Dissident Theologian Hans Kung Petitions Pope To Reconsider Dogma Of Christ Resurrection

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Image: Wikipedia Commons

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Famous Swiss theologian Hans Küng has reportedly sent a letter to Pope Francis, asking him to reconsider the Church’s stance on the Resurrection of Christ.

Speaking to the media this morning from his office in Germany, Kung told reporters that he hoped that “one of the most open-minded” popes in his lifetime would publically declare that the Resurrection did not take place, urging the Pope to also reconsider the Church’s stances on such issues as papal infallibility, the celibacy of priests, and euthanasia.

Speaking to EOTT about the future of the Church, Küng said that the Church needed to reform its outdated thinking before [the Church] became extinct.

“Centuries have passed and as society has continued to evolve, the Church remains stuck in the past,” Küng said. “If the Church is to survive, it is imperative that the hierarchy begins to acknowledge that such issues such as papal infallibility and the resurrection are archaic dogmas. This is just the first step, mind you. Once this is acknowledged, we must reconsider the idea of there being a god. Only then, when the antiquated idea of a higher being that created the universe becomes obsolete in the mind of the Church, then and only then, can we move on from us thinking we are in need of a Church as a voice of a god that does not even exist.”

When asked when he had changed his views on the existence of God, Küng said that, “When I have used the word God in the past, I was simply speaking of myself.”

“One cannot say that God is dead, because I am clearly still alive. I am God. And so are you. Everyone is a little God, and when we speak about a resurrection, we must speak of it only in so far as we are all little Gods that rise in the morning to rule over our own little worlds.”

  • Jeffrey Hearron Moore

    Man, you have GOT to stop publishing headlines that I believe until I look at the URL. It’s like my Facebook newsfeed is playing Catholic Punk’d with me.

    tl;dr – You are really good at what you do.

  • disqus_VFYC4t5TnK

    “One cannot say that God is dead, because I am clearly still alive.” – Hans Küng

    Great stuff, EOTT.
    May God have mercy on you, me, the whole world…and yes, even Hans Küng.

    • …God have mercy on…and yes, even Hans Küng
      Swearing by one’s own self again, are we?

  • David W

    I saw something on Twitter today that seems about right:

    Hans Kung would never let himself become Pope—it would having to admit he was fallible

    (For those who don’t know, Kung denies Papal infallibility)

    • I don’t know what you are talking about.
      Kung Fool can still become Pope without believing in Papal Infallibility – so we are not safe yet.
      Just as he and the other criminal, Karl Rahner, call themselves Catholic while denying the resurrection of Christ.

      “Our Faith is in vain had not Christ resurrected”
      – Apostle

      • David W

        I think you totally missed the point of my joke.

        1) Hans Kung denies Papal infallibility
        2) Hans Kung refuses to consider the possibility he was in error
        3) Therefore Hans Kung would not become Pope because using his (spurious) theology he would no longer be infallible if he did.

        Get it?

        • Mister! I got it before you told it.
          Did you get mine?

          Don’t forget, this is the Land of Satire

          • Jim

            C’mon, guys. This nothing to get all kung up about.

          • Red_Tory

            It’s just that David W’s was good and yours stank.

  • Jack

    Death comes to us all even theologians

    • “Cowards cong off many times before their death – the theologians never taste of death but once”
      – Donald Shakespeare Bush

  • Kevin Aldrich

    Great satire is always confused with reality.

  • samton909

    What’s wrong and sounds like a bell?


    • Jim

      I see what you did there!

  • Valerien

    Most of the closeted apostates in our Church don’t overtly reject the Resurrection; they’d rather subtly change the substance of the word. Here’s what a French “Catholic” bishop –whom in charity I won’t name– wrote a few years ago:
    “After the death of Jesus, the apostles understood that his endeavour was not complete, that his mission was going on, that his Word kept its power, that his presence had changed to another reality. To believe was not to be credulous, but keep the faith in the one who had moved, changed, mobilized and transformed them. One moment, the cross shook them. That Sunday morning they regained confidence. What was resurrected was their faith. Born in the encounter with Jesus, their faith made them say: he’s still alive!”

    He concluded with:
    “Everything told by the Church, all that she said, all that she does must have no purpose other than opening the heart of people to this faith. Certainly all miracles told about [Jesus’s] birth and his death could and can still help many to enter. That was the explicit ambition of John the Evangelist. But nowadays, the presentation of these ‘truths’ as the content of faith appear to some people as an impediment instead of a help. Let them be faithful without being gullible!”

  • James

    What fraudulence.

  • Kung fool fighting …Oh-hoh-hoh-hoah

  • James

    The picture is worth it all…

    • More Tea Vicar?

      Indeed it is. I must say, he has an interesting side line in modelling umbrellas – I wonder where they stuck the rest of it?

      • James


  • PJParks

    I was also drawn in. I did not notice it was the EOTT. Good work.

  • More Tea Vicar?

    Rumour has it that Kung Po has one of the most expensive burial plots in the world – outside the walls of Jerusalem. Pity he’ll only be in it for three days …

  • Catherine Masak

    If God is dead then there is no reason for the church to exist. I can save my donations and spend it on my grandchildren.

  • Hotrod1962

    Take this article, put it in the NY Times, and the satire will be lost on many readers who will applaud Kung as “finally a catholic who is not homophobic and should be pope to bring the Church into the 21st century.”

  • Ginkgo100

    I thought this was a satire site.

  • jusoh

    A sheep in wolf’s clothing. Pupil of Lucifer.