WikiLeaks Emails Reveal Clinton Campaign Responsible For Founding Of Jesuits

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Image:Gage Skidmore

Image:Gage Skidmore

A new series of emails released yesterday by WikiLeaks connected to its dump of John Podesta’s server show that ancestors to presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attempted to sabotage the Catholic Church by creating the Society of Jesus hundreds of years prior to her nomination.

The emails in question discuss Clinton’s and Podesta’s lineage back to the 1540’s when family ancestors schemed to undermine the Church by beginning the famed Society of Jesus that they hoped would, centuries later, incite disunity within the Church during “some sort of a Church council, and hopefully, help secure a possible future nomination of an heir.”

“[Catholics] are attracted to reason, to Thomistic thought and, God forbid one day, even to the belief that matters ought to be handled by the lowest centralized competent authority possible, meaning, not our heir. Could you even imagine if, say in a few hundred years a new country was begun, built upon the basic rights of citizens and the separation of Church and State, whereby no one, including political candidates, could discriminate against any particular religion? Screwtape forbid,” wrote John Podesta’s ancestor Robert Podesta in a leaked letter written in 1539, in reference to conservative Catholics.

“I imagine they think the Church is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion,” Robert Podesta continued. “But imagine if we began a ‘society’ so strong and faithful to the Magisterium in the beginning of their formation, and perhaps a little longer, that Catholics would feel so guilty and maybe even blasphemous if they ever disagreed with one of its members or said anything ill of the order? Then hundreds of years down the road many of the members of this ‘society’  would all of a sudden no longer be attracted to Thomistic thought and, well come to think of it, any thought at all.”

“Excellent point,” Hillary Clinton ancestor Jonathan Rodham responded. “They can throw around ‘wisdom’ and ‘discernment’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they’re talking about.”

Another letter from Rodham called the Church a medieval dictatorship, calling for a “Catholic spring,” against the teachings of the Bible and virtually everything that is written by any news source unless they are called the National Catholic Reporter.


  • Shaun McAfee
  • Monica Jane Harris

    “screwtape forbid”–hah!

  • Maggie

    And at the time of the founding of the Jesuits, Reginald Burke was found dead of an apparent suicide along with two others: Richard Sarah and Gregory Pell who also died under mysterious circumstances but probably suicide even though shot in the back.

  • John Kloess

    This sounds like the plot of an Assasin’s Creed game.

  • Maferick

    There are some good, faithful Jesuits still that are in line with the magisterium. There is Pope Francis, Father Fessio, Father Trigilio, Father Mitch Pacwa, and …
    Um, …
    I am sure that there must be three or four more good ones in the world somewhere.

    • Frank Hammond

      Agree on Father Mitch & Father Fessio…

    • maddoxhightower

      Father James Martin?

      • spk4244

        Just a celebrity Protestant Jesuit

        • maddoxhightower

          So having a theological view not like Ratzinger/Benedict makes you a protestant?

          • samton909

            No he has a theological view that rejecting vast swaths of Catholicism makes you a protestant

    • Milagros Medina Crouch

      My 2 sons went to a Jesuit University from pre-school to College and also my nieces and nephews. No problem with them. Reps will do anything in desperation including illegal means like hacking e-mails. Now that they can’t have the hispanic, muslim, African_Americans, they target the Catholics and other sects in their desperate ultimate efforts to get their votes because they know, that Christianity makes up most of the population! Where is the proof of the authenticity of this e-mails. If there is authentic twitters, then I want to see a proof that this indeed was from whoever’s e-mail. It is easy to alter & manufacture documents even birth certificates(hahaha). All religions have flaws. Besides messages can be misconstrued and people don’t read it right. I believe in what I see not rumors.

      • Famijoly

        Is that you, Jennifer Palmieri?

      • VeilOfTiers

        Why did the university need a pre-school? I thought they’re was Montesori for that…

        • samton909

          Universities have recently discovered that many children coming to college need to spend time sucking their thumb and holding their blankie. Hence the preschool.

      • samton909

        There are no emails. There is only Trump, grabbing women. Thank you.


        The American media.

      • spk4244

        “All religions have flaws” – A lie from the devil. I’m not sure what the rest of your rambling has to do with anything in this article. We are at a crossroads, we must choose life or death as Jesus said in the Gospels and there is a clear answer, yet most are choosing death.

    • Ed of Ct.

      Listening to Pope Francis repeated rants on a aircraft and on Fundamental Catholics, and his promotion of Apostates like Van Kessel, Cupich and Paglia I fear the Kazakh bishops are right. The smoke of Satan has infested the Jesuits and the Papacy as well.

  • It’s a damned lie funded by Dominican propaganda

    • maddoxhightower

      No, its definitely Opus Dei forgery, concocted by them because they want Trump to win the American president because he is definitely not a communist.

  • John the Mad

    I am shocked that EOFT could get something this important so wrong. It is the Jesuits who created the Democratic Party. Hillary was created in a lab out of the spare parts of deceased senators and other rodents. Sheesh. Read some Church history will ya.

  • WHERE are the links to the damn emails ??? This article is of no help without their links!