U.S. Bishops Meet In Baltimore To Discuss Churches Providing Safe Spaces From Hostile Catholic Teachings

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Image: nfutvol

Image: nfutvol

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops met in Baltimore yesterday to discuss churches in the United States providing “safe spaces” from hostile Catholic teachings, such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

Bishops at the assembly said that serving Catholics that are emotionally distraught by certain Church teachings is “part of our identity as Catholics,’’ and pledged to provide safe spaces in every church in America.

‘‘We stand ready to work with frustrated Catholics and to provide them with safe spaces within churches where they may go during homilies that are hostile in nature,” bishops said. “Our duty as shepherds is to lead our flock not only to the good news of Jesus Christ, but also to the well of refuge from insensitive, unsympathetic, and judgmental teachings. That well ought to be within a cry room, which shall remain being called ‘cry rooms,’ as all are welcome to express their feelings, either by outrage or outright crying, within these rooms without feeling threatened by the glare of impolitically correct, rigid parishioners. I propose that these adult cry rooms should be specifically designed for emotional adults so that they may participate and partake in the Mass while being acoustically sealed off, so that they may not hear whatever is being spewed out of the mouth of an insensitive priest.”

The bishops went on to pledge that they will work to ease doctrinal rhetoric in churches, saying that “just like any other work place, a church is not an appropriate place to discuss politics or religion.”

At press time, bishops are voting on whether to grant a dispensation to Catholics who are still emotionally unsettled by Trump’s presidential victory from having to attend Mass until he is out of office.

  • No word yet if USCCB-issued safety pins will be distributed at all Masses this weekend. :/

  • Maggie

    Yes, but can we get paid to go there and cry?

    • Andrej

      I’m sure Soros can set aside a few left-over dollars from his Pope Francis Election Fund.

  • A.G.

    Just after press time Archbishop Cupich stated that his will always be a sanctuary diocese. “The cafeteria will always be open as long as I’m here,” Cupich said.

  • I thought that’s what Jesuit colleges were.

  • Nightfall

    I’ll need serious corroboration before I’ll believe this. Not that it isn’t really, really plausible.

    • Jafin

      Satire is great.

  • Elleblue Jones

    WOW, this takes the cake! Why doesn’t the Church just stop teaching such hostility, really?
    I am tired of weak willed clergy and laity apologizing for what our Church teaches. If you don’t like it leave and take your emotional issues to a therapist.

    • mary ellen

      If my parish does this, I will stop going there and find another parish that does not provide an adult cry room. Sickening

      • samton909

        Why so judgmental? We need our crying rooms for adults. We need our crayons, our play doh, and our coloring books. We need our blankies. Honestly, your words are so hateful and full of dangerous bigotry that I was forced to write a heartfelt “open letter” to my daughters apologizing for it.

        Saint Obama, protect us!

  • Monk

    Sure, safe spaces today, protest marches and Catechism burnings tomorrow, with “Not My Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei!” and “Conscience Trumps Moral Absolutes!” placards.

  • samton909

    They better install these crying rooms, right now! Or I’m moving to Canada. (Not to Mexico, that’s too…well, you know). I’m serious! I’m really, really serious! You better do it!

  • Bob
  • Sadly, it seems most parishes are “safe places”, at least in my neck of the woods.

  • Uxi

    It’s called the narthex. Or more seriously, the confessional.

  • Paul L

    It is comforting that many of these safe rooms are already outfitted with colouring materials, and plush toys. Unfortunately some of the reading material may be offensive, like misogynistic Disney princess stories.