Bear From “The Revenant” Has Private Meeting With Pope Francis

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The bear that played the role of the vicious bear in the movie “The Revenant” met with Pope Francis at the Vatican Thursday, discussing their concern over the environment.

“Your Holiness, thank you for granting me this private audience with you,” the bear growled in Italian as he arrived at the Apostolic Palace before leaning over to eat the pope’s ring and finger as is tradition.

The bear offered Francis a book of works by the early 20th-century writer of Winnie-the Pooh, A.A. Milne, and showed him the reproduction of Michael Bond’s famous portrait of Paddington Bear that had hung over his bear den as a cub.

The bear said he thought the book also represented Francis’ environmental concerns.

An assistant then handed Francis a jar and explained it was filled with honey to help feed hungry bears around the world.

The bear, snubbed for a Golden Globe for his moving portrayal of a bear trying to feed his hungry family in the unsettled wilderness of the northern Louisiana Purchase in the 1800’s,  is a longtime environmental campaigner who in 1998 launched his Yogi Bear Foundation to support initiatives aimed at helping bears learn how to maul people before they get shot in the face.

Francis gave the bear a leather-bound copy of Laudato Si, which was quickly and graciously devoured.

  • Stuck in the Vortex

    I fail to see how this is even bearly newsworthy, although there are some beary impawtant matters affecting the world, the media have elected to repawt on this story merely for the warm fozzi feeling rather than the more grizzly alternatives.

    • Marie Van Gompel Alsbergas

      Hey! No need to growl over this cub reporter’s initial foray into the Roman wilderness. So some portions were edited out, like Mr. Boar’s attempts to find the Ursulines, and mistaking St. Mary Major for Ursa Major. At least the photographer held out for that perfect Kodiak moment.

  • María Cecilia Gini Pellerey

    I though it was a relative of br. Ursus, O.P. (?)

    • Andy

      Not exactly a star, but a minor celebrity

  • It’s a trick! This is a celebrity CGI Bear the Vatican is using to pretend that Bears support all that’s been going on. As St. Corbinian’s Bear, a.k.a. “The Bear,” he can assure you that only the Spectacled Bears of South America and Polar Bears are behind him. (Polar Bears are hoping to benefit from the global warming hoax, and also enjoy swimming out to small ice features and laughing at humans who think they’re trapped.) Certainly, Brown Bears, the magnificent ursus arctos (moi) have been critical, as evidenced by the Bear’s ephemeris. Clearly, the Bear has the Vatican worried, to stoop to such pathetic agitprop.

  • Matt Swaim

    I had assumed that the meeting would focus on the exchange of tips regarding headgear and toileting preferences.

  • Aaron King

    No apostrophe in 1800s! Sorry… I just can’t stop myself…

  • Adam Hovey

    It’s beary believable

    • Andy

      Had me roaring!

  • JR

    Will he be boycotting the Oscars because no black bears (or grizzlies for that matter) were nominated?

  • Hotrod1962

    At least he didn’t take a selfie with the bear……as he did with Bigfoot last fall.

    • Jim

      Wouldn’t it have been cool to have Bigfoot at the Holy Thursday washing of the feet?

      • Hotrod1962

        From what I have heard, Bigfoot is an evangelical who doesn’t believe in the True Presence and thinks we are the whore of Babylon……

        otherwise, it would of been cool.

        • Casper

          Doesn’t believe in the True Presence? Neither did some of HH’s other foot-washees, I think…

  • susanna

    Bear says, when you come to that fork in the road, keep it for your Lenten fish dinners. .

  • Mark Lister

    Bear: Are you Catholic?
    Pope: Do you sh!t in the woods?

    • Andy


  • Eryn Kane

    Good. A big step forward for environmentalism as well as a solid ecumenical gesture. We’ve been too long divided from our beastern roarthodox brothers and sisters.

    • Jim

      Well punned!

  • Monk

    I understand that all of the nude artwork was secured in bear-proof containers. Even so, back in the forest, bears were shouting “Death to Al Gore”.

  • Marcio A. Campos

    The press hailed the meeting as another “first” for pope Francis, mentioning that such an event would have never taken place under bearphobic pope Benedict and, of course, omitting that he even placed a bear on his coat of arms.

  • AuthenticBioethics

    The report has the Pope conspicuously silent about a the male bear actor portraying a defensive mother bear, which the secular media pounced upon as the Pope’s innovative approach to gender roles in popular culture, mangling Deuteronomy 32:11-12 for support.

  • Casper

    Did he get to go through the Door of Mercy?

  • More Tea Vicar?

    Where’s BooBoo?

  • ithakavi

    The poor bear will starve on Laudato Si – as have we all.

  • Wildgraywolf

    I don’t know… I think I’d like to see the bear’s credentials before listening to anything he has to say. I’ve heard that bears aren’t trustworthy and this is all just a snow-job to get your picnic baskets.