Catechism Student Loan Debt Reaches $1.8 Hundred Nationwide

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Total catechism student loan debt in the U.S. has officially topped $1.8 hundred dollars.

In March, the Francis administration announced a series of changes to the Free Application For Federal Catechism Aid (FAFCA), the form for prospective catechists applying for church financial aid.

This measure was taken in the hopes of making the burden of learning the fundamentals of Catholicism more manageable. EOTT has found in a recent study that cradle Catholics ages 30 to 55 owe nearly as much money on past catechism classes as do converts to Catholicism even after years of payments, and that loan payments have become a major portion of their monthly expenses, crippling many households.

Head RCIA financial aid expert Devin Bolero recently told EOTT that more than 37% of borrowers are graduating with debt that can take them days if not weeks to pay off, significantly impacting their lives.

“I found that new Catholics who graduate with catechism debt are about 17% more likely to wait an extra week to pay off their debt before getting married and having kids,” Bolero said. “It’s an issue the USCCB seriously needs to look into.”

Bolero estimates that America’s catechism student loan debt is growing at a rapid rate, rising nearly $2 every week.

  • Sr. Mary Brigid

    Perhaps new graduates could work off their student debt by teaching the underprivileged…like the Curia? Or the USCCB?

  • samton909

    Since most graduating Catholics don’t even realize they are Catholic anymore, perhaps they could approach the National Council of Churches and ask for help paying their loans back.

  • Louis Bertrand

    Sounds as you if S. Mary Brigid and 909 graduated from some Catholic diploma mill and need to get your cash refunded. You seem to know Doctor Jack S*** from Whatever U. Try Harvard that gave BHO his degree. Exemplar par excellence of the Ivy League. class.

    • samton909

      Don’t swear on this Catholic and Apostolic site. I swooned, but should soon recover.

  • christopherschaefer

    “new Catholics who graduate with catechism debt are about 17% more likely to wait an extra week to pay off their debt before getting married and having kids”.
    >Not mentioned in this important news article is the fact that such catechism debt is THE main reason Catholic millennials are choosing to cohabitate rather than marry. AND forgo having kids altogether.
    This will have a devastating impact on the future availability of parish guitarists.

  • Hotrod1962

    My Dad had to take a second job to pay for my Baltimore Catechism in 1959. His sacrifice to make me debt free enabled me to put a down payment on my 1968 GTO.

  • VeilOfTiers

    I took the longer route, reading the Catechism aloud over several years.

    I now have a certificate suitable for framing and no debt!

  • Monk

    Catechism isn’t for everyone. Some students should be directed to programs where they can specialize in some practical field where they can apprentice and someday master occupations like Ushering.

    • Rose Lincoln

      How about the Alpha Course?

      • Monk

        Alpha Course sounds a little risky. Students might be exposed to heresy. A good Catholic ushering apprenticeship program won’t expose a student to theological error. In fact, it won’t expose a Catholic to any doctrine whatsoever. And this sort of catechetical alternative is what makes parishes the doctrinal/spiritual/economic powerhouses they are.

        • Hotrod1962

          Hell, I had to get an MBA in CCF (church collection finance) just to count the collection money… ushers have it easy.

  • ericdijon

    Thank you for this report. I have a more fundamental understanding now why it is that the textbook still lacks in-line peer review and updated content.

  • GaryLockhart

    Upon learning of this staggering debt, socialist grifter and secular Jew Bernie Sanders was seen running through the halls of the capital screaming “Free Catechesis for all provided you’re a muslim of coiurse!”

  • JabbaPapa

    Happily, my own RCIA course was within walking distance from home, so that I needed not to cripple myself with debt to finance such things as bus rides.