Sophisticated Lefeverist Smuggling Tunnel Found Under Vatican Walls

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The largest cross-boarder Lefeverist smuggling tunnel to date was discovered in a midnight raid earlier today by Swiss Guards.  The smugglers fled, abandoning contraband with a street value of over 3 million euros.  

Smuggled goods found included pirated copies of “Teach Yourself Latin” software, DVD’s of “The Cardinal,” as well as thousands of copies of Familiaris Consortio and the Decrees of the Council of Trent.  

Lead detective on the case Giovanni Verde told EOTT this morning that all of the items seized were street ready.

“From here they would have gone out and been available in the Vatican colleges and back rooms by sunrise,” noting that the tunnel terminated in a small subterranean chapel under one of the Vatican buildings.  “See how the chapel is set up ad orientem?  This is a site of a clandestine Tridentine Mass.”  

Rumors have been circulating for years that undocumented Lefeverists were responsible for the countless tunnels undermining the Vatican since the early 1970’s.  According to Verde, his goal is not simply taking down the powerful Lefeverist “cartel,” but also “the numerous groups inside the Vatican supporting them.”

Verde told reporters that he has been tracking a “shadowy figure” who is considered the true leader of the cartel.

“We only know him as “Denzinger,” but he is highly respected in some circles, and his writings are quoted like the Bible. It’s not a secret in the Vatican that the recently terminated the head of the CDF, Gerhard Cardinal Muller, was an admirer of Dezinger.

“It was clear for a number of years that the Cardinal had been Denzinger’s man inside the halls of the Vatican, and now we finally have hard evidence of a conspiracy. Denzinger’s influence over the CDF and the Church will finally be broken.”

  • Kraken

    The plot sickens…

    (Says the guy who goes to a Latin Mass every Sunday)

  • Hotrod1962

    Big deal…my street contacts can get me a copy of Familiaris Consortio anytime….what would really love to get my hands on is one of the most protected and secret documents in the Vatican archives……the actual bill for the Last Supper.

    • Jim Brooks

      No Hotrod, the most protected and secret document the Vatican holds is a Gerber Life Insurance Policy that one of the three wise man took out on our Lord. And no body knows if our Blessed Mother cashed it in or not.

      • Irene Studer Alderman

        Well it’s not like you can file a claim on it…

        • Hotrod1962

          Yeah….I’m pretty sure there are not a whole life of life insurance policies that require:

          Date of death.
          Date of resurrection
          Date of Ascension

      • Casper

        Come on, everybody knows that policy was written by the Knights. Before the 4th degree uniform change, of course!

        • Jim Brooks

          Casper, I am only repeating what I saw on the History Channel or did I read it in the Fish wrap, hmmm. Doesn’t matter, it has to be true

    • samton909

      They will never release the Bill for the last supper. It might prove that Jesus was a bad tipper.

      • Hotrod1962

        The idea that the bill was never paid was fostered in Arianism, in the early 4th century. The idea was that what was said at the Last Supper was so “heavy”, confusing, and thought provoking, that everyone, including our Lord, just left without paying the bill.
        The Council of Nicea took care of Arianism, but, could not produce a receipt for the bill. This lack of evidence, as we all know, was the driving force of the Protestant Reformation.

      • Casper

        The Son of Man had no place to rest His head, so how was He supposed to get a credit card?

        • Gravitatis Ultissimus

          He didn’t need a credit card. I have it on good authority that a duplicate of the bill exists and it was for 30 pieces of silver, give or take.

  • Del

    If the Gay Mafia were this subtle and clever, we’d never get them out of the Vatican.

    • Thomas Zabiega

      Exactly: never will get them out unless we get a Pope Sarah or Pope Pell or Pope Burke.

  • christopherschaefer

    I suspect this is the only way things finally will be worked out with SSPX

    • christopherschaefer
      • VeilOfTiers

        This might be a good place for us all to compare notes to see how deep the infiltration goes!

        In San Francisco a newly ordained priest has celebrated two First Masses already with another one coming up soon! The first First was Ordinary Form but the second First was an Extraordinary Form Solemn Mass. These were both in a church run by the Salesians…can you believe it! The third First will be celebrated at an ICKSP church across the bay.

        No telling who all is involved or how many tunnels besides the BART tube snake their way under the bay. What could be happening underground in your part of the world?

        • christopherschaefer

          Our bishop used to not allow a newly-ordained priest to use the traditional Latin Mass for his FIRST Mass. He finally threw in the towel and realized that the infiltration is now so deep, resistance is useless.
          And now suddenly another TLM has sprung up here in Connecticut:
          Of course, they’re initially “sneaking it in” on Sunday afternoon, to catch the Vatican off-guard. But if the ominous trend continues at current pace, it will be a Solemn High–right in the middle of Sunday morning!–before anyone can stop it.
          There’s really no telling where this disturbing trend will lead. Worse case scenario: Catholic parishes actually will seem–Catholic!

