Anti-Francis Protests Continue Over The Closing Of The Year Of Mercy

November 16, 2016 by  
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Image: jonathan-mcintosh

Image: jonathan-mcintosh

Protesters hit the streets today over the closing of the Year of Mercy, marking the second day of demonstrations in cities such as St. Louis, Denver, and San Diego.

In Virginia, a group of Catholics gathered to demonstrate against Francis’ anti-traditionalist rhetoric.

“The main purpose is to tell Pope Francis that he can’t just end the Year of Mercy,” said protester, Augustine Parks. “There are millions of people in the world who still need mercy, and he can’t simply close the door, so to speak, on them. We want sinners to know that we stand in solidarity with them.”

Parks, who is a seminarian in Virginia, told EOTT that those in need of God’s mercy are terrified.

“They’re saying, ‘Is there no grace left for us?’ Sinners don’t know what will happen if they died today. They’re very scared.”

Protesters are also upset about Francis policies on appointing liberal cardinals, the environment in the Church, Traditionalist rights, and other issues. Some have even questioned the legitimacy of Francis’ victory in the last Papal Election, noting that, although he won the College of Cardinals, Sarah won the popular vote.

Yesterday in Rome anti-Francis protesters gathered outside the Vatican where they chanted “not my pope.”

  • Robin

    Ouch, too close to home

  • samton909


    What would Lena Dunham Do?

  • Thibaud313

    “Sarah won the popular vote”. Oh yes he did.
    My God, if the Constitution “Universi Dominici gregis” were amended to read “The Roman Pontiff shall be elected by a conclave of all readers of blogs and websites the media would call “conservative” (i.e. any website to the right of “Word on Fire”, said website included)”, Sarah would be elected on the first ballot with a 3/4th majority.

  • Joseph Russell

    Reports are in that protesters even stopped the popemobile while shouting “mercy trumps Jubilee time spans.”

  • Quid

    Protesters expressed their fears that the closing of the Year of Mercy would inevitably lead to an upsurge of pogroms, library sackings, witch hunts, and stake-burnings, and cited to several instances in recent days of rampant and terrifying mercilessness, including indiscriminate and insensitive use of the word “wall” (particularly by masons and construction workers), and several instances of people using such hateful pronouns as “he” and “she”, which resulted in several students at DePaul University being treated for PTSD.

    • Heinz

      Protesters blame the pope for a drastic increase in protests.

    • Rick

      Good for you!

  • Gerry McDonnell

    You are observing special days and months and seasons and years!
    I fear for you, that somehow I have wasted my efforts on you.(Gal 4:10-11)…….
    If Paul came back he would see all these observances going on within the church.
    In many areas of church life we substitute respectability for righteousness and we substitute culture for salvation. You are never going to get to Heaven based on your culture, education, and goodness or how respectable or intellectual you
    are. You only go to Heaven based on the cross of Jesus Christ. Identification
    is the basic issue of Christianity When we in the Church only try to get people
    ‘involved’ in the church and focusing on this way it should be or that is the correct way instead of getting them ‘identified’ with Christ, then we are building a 2nd storey on an empty lot

  • Francis Lester

    My bishop just closed the year of mercy; he couldn’t even wait until the day before advent to remove the gates of mercy, but instead ironically closed them on the feast of Christ the king. I pleaded that he refrain from this seemingly inevitable and most disastrous action, but he ignored me while shoving my grasp off his legs. He also hired someone to cut the chains I’d wrapped around myself and the gate. I was violently kicked off the stairs of the cathedral and called a unruly oaf by the ushers. I proudly stand by the protesters.