“Most Of The Words That Come Out Of My Mouth Are Invalid,” Pope Francis Suggests

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Image: Alfredo Borba

Image: Alfredo Borba

Pope Francis said Thursday that the majority of the words that come “spilling” out of his mouth are invalid because most of the time he doesn’t understand that what he says is permanent.

“We live in a culture of the provisional,” the Pontiff said, responding to a question about the “crisis of his pontificate.”

Francis said he often doesn’t comprehend the importance of what he’s saying when speaking off-the-cuff, which he said is “indissoluble.”

“Sadly in today’s pontificate, I don’t understand that what I say will have ramifications for not only my pontificate, but of the many pontificates to come,” he said. “I say something random, and people do not know what it means. And because people listen to me with the philosophy that I am the Pope, they believe I have fully contemplated and formulated what I am saying, which is, in many cases, not the case. This then makes what I say null.”

Francis went on to say that when Catholics have to spend most of their working lives defending what he says, and having to write blog posts or responses to comments on a combox asking if the “pope really said such and such,” clearly there is something invalid in many of the “weird, weird, weird” things that somehow manage to find their way from his brain to his mouth.

  • steve5656546346

    Dead on…

    Oh, for those who don’t know, this is a satire site…although…

  • Eric Campbell

    I feel this, deep in my bones.

  • ET

    I do know that this is a satire site and the following is not passing judgment on the above article. I think that the vast majority of the misunderstandings regarding Pope Francis and what he says are the result of (a) the media misunderstand, misinterpret, and misquote much of what Pope Francis says; (b) few people (and nobody from the media) understand the limited scope of the infallibility of a Pope; (c) Pope Francis comes from a pastoral background whereas recent Popes (going back for years and years) have had an academic background and so Pope Francis will be more likely speak to every-day pastoral concerns; we should not be continually expecting over-arcing doctrinal statements from him. Regarding the satirical element of the above article: Pope Francis is relatively new and comes from a different background than recent Popes; as a result, people are already caught somewhat off-guard and need time to build a perspective. Thus, satire such as the above is as likely to sow doubt as it is to register mirth. That having been said, I am otherwise a fan of this site.

    • Stephen_Phelan

      the doubt being sown does not originate with EoT.

      • drogah

        Nor, this time, with the media. So…

        • ET

          No, the media is not to blame here, but they have been at other times, which creates the greater air of concern from which other situations are viewed. My interior comments were general comments separated from the specific article and quote at hand. The specific article and quote at hand do exist within the environment created by what was touched upon by my interior comments.

          • drogah

            Your assertions a) and b) are true, and are very good points. Assertion c) really isn’t, and I’ll tell you why: I’m a pastor who addresses the very real needs of the people in the pews, and have yet to confuse my people by teaching falsehoods ;).

          • ET

            You have a better perspective than do I, and I yield your point. The more specific the point, the more good that it might do.

          • samton909

            What do your exterior comments say?

      • ET

        That is true, but it is all the more reason to take care that you say what you mean to say.

        • Stephen_Phelan

          Also true. Which is why the efforts to explain away every problematic thing the pope says as “misinterpretation” or a misunderstanding of papal authority no longer makes sense to thinking people. Charity without truth is mere sentimentality (CiV 3). We owe the Holy Father and each other better than that.

          • ET

            …agreed, but I specifically avoided saying ‘every (problematic) thing’. There is often more to Truth than is visible to each of our limited perspectives. If one doubts or is suspicious then they owe it to the Church, the Papacy, and to themselves to seek the truth rather than to proclaim their limited view of it.

          • Stephen_Phelan

            Often? Yes. But avoiding the obvious can be uncharitable as well. If I say I think most Catholic marriages are invalid for whatever reason, I can scandalize some, but beyond them, who cares? The Holy Father says the same thing, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of people in valid marriages (or invalid ones) who are in a very difficult time in their marriage have an entirely new doubt in their minds, one they should not have to deal with, one that can have severe consequences for their marriages, lives and souls.

            The pope is not merely a pastor. His random speculations have massive implications and effect, and that his own people and so many other faithful pope-loving people have to constantly fill in the gaps behind him and constantly re-explain the non-magisterial nature of such statements, after his words have made headlines and had their effect, indicate that there is a problem. I don’t see how it is loving to the Holy Father or anyone else to pretend this is not the case. I also don’t see how this constant deluge of ambiguity is helpful to the papal office. Imagine all of the “… but Francis said…” that his successor will have to deal with.

