’t be wrong to turn them away… :p

    • NickD

      Only the SSPX isn’t in formal schism, so…

      • BCSWowbagger

        Oh, this 21st century, with its “pajama boys” and “casual Fridays” and “informal schisms.” When will men start wearing suits and ties to their schisms again?!

        • Thibaud313

          Exactly ! And it’s getting worse : since 1988, the SSPX was in semi-formal schism (which can still be elegant : sport coat and slacks schism, for example) but with Francis’ bizarre decision to authorize SPPX priests to give absolution begining December 8, they are no in very informal schism (shorts and t-shirt schism ! scandalous).

          I demand the SPPX at least switch to “smart casual” schism !

          • NickD

            Business-casual schism!

      • Lauren Brouillette

        ok yes that’s true I was a little heavy-handed there but it is also true that while the Church is always hoping for full reconciliation some day the SSPX does not have canonical status in the Church and its ministries (Masses, marriages, etc) are not legitimate.

  • Joseph

    The process for vetting a traditionalist takes a MINIMUM of 18 months. Most traditionalist refugees are women (56%) or children (80%). Only 1-2% are men of ordinable age, and less than .5% are priests. The Holy See is very careful to make sure no SSPXers get in posing at regular trads. It is foolish to compare FSSPers and SSPXers, since this is a schism going back to the early days of Traditionalism over a debate related to authority in traditionalism. SSPXers and FSSPers don’t like each other. Besides, most refugees have been in liturgical ghettos for over a year, so it’s not likean SSPXer wouldn’t have been discovered in that amount of time. It’s articles like this that make my blood boil! STOP BEING SO IGNORANT, eott!

    • Matt Wyszynski

      Joseph, this blog is satire. The Catholic version of the Onion. (I just had to say it.)

      • Joseph

        If the Eye of the Tiger wants to do satire, they could at least have the decency to not perpetrate their satirical comedy at the expense of the poor, endangered children of Traditionalist Catholics whose souls are endangered by Novus Ordo Catholic Bishops and only are seeking a safe place. The refugee crisis is real! Who will help the traditionalists if the German Bishops won’t?

        • samton909

          Elton John will.

    • BCSWowbagger

      You are very, very good.

    • Jakob Pohlman

      Lol ikr? Get it straight

  • Hotrod1962

    You know, I dont’t blame Cardinal Kaspar. I have heard about reports of SSPX priests trying to smuggle in altar rails across the Mexican border.

    • Jim

      Hotrod, you’ve got the makings of a Catholic western here! “Altar rails? We don’t need no stinking altar rails. We ought ride you outta town on an altar rail!”

      • Hotrod1962

        Somewhere in this western, there is a gun duel, and the hero saves his life by stuffing a paten down his shirt…… (sorry, I stole this from BTTF III)

    • Casper

      Well, if the rails make it all the way in, they can just be made into…a big old pool of holy water, like was done at my local cathedral…

  • ithakavi

    One was caught at the French border wearing a special vest armed with copies the 1962 Missal.

    • Mr. Graves

      Was it Father Z?

  • Thibaud313

    Did you purposefully misspelled Kasper’s name to avoid being sued or is it just an honest mistake ?

    In any case, I advise you to simply do like me and call him “Lord Voldemort”.

    • Mr. Graves

      If you say his name, he’ll sense a disturbance in the force and find your orthodox parish.

      Play it safe and call him He Who Must Be Ignored.

      • Thibaud313

        Good one ! I so wish this would catch on and everyone would start referring to him as He Who Must Be Ignored

  • samton909

    This is a simple matter of public health and safety. It is well known that 75 percent of all German clerics who are exposed to the Tridentine mass have their heads explode. The other 25 percent experience PTSD for years afterwards. Germany has so few priests already.

    And besides, there is no need to send them to Germany. Pope Michael has indicated he was willing to accept as many SSPX’ers as will declare complete and total fealty to him, and help his mother with the housework.

    • Viterbo Fangirl

      I had the great (though hilarious) misfortune to be taking a drink while reading your last sentence.

  • Jim

    Anybody else feel a “Rock the Kaspar” parody coming on?

  • VeilOfTiers

    I want a TRIDENTINE ZEALOT t-shirt.

    • Jim

      “Tridentine Zealot” would be a great name for a Catholic cocktail!

      • wiffle

        Tridentine Zealots would be a great nane for a Catholic rock band.

  • Humulus

    “Antwerp, Holland”.

    Fail. Or a conspiracy.