Homeschool Mom Convinced Son Has Vocation to Papacy

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Image:Vitold Muratov

Image:Vitold Muratov


Local homeschool mom Candice Sheehy announced to friends early this morning that she believed that her son Thomas may have a calling to the papacy, friends reported last night.

the 42-year-old mother of nine told friends that, though she believed all of her children were either being called to the religious life or martyrdom, Thomas stood out in a different way.

“All nine of my kids obviously pray the rosary three times a day in between going to Mass, Holy Hour, saying the Office, the Little Office, memorizing the Summa, doing homework, and chores, but Thomas stands apart in that his favorite color is white.”

Sheehy said that she recently spoke to her parish priest about “signs” God had been giving her regarding Thomas’ vocation, saying that although all of her children loved praying, and thus, were being called to the religious life, that Thomas really seemed to enjoy it.

“The thing is, sure, all my kids have a religious calling, but with Thomas it’s different. The other day after Mass, he took me to the side and recommended that I send his brother Ray far away from the family. He said that he was being a bad influence and challenging my authority after a recent decision I had made in regards to being a little more lenient when it came to the reception of breakfast to any of his brothers and sisters that had a complete disregard to promises they made. What he said was diplomacy in action. You not only have to be a lover of the Lord to be pope, but also diplomatic, and he clearly shows signs of both.”

  • Twinkle5

    “friends reported last night”… No wonder I love this news publication so darn much. Clearly, boundaries for reliable sources are much like main stream media. 😂😂

  • Michael Long

    PLEASE tell me how I can reach the Editor or Someone who is in charge of the eye of the tiber. From—- Michael Long E-mail is—- [email protected] THANK YOU ALL

    • daldred

      I haven’t tested whether the ‘Contact Us’ page (on the site menu) is also satirical, but it could be worth trying…

      • Michael Long

        To daldred, so a recent Article—- entitled— ( Attention Whore Kneels To Receive Communion ) Is really untrue and some type of joke ? I have tried over and over to contact ( eye of the tiber) Why can’t I reach someone ? From Michael Emerson Long E-mail is — [email protected]

        • Matilda C

          This is a satire website. The post *is* untrue. And yes, it *is* some type of joke.

          • Frank Hammond

            It used to be satire – EOTT was actually funny at one time

        • sixlittlerabbits

          Michael Long, the article you mention is really a defense of kneeling when receiving communion by showing the idiocy and lack of charity of those who oppose the practice.

          That is how satire works. One of my favorites on Eye of the Tiber is about the (fictitious) person who goes to a Halloween Party dressed as a Tabernacle and finds himself shunned and all alone in a corner. (Isn’t this how the Blessed Sacrament is treated in too many churches?)

        • pegleggreg

          mikey are you spoofing us?

          • Michael Long

            pegleggreg, I am sorry, I really did not understand the posting of such un—truths. I am very new to this Site — ( eye of the tiber ). In my case the Article—— ( Attention Whore Kneels To Receive Communion ) , caused a whole lot of trouble for me at my Catholic Parish Church. Again I believed that the Article was a True and Solid Event that really took place.

  • Dolly Kochen Willinger

    Truly working his way to heaven…Jesus said come to Him, the only way to the Father

  • Eleanor Croy

    This is me. Except I only have 7 kids, mea culpa. *shame on me that I haven’t utilized my fertility to it’s fullest potential*

  • “she believed all of her children were either being called to the religious life or martyrdom” …….. HAHAHA

    • Monk

      I had to pause there, too. This family is so inspiring.

  • samton909

    Wait until his Mom finds out that he’s going to be Pope Michael II.

  • pegleggreg

    can mom continue to home school him thru seminary and ordination?