            One can both love the pope, respect his office, and ask that he be more careful.

          • ET

            Point taken. This point that you made is of much greater value, however, than the general scoff.

          • samton909

            I think you are in some sort of time warp – you appear to be about a year or so in the past.

          • Thomas Gillespie

            There is OFTEN “more to Truth than is visible to each of our limited perspectives”? Sounds like either Gnosticism or Obscurantism to me. The truth that we need has been revealed to us, Bergoglio’s blatherskite notwithstanding. If it has not been revealed or is unattainable by reason, then we needn’t worry about it.

    • ArthurMcGowan

      I haven’t seen such impressive backflips since the last time i watched gymnastics at the Olympics.

      The truth is really quite simple:

      The Pope is a typical modern cleric who thinks his political opinions are part of his mission as a clergyman; he is a knee-jerk Leftist; he hates the Catholic Church.

      • Thomas Gillespie

        Arthur – bingo, you nailed it. The plain truth is refreshing. He’s also a crypto-Marxist, an Indifferentist, and a thorough-going Modernist. Sometimes I wonder if he’s even a theist. But how could a valid Pope be so impervious to the specific charisms of the office of Successor to Peter? Is it possible?

    • Hilary White

      “it’s the media’s fault”
      “it’s the translaaaaayyyyyyshuns!”
      “he comes from a different background!”


      Thanks for playing.


      • Jude

        Did you happen to read Akin’s “11 things” to explain away the latest round of papal blathering? Obviously somebody thinks this is a round of Blackout Bingo.

    • Franco

      ET is agreeing that the pope speaks carelessly on occasion, but is saying that with all the other elements present perhaps we need to speak about him more precisely ourselves. There is no blind defense or relativism or gnosticism or abandoning of position. Apparently some of us have to feel smug (as occurs on other sites) and dog-pile on a person who is willing to raise a flag of caution. You’ll probably be just as unchristian to me after I leave. I enjoy EOTT and usually the comments as well, but not the culture that this speaks to.

  • Mr. Graves

    This reminds me of the day my spouse and I stood in front of God, our family, and our friends and said the first non-binding things that came to mind.

  • GregoryDiPippo

    You win the internet again!

  • Laura Paxton

    Pastoral background? He was only a parish priest 6 years before he was removed for preaching too much “popular” religiousity. He was a provincial as a Jesuit for most of his career before being promoted to higher ranks in the Church.

    • Laura Paxton

      Sorry- I think I was wrong. I don’t think he was ever a parish priest. I re-read the Wikipedia article and did not see evidence that he ever had a post. He was actually removed from provincial for teaching too much “popular religiosity,” not from a position as a priest. I meant to post this in reply to ET that Pope Francis came from a pastoral background. he did not. Double-check the bio. I could have over-looked something.

      • DebraBrunsberg

        As long as you read the correct Wikipedia article because we know that source is infallible.

        • Thibaud313

          Just ask saint Gontran of Bourgogne, King of the Franks in the 6th century who used a time machine to fight Darkseid, like it actually said on this Wikipedia page for months after I edited one afternoon when I was bored.

          (Seriously I checked regularly and it took months before it was edited out. The secret of publishing long-lasting stupidity on Wikipedia is editing an obscure article that can stay under the radar)

  • stevewe

    It is triply important that satirizing this Pope be engaged with supreme care because his comments are already so outlandish as to be beyond satire.

    • Peter Murphy

      His real life comments are outlandish to the point where this satire article has become redundant. You don’t even need to satirize it in order for it to be ridiculous.

  • tomsyseskey

    Vatican “scrubs” (corrects not cancels) Pope’s comment

    Various news sources are reporting that in the Vatican transcript issued on Friday morning June 17th, Pope Francis’ words in his Thursday June 16th Q&A session (“Because of this [living in a provisional culture], a great majority of our sacramental marriages are null because they [the couple] say ‘yes, for the rest of my life’ but they don’t know what they are saying because they have a different culture“) were changed to read “some” instead of “a great majority”. A Vatican spokesman said the pope’s off-the-cuff remarks are sometimes edited after consulting with him or among aides.

    Did the Vatican correct all of His Holiness’ words? Did they forget to juxtapose “great majority” and “some” in “Pope Francis says that ‘a great majority of sacramental marriages are null’ but some cohabitations are real marriages” (as Rorate Caeli reports) to read “Pope Francis says that ‘some sacramental marriages are null’ but a great majority of cohabitations are real marriages“?

