Cardinal Burke Calls For “Extreme Vetting” Of Protestant Converts

February 7, 2017 by  
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Image: CanonLawJunkie

Image: CanonLawJunkie

In a speech in Rome last night, Cardinal Raymond Burke outlined his plans to combat Protestant theology from entering the Church, including a new screening test for converts to the Catholicism.

Applicants would be tested to determine whether or not they share traditional Catholic beliefs such as praying to the saints and the Eucharist.

Pope Francis scorned Burke’s plan, calling it nothing but a “cynical ploy to pander to traditionalists.”

“This so-called ‘vetting process’ cannot be taken seriously,” Francis told reporters. “How can Burke put this forward with a straight face when he himself opposes many new traditional Catholic beliefs like divorced couples being able to receive communion?”

Under Burke’s plan, potential converts from ecclesial communities with a history of theological terror would be banned, though it is not clear which communities.

In the speech, Burke initially proposed a blanket ban on all Protestants, but has just recently changed it to one that is based on a list of Protestant communities that export theological terror such as certain types of charismatic communities as well as the Jesuits.

“Those who adhere to a liberal creed or enjoy butterfly and balloon Masses would not be admitted for conversion into the Catholic Church,” he said. “And that would also include the Pope.”