    • Thomas Zabiega

      Yes, and it must be said that the infiltration is from an early age, as Pope Francis has noted to altar boys who keep their palms rigidly together throughout the Mass. All those young priests are keeping those hands rigidly together as well, doing everything so proper when celebrating the Mass, not straying at all from the rubrics. I understand that Cardinal Coccopalmerio, the Pope’s main legal advisor, was to meet with Cardinals Wuerl and Cupich in Washington about a sting operation against these priests, but the meeting was postponed after the Vatican police, already completely infiltrated by SSPX, arrested his gay secretary after he met with the anti-SSPX resistance in the Vatican which just by coincidence turned into a drug infested gay orgy (or “just a party” as Coccopalmerio noted). Pope Francis is organizing a crackdown, but his African Corps has already deserted at the Family Synod and the rest of his troops required too many wheelchairs, walkers, and cataract surgeries than the Vatican could provide. Meanwhile the stormtroopers of SSPX and their clandestine followers in every diocese are ready to invade, setting up a perfect battlefield for themselves by actually teaching people Catholic doctrine and morals.

      • HermitTalker

        Who concocts all this hokey nonsense???

  • Fiddle Amar

    why is this bad news? SSPX would debate the legitimacy of excommunication of LeFevre. Continuing to bash SSPX isnt helping anyone. THEY arent the ones holding gay orgies or changing the words of consecration thereby bringing into question whether a Mass is even valid. Lets see a few heads roll from the gay orgy scandal, far more deleterious to the church than this….meh..

    • VeilOfTiers

      Did you read my post about the involvement of the ICKSP (goes without saying) and the (gasp!) Salesians…?

      No one is bashing just the SSPX!

    • HermitTalker

      A layman led the gay orgy. Lefebvre was a heretical dissident who destroyed the UT UNUM SINT by acting infallibly 3000 bishops and Popes versus a missionary archbishop in Mauritius Africa. Sex does less harm to Church and Governments than arrogant self-anointed hubris filled know-it-alls

      • Fiddle Amar

        whether a layman or not it happened in the apartment of a vatican clergy–that is far more harmful in my mind than anything smuggled thru a tunnel.

        • Monk

          “anything smuggled through a tunnel”
          I never heard it described that way before. Euphemisms certainly are creative.

      • samton909

        I am pretty sure that arrogant self anointed hubris filled know it alls cause more harm than sex. By the way, how do you know who was “leading” the gay orgy. Were you there?

        • HermitTalker

          Swiss Guards discovered it and revealed who the leader a layman was. Do you get any world news of just vicious anti Vatican anti Pope Francis excrementum?

          • Thomas Zabiega

            No, according to all the Vatican sources (except one article which apparently thinks the Swiss Guard is the only security force in the Vatican), it was the Vatican police and the truth only came out because the cocaine drugged priest had to be taken to a Roman hospital outside of Vatican jurisdiction. Who cares whether the leader was secular if the orgy occurred in a Vatican owned apartment which used to be occupied by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he was elected Pope, but was supposed to be occupied by a bishop in the Vatican, but this gay priest obtained it after Pope Francis personally intervened on behalf of Cardinal Coccopalmerio and overturned Cardinal Mueller refusal of such a pompous request.

          • samton909

            I knew I could get you to talk about excrement. I just knew it.

      • Rose Lincoln

        Thanks for the correct spelling of LeFevre!

      • Thomas Zabiega

        I am not really a supporter of Archbishop Lefebvre, but your post reminds me of St. Athanasius who was also one bishop against a whole shipload of heretical Arian bishops, and who won at the end. Or as Pope Benedict XVI once said: “Truth is not determined by a majority vote.”

        • Amfortas

          Not even in the Curia

  • LX5000

    This is a double victory for the modernists. The tunnel will now be recommissioned as a private access for those drug fuelled gay orgy parties.

  • christopherschaefer

    Fortunately just before the gay orgy sting, participants were able to conceal their copies of “The Art of Kissing”, written by Pope Francis’ gay theological advisor and ghostwriter, Argentinian Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández. If it had been leaked to the media that this Archbishop, rector of the “Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina” in Buenos Aires, was so closely connected to Pope Francis, it would be scandalous. Exposing infiltration by SSPX has provided the Vatican with the perfect distraction.

  • HermitTalker

    Invite Jesus back and let all the discontents and malcontents and anti- Catholic, anti Pope heretics nail him to the Cross again. And bait the Pope and pit the dissident cardinal wanna-be Popes against him. SEMPER BITCHING would be their motto.

  • Cassandra

    This is clearly disinformation leaking out of the Vatican. Lefeverists would not be caught with DVDs of The Cardinal nor Familiaris Consortio.

    Apparently, merely conservative-leaning Novus Ordos are tunnelling in and the Vatican is trying to conceal that by laying the blame on Lefeverists. The Decrees of Trent were probably planted by Verde.

  • KJL

    “cross-boarder”? I was a boarder at a Catholic school and many of us were cross, but not sure how that fits this story?

  • pat

    Why would any of those articles have to be smuggled out of the Vatican, it’s not like they have any use for them at the Vatican. In fact, the smuggler could have simply raid the Vatican’s garbage dump and found all of what he wanted and more.