  • brendankiwi

    The pope knows EXACTLY what he is saying, and when he is NOT clear, it is very very calculating- the wat of Jesuits today. We need to pray for his conversion and redouble our efforts to defend innocent lives (especially the unborn), present the beauty of catholic marriage and the faith and human sexuality as laid out in the catechism

    • Thibaud313

      But let’s dispel with the notion that Pope Francis doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing !

      • Thibaud313

        But here’s the bottom line : the fiction that Pope Francis doesn’t know what he’s doing is simply wrong. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

        • Thibaud313

          And more importantly : this fiction that Pope Francis doesn’t know what he’s doing is wrong. He knows exactly what he’s doing !

          • Mike Dross


          • Commments


          • Thibaud313

            Polo !

          • Peter Murphy

            Very clever.

          • Peter Murphy

            Eye of the Tiber:Rome

            Former presidential hopeful Marco Rubio announces that he is running for Pope the next time around. When asked about Pope Francis’ pontificate especially some of the controversial off the cuff interviews, Rubio repeated a very similar (but not identical) 30 second soundbyte about how Pope Francis “knows exactly what he is doing.”

  • AuthenticBioethics

    To paraphrase an old Star Trek episode…”If the things he says are invalid, then claiming they are invalid is invalid and then everything he says is valid…Please explain! Please explain!”

  • samton909

    Dang it. My wife just read what the Pope said and ran out of the house screaming “I’m Free! I’m Free!”

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Well,ostensibly,the Bishop of Rome is only “infallible” when he speaks “ex cathedra”…but as we all learned in HS Latin class,a cathedra is just a curved backed chair that pagan Roman patricians sat in to “hold court”…..gee,I sure wish I had one of those magic chairs so I could be infallible…LMAO

  • Jack.Foobar

    He’s a barely functional retard and has no business being a Catholic, much less the Pope.

    • ArthurMcGowan

      I wish more people realized this. Then they would be protected against him.

    • Hilary White

      Retards get to be Catholics – and go to heaven – too. But it might be a good policy from now on not to elect them to the Throne of the Apostles.

  • Brendan Quinn

    At least one can always rely on The Eye of the Tiber for accurate reporting ! lol

  • Joe

    I suspect the Pope and Donald Trump got kicked out of the same Toastmasters club!

  • Monk

    When the teacher himself points out that a great majority of the class doesn’t comprehend the lessons, and have actually learned falsehoods, it might be time to question his tenure.
    Really, the story behind this is an honest indictment of the pastors and catechists of the Church who have allowed the flock to wander off any which way the societal wind was blowing for many decades now.

    • Heinz

      Phuu… I’m glad that you a) found somebody to blame and b) that it’s not me.

  • May God preserve us and the whole Church from this pope, and may God bring a speedy end – somehow – to this disastrous pontificate.

  • Warren Anderson

    Someone took the words right out of my mouth… and I want them back!

  • crissyfield

    Time to retire?

  • Piedade

    The majority of Popes today are not catholic.

    • Piedade

      Sorry, I meant to say a *portion* of Popes today are not catholic.

    • Brendan Quinn

      I thought I was Pope for a while, but when I couldn’t find a white cassock to wear I realized I was just a humble Cardinal !

  • http://bit.ly/24XXskv Another Catholic Satire piece on #popefrancis & #marriage

  • DJR

    “This then makes what I say null.”

    But the pope also said that very statement, so if what he says is null, that statement would then also be null.

    But if that statement is null, then… oh, forget it!

  • Kmbold

    Somebody please go to St. Peter’s and hide that chair.

  • Kmbold

    Oh, oh. Just lost my Year of Mercy indulgences.

  • Casper

    Dang. I always think that Papa Francesco must have run across some truly draconian priests in his youth, because he seems to be reacting against them even 50, 60 years later…

    • wiffle

      It’s that generation’s way apparently. Our oldest parish Priest keeps reforming situations & people who disappeared decades ago.

