Burke Named Head Of Vatican’s Congregation Of Janitorial Services

February 16, 2017 by  
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The Vatican announced today that Pope Francis has named Cardinal Raymond Burke to be the first prefect of the Congregation of Janitorial Services.

Francis’ decision to choose the staunch conservative to head the new department is a sign to many that Francis does see a role for Burke in his pontificate, despite disagreements the two have had in the past.

Several sources in the Vatican say that Francis chose Cardinal Burke because he is known to work well “cleaning up messes.”

“His Holiness is well aware of Burke’s obsession with cleaning things up,” said Vatican advisor Monsignor Leonardo Valdes. “[Pope Francis] is well aware that Burke has OCD when it comes to filth, and would like to see him channel some of that energy in a different direction. Perhaps if Burke can focus more of his energy on making sure all the garbage cans are cleaned out every night and so on, he might finally be able to overlook some of the liturgical and moral messes.”

The new Vatican office will have the responsibility for the promotion of clean work spaces for the curia and those working inside the walls of the Vatican, so that their mission to promote peace and to help proclaim the love of Christ will be easier to accomplish.

  • Sr. Mary Brigid

    His Eminence is going to have to get some pretty HUGE trash-bags to take out all the garbage waiting for him there.

  • samton909

    Well, at least they didn’t send him to Guam

    • Lawrence Lam

      …or Ketchikan, Alaska

  • HermitTalker

    Non potest excrementum Stirrer esse novus Broom.

  • Mr. Graves

    So this is how you get “canned” at the Vatican.

    • HermitTalker

      What usually happens is the “£Peter principle is invoked, hierarchs cardinals from USA who mess up are promoted to Rome by Peter. Burke messed up and got canned there.

  • christopherschaefer

    My understanding is that he’ll be directing this Congregation remotely, while spending the next 20 years exiled in Guam. It will take Card. Burke that long to clean up the mess in the Agana Archdiocese: http://www.aganaarch.org/
    And, as you can see from the Cathedral’s website, they don’t have a single Latin Mass on the weekly schedule. If Burke fixes that grievous omission, other problems will sort themselves out. I’ll bet the clergy there will even start acting like Catholic priests again! http://www.aganaarch.org/parishes/dulce-nombre-de-maria-cathedral-basilica-hagatna/

  • Danno

    How disrespectful to filth

  • JK

    I remember when my Ordinary actually was on the committee responsible for the Vatican States Sanitation!

    • HermitTalker

      The title Monsignor was papal chamberlain, one who emptied the papal chamber pot. Chamber, from French chamber, room maid was the old word for the Hispanic women Trump is trying to send back to where hey came from because they might marry a terrorist, or make a baby and vote Democrat. OR take a job from an African-American male who prefers welfare.