Man Left With No Option But To Attend Spanish Mass

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Mexican Dance


After spending nearly an hour online trying to find a Mass to attend after his flight lands Sunday evening, Timothy Brown of La Jolla, California came to terms this morning with the unhappy realization that he had no other option but to attend the Spanish Mass.

“I mean, listen, I know Mass is Mass no matter the language, but I’d just prefer English,” Brown told EOTT. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Mexicans…they’re great and they have a beautiful and wonderful culture, but the fact remains that it’s hard enough keeping my eyes open during Mass after a long flight as it is, but throw in a language I don’t understand and it makes staying awake near impossible.”

Members of his family and friends monitoring several apps and websites reported that detailed information regarding church start times appeared to detect no Masses beginning later that 7:00pm Sunday that would be in English. Locations that were explored stretched a 50-mile radius from San Diego International Airport.

Family members analyzing google and interviewing Catholic friends in the area say that due to Brown’s late arrival, nothing could be done regarding an English speaking Mass.

“We are still investigating a couple of options, both of which may be impossible,” said lead investigator and Brown’s mother Deborah Brown. “The first is finding out whether he could make Mass before he departs for San Diego, but that might be tough considering his early departure. The other is inquiring into having a retired priest friend of ours say a private Mass when Tim returns. All options are on the table.”

  • Maya Pinion

    He should have found a Saturday evening mass. 😉

  • Pauper Peditibus

    If the Mass was in Latin universally as it was before 1968 he would have had no problem…Oh I get it that is the point. Love EOTT it is the best.

  • Jake Drosselmeyer

    Haha! This was totally me on a camping trip to South Texas a few months ago.

  • samton909

    Why would there be an English mass in California?

    • Casper

      Or across the whole southern swathe of the whole U.S.A?

  • Thibaud313

    Fun fact: I’m French and I studied a year in the US.
    That was before the new English translation of the mass, so the first time I went to mass, I was amazed at how terrible the translation was (even in comparison to the French translation which also has problems -we’re getting a new translation next Advent).
    To be fair, I also noted that the mass was much more reverent than most mass I experienced in France at that point. Also I was surprised by the almost systematic use of the Nicean Creed instead of the Apostles Creed. I tried to learn it in English but then got lazy and proclaimed it in French for the rest of the year. In retrospect, I wonder if the other parishioners thought I was trolling or speaking in tongues.

    • christopherschaefer

      When I must attend a 1969 “Ordinary Form”/”Novus Ordo” Mass (e.g. when travelling), I make all the responses in Latin. It keeps me focused on the Sacrifice of the Mass rather than the dumbed-down, stripped-away theology of the 1969 Mass and the “generic-Christian-homily” that usually accompanies the Novus Ordo. Then, when I return home, I appreciate my own parish’s 9:30 AM Traditional Latin Mass even more–and have a renewed understanding of why the traditional liturgy must become more available throughout the world:

      • Thibaud313

        No, to me it wasn’t “keeping focused” or whatever. I am just lazy.

      • Casper

        Hah – – I quietly chant the “Our Father”, rather than just saying it. Don’t know why our new priest makes it say it, not sing it…

    • Scott G Slanda

      I spent a semester in France, in Angers, in the early 1990s. Went to mass several times a week, and at the cathedral we said the Nicene creed exclusively. So, this apostles’ creed thing, I’ve heard that problem before. Is that a new phenomenon or did I just get lucky?

  • susanna

    I hear ya Tim. It’s how I feel when the Pope is saying Mass in Italian on TV and I’m flipping channels trying to find Mass in English. Why can’t Mass be in a language we understand? At least give us a book with Italian on one side and English on the other.

    • Alexa

      “Why can’t Mass be in a language we understand?” Said the Latino living in North Dakota.

    • Jerome Stack

      We now have bilingual worship aids in our parish cluster — and people complain about them.

    • susanna

      I even tried the closed captions, but they didn’t seem to have Christian words, eg, “Pharisees and Sad-to-see’s.”

    • Fran

      Check EWTN (ETERNAL WORD TELEVISION NETEORK) Founded by Mother Angelica. Or look up, MASS TIMES on the internet. They have all USA state, city, times. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll fine one for the future. Fran

    • disqus_SiGLxWFbeU

      Kind of a pity the Church doesn’t have a universal language that one would understand no matter where they went to Mass. Maybe a dead language where the meaning of words are solidified and unchanging.

      I wonder why no one ever thought of this before…

      • Casper

        And too bad we don’t have a way to promote our faith to children, maybe like a network of Catholics schools, or something, that could teach the authentic practice of the faith, but no….that wouldn’t work at all…

        • disqus_SiGLxWFbeU

          That’s not a bad idea, We should ask our Bishops to look in to that. 🙂

          I don’t remember exactly who started the healthcare system in the modern world, maybe it was the zoroastrians or the flying pasghetti people. But it sure would be nice to have a network of Catholic Hospitals across the country that focuses more on healing people than being a profit center.

      • christopherschaefer

        Hmm. A language through which Catholics would be able to be in touch with the vast heritage of the Church throughout the ages. Just as the Church is by nature ‘catholic’, or ‘universal,’ perhaps a language that is also international, not belonging to one country or place; and because it is no longer a living language, a language that is also immutable. Why didn’t Vatican II mention such a thing?

        • disqus_SiGLxWFbeU

          I’d have to guess it was a case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” gone horribly wrong…

          That, or Vatican II succumbed to the powerful ‘Liturgical Dance Lobby’ 😉

  • Casper

    How’s he gonna survive the mariachi band?! How’s he gonna survive without “One bread, one body”?

  • Hotrod1962

    I prefer Spanish masses….the Blood of Christ is sangria.

  • JK

    Well, on our honeymoon, we spent 3 weeks attending daily mass in Italy and so we were somewhat tempted to attend a “Pilgrim’s” mass in English scheduled at noon in St Anthony’s Basilica in Padua, though the 5pm mass did say it would have the organ playing.

    So, we waited the 15 mins only to find said English mass was for a group of Filipino charasmatics waving arms and singing in tongues…

    Needless to say we returned later that day, and my, what a magnificent trumpet stop the organ has there!