Parishioners Pick Churchy McChurchy Face As Name Of New Parish

May 22, 2017 by  
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Image: Andrew Hermiz

Image: Andrew Hermiz


Parishioners are embracing a bishop’s call, allowing them to choose the name of a new Catholic church in their diocese.

With the final round of online voting set to close Friday, Churchy McChurchy Face has more than twice the votes of any other potential name.

As of Monday, Churchy McChurchy Face leads the pack of suggestions with nearly 17,000 votes, well ahead of Our Lady of Medjugorje Catholic Church and Trump Cathedral.

“There is a chance that the yet to be named church won’t be called Churchy McChurchy Face Catholic Church regardless of what the laity decide,” one source told EOTT. “The problem is that with Our Lady of Medjugorje Catholic Church, Trump Cathedral, Pontius Pilate Parish, and Tom Brady Basilica rounding out the top five, it doesn’t look like we have that much of an option but to embrace the vote of the laity.”


  • OLF Youth Group

    I believe this should be properly rendered as Churchy McChurchface.

  • pegleggreg

    T shirts available at the rear of the church

  • christopherschaefer

    I can’t believe that in this day and age there still is a parish that doesn’t have the Traditional Latin Mass as part of the Sunday McWorship schedule.

    • Neil Leslie

      You mean a McLatin McMass?

    • You mean McWorship menu.

    • samton909

      We do, it’s called the Novus Ordo

  • Deacon Jack

    Isn’t that just down the road from Mary Queen of Heaven Southern Baptist Church?

    • Mary Wert

      I think you mean “Hippster Assemblies of God Catholic Church”

      • Deacon Jack

        That’s the one! Across the street from the Martin Luther Memorial Byzantine Catholic Church, Missouri Synod.

        • Benjamin Warren

          The one I like the most is that of Fr. Phillip Wolfe, FSSP (joke): The First Church of What’s Happening Now!

  • Casper

    Could they at least throw “St.” in there? St. Churchy McChurchyface?

  • Michael Leggett

    These Parishioners must be watching too much Cartoon Network or PMSDNC for their news.

  • samton909

    The CDF immediately went into emergency session, and has issued a dictate revoking the doctrine of Sensus Fidelium.

  • I say a church (not Catholic) in Anderson, SC named “iCrave”. I asked my Muslim friend I was with if he was going to start a McMosque

  • More Tea Vicar?

    Not Saint SpongeBob of Squarepants?

    • TomD

      I have never understood that one. Shouldn’t it be Cubedpants?