New DC Comics ‘Benedict V Francis: Dawn Of Mercy’ Film Getting Terrible Reviews

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Image: Andrew Hermiz

Image: Andrew Hermiz

It’s been three years since Benedict’s colossal battle with the Roman Curia devastated Vatican City. The loss of spiritual life and collateral damage left many Catholics feeling angry and helpless about the Church hierarchy, including corruption-fighting Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. Convinced that members of the hierarchy surrounding Benedict is now a threat to Holy Mother Church, Bergoglio embarks on a personal vendetta to end their reign at the Vatican, while the conniving Walter Kasper launches his own crusade against ‘God’s Rottweiler’.

Benedict v Francis: Dawn of Mercy is out and reviews for the latest movie from DC/Vatican Cinematic Universe are not impressive.

Although the film, which currently has only a 29 percent rating on Catholic movie review site Decent Films, has been universally panned by critics, it’s opening weekend brought in an estimated $70.1 dollars in the Vatican alone.

The superpapal showdown, which cost nearly $1,000 dollars to make, is DC/Vatican Cinematic Universe studio’s bid to kick-start a Catholic movie universe to rival the protestant’s massively successful movie empire that has produced multi-hundred dollar cash cows, God Is Not Dead, God Is Not Dead 2, and the upcoming film, God is Still Not Dead.

But although critics have panned the movie, audiences have given the film a 65 percent rating, which suggests that many moviegoers don’t necessarily agree with critics.

“I thought it was pretty cool,” one viewer told EOTT after seeing the movie. “I mean, some weird choices, that’s for sure, like how Benedict and Francis stop fighting once they find out they both love Jesus. Francis has Benedict on the ground, you know, cause Benedict’s old, and before he delivers the final blow, Benedict calls out to Jesus for mercy, and Francis is all like, ‘WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME! WHY DID YOU SAY JESUS!’ and they realize they both love Jesus and stop fighting.”

Another viewer told EOTT that the movie was decent until the tension really began to pick up toward the latter half of the film.

“Yeah, that’s when it started getting pretty interesting. The bad guy Walter Kasper unleashes this monster he calls Synod, and both Benedict and Francis have to fight together to defeat it.

Benedict v Francis is the fourth biggest opening for a comic book adaptation, behind three protestant films, The Reformers, Ex-Catholic-Men, and The Dark Night of the Soul Rises.

  • John Kloess

    “Dark Knight of the Soul Rises.”

    • Monk

      No, it’s definitely “Dark Night of the Soul Rises”. Heath Ledger was unavailable for the role of John of the Cross because, well, he’s dead, and the pun seemed overwrought.

  • Paula Warnes

    A monster named Synod. Tee hee.

  • FatherWagner

    “Liturgical dance is his kryptonite…” whispered Cardinal Kasper as he clutched his copy of Rahner’s “Theological Investigations”

  • EddyLaceEmUp

    Ugghh…Srsly though, if DC hopes to compete with Marvel in the theaters, they’re going to need time to allow their characters to grow and develop. Not just put them in a movie with weak plots and hope that viewers will overlook that just because of action sequences.

  • samton909

    It would have been a good movie but Ben Affleck played Benedict.

    • EddyLaceEmUp

      It could have been a good movie but Zack Snyder directed it.

  • MamaFactotum

    Why aren’t there more women in this film?! It’s seems like another way to indoctrinate the masses to be submissive to the patriarchy…she said with her tongue firmly planted in pocket of right cheek.

  • hanntonn

    This is too funny.

  • GGodHand

    I can’t stop laughing, this is too funny!

  • A.G.

    I found it insulting that they tried to shoehorn in “Our Lady of Walsingham Woman” late in the movie. An obvious attempt to introduce characters for future $1000 plus budget films.

  • Jim

    If only Don LaFontaine could have done the trailer. The fate of this film might not have been so bleak.

    • Hotrod1962

      I can hear it now: In a world…… where there is good and evil (thunder) and good men battle….Only ONE GOD……ONE MAN……ONE SPIRIT …..can bring men together (more thunder) to fight the forces of evil (Kasper’s picture).

      Coming this April to a sacristy near you…rated PG for lust, envy, greed, gluttony, pride, sloth and wrath.

  • JabbaPapa


  • Thomas Gillespie

    BOTH had to fight the monster Synod? I don’t think so. The Synod monster was launched by Francis while Benedict was off snoozing somewhere.

    • Thomas, please respect the most traditional pope of all time, granted he was like Odin Somnus at times, still…

  • Paul Schultz

    Dude… spoiler alert!

  • Viterbo Fangirl

    “…that has produced multi-hundred dollar cash cows, God Is Not Dead, God Is Not Dead 2, and the upcoming film, God is Still Not Dead.” ROTFL!

  • GGodHand

    What about the movie Protestant-Man? With the slogan “With great heresy comes great irresponsibility”!

  • Adam Hovey

    Don’t you love how Walter Kasper is the bad guy?

    • Mr. Graves

      But Darth Kasper is only a servant of the hooded emperor-villain who speaks through a hologram …..

      Sorry, wrong franchise.

      • Andrew

        that’s what I thought too

  • Samuel Morales

    That was probably the best thing I’ve read in a while! I was laughing so hard and I haven’t even seen BvS yet.

  • Norman

    “What does the T stand for?”… “It’s not a T, in my world it stands for sacrifice”… “Well here, it’s a T.”…
    That of course was from the prequel, “Man of See”… In this one you can certainly tell that St. Faustina was needed to help fight Synod, she was the best spiritual warrior and her sword of Mercy was awesome!!!

    • Andrew

      now you’ve ruined the whole movie for me

  • Wildgraywolf

    I see the problem… the Vatican partnered with DC comics. The Vatican should have hooked up with J.J. Abrams – altered story lines, lens flares and all. In the end though what were they expecting for only 1,000.00.

  • ithakavi

    I thought the movie’s product placement for Argentine Chrism Oil was particularly tacky.