Woman Who Gave Up Gossip For Lent Really Looking Forward To Sunday

March 16, 2017 by  
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St. James Catholic Church parishioner Lydia Valdez, who gave up gossip for Lent, announced to friends late last night that she could not wait until Sunday so that she could catch up on all the gossip.

The 29-year-old mother of two told friends that she was excited to hear about what “really happened with Liz.”

“I overheard a couple co-workers talking about what Liz in accounting really got fired for,” Valdez told EOTT. “I wanna break my fast so bad I could explode! And there’s just so much stuff I’m missing right now. I feel like some cloistered nun. Or like a hermit in the desert, you know what I mean?”

Valdez went on to say that even Sunday Masses have been difficult, as she hasn’t been able to lean over to point out to her husband which parishioner was supposedly caught cheating on their spouse and which was known by some to be a “closet gay.”

“Oh, it’s been real tough on her,” Lydia’s husband Christian Valdez told EOTT. “She usually leans over during Mass to tell me which people she heard were sinning and what sins they were committing. She loves communion part too and excitedly pointing out if those people are going up to receive communion when they shouldn’t.”