  • Graeme J A Taylor

    Pope Francis, after he is dead, will hopefully not be remembered as the pope of confusion, but rather as the bad pope. He has said so may arrogant, disrespectful things, the verbal excrement that has come from his mouth! He manipulates, he surrounds himself with faithless smarty pants. He is always included in my rosary, that Our Lord will save the church from this bad pope, that he sees the light and converts.
    However, the Lord has used this dreadful arrogant man to make me open my eyes and see, that the numbers of prelates who do not share my faith is much larger than I had ever imagined. So many poorly formed priests have given us so many poorly formed bishops. The garbage so many of them spout is very, very concerning. Our Lord has used this arrogant papacy to bring those who had been hiding in the shadows to come out and show themselves for what they really are, like Francis, wolves in sheep:s clothing.
    Our Lady, help of christians, pray for us.

  • mistermcfrugal

    Sounds like he needs to resign because he openly admits to doing a poor job of holding the most important “communications” job in the world.

  • MS

    Catholics need to know their faith and realize that the doctrine of infallibility has three conditions: 1. That the subject matter is faith and morals; 2. That it is intended for the whole church as an obligation; and, 3. That it is something declared OFFICIALLY as the Vicar of Christ. NOTHING Pope Francis has said has born these three marks.

    • Heinz

      How great it is to be reminded of these facts!
      If no popes resign, it becomes an unspoken taboo. If no pope talks “ad lib”, protestants get the impression that every word of a pope is taken as divine truth by all catholics.

      Somebody said John Paul II. gave us hope, Benedict XVI gave us faith and Francis gives us mercy.

      So we don’t get the pope that we deserve, but the pope that we need. In other words, Pope Francis is Batman!

  • mrc628

    The comments are more entertaining than the article. All these Paper Popes.

    • Monk

      Or maybe this post struck a nerve with Catholics who hold their religion dear, and wonder why they have to search far beyond their local parish to experience authentic Catholic liturgy, doctrine and spirituality.
      Personally, I appreciate Francis admitting that “the great majority” of Catholics are more aligned with contemporary secular culture. Now, will the clergy do anything about it?

      • mrc628

        Oh, so now you’re judging who holds the faith dear and who doesn’t. Another ‘infallible’ pronouncement from the Paper Pope Brigade. Those who hold the faith dear wouldn’t assume that authority. You take yourselves far too seriously. And before you even go there, I’m not a fan of Pope Francis.

        • Monk

          First of all, what the heck is a paper pope, anyway?
          All I know is that when I read and pray with the unadulterated bases of Catholicism, namely, Scripture, Patristics, the Liturgy and Magisterium, I experience something wholly different from and superior to parochial Catholicism.

  • Jim Brooks

    With the nutty comments coming from Pope Francis and have recently read “God or nothing” I have developed a whole new appreciation of Pope Benedict

    • Karyn

      I just got to the part in that book where he talks about Pope Benedict hopefully being canonized one day. I am loving the book and loving learning more about Cardinal Sarah.

  • TBill

    Perhaps EOTT should start a GOFUNDME campaign to get Pope Francis a teleprompter for Christmas. Although it wouldn’t work on airplanes, perhaps he would take the hint.

  • Thibaud313

    I love how THIS is the statement that finally broke Jimmy Akin’s spirit : http://www.ncregister.com/blog/jimmy-akin/pope-francis-on-invalid-marriages-11-things-to-know-and-share.

    Poor Jimmy spent the last three years compiling lists in the form of :

    “Pope Francis on [insert latest subject of Francis’ comment of doubtful orthodoxy] : 11 things to know and share :
    1) What did Francis just say on [insert latest subject of Francis’ comment of doubtful orthodoxy] ?

    In an off the cut remark, Francis said [insert latest Francis’ remarks].

    2) What was the reaction to it ?

    [Some conservative American Catholics started panicking and ripping their clothes and calling for the consecration of Russia because frankly it sounds clearly heretical on the face of it]

    3) What did Francis actually mean to say ?

    [Insert more or less plausible orthodox interpretation of Francis’ latest comment]

    4) What should we do ?

    [Stop panicking. Everything is under control]

    and so on”

    So I was looking forward to Jimmy’s latest brave attempt to save Francis from himself.
    But no ! THIS is the heterodox comment that broke the apologist’s back : all
    Jimmy has to say is : this comment is clearly wrong and Francis should just
    shut it from now on. In Jimmy’s incredibly soft-spoken way this is the
    equivalent of Bill O’Reilly storming off the “Inside Edition” set.

    And the funny thing is (for me) that this is actually one of the time where I actually agree with Francis. Or at least, I’m not entirely sure I disagree.