EWTN To Launch New End Times Drama, “The World Is Over”

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[News Brief]

EWTN today announced plans to launch the new primetime end times television show The World Is Over staring Raymond Arroyo as one of four horsemen.

“No decision has been made as to who will play the other horsemen, or whether Arroyo himself will play all three roles,” Executive Producer James Carlbach said.

A spokeswoman for Arroyo declined to comment.

Though EWTN has been tight-lipped about the project, one network insider told EOTT that the premise will revolve around Jake Blade (played by Fr. Mitch Pacwa), an alcoholic apocalyptic bounty hunter as he literally scours heaven and earth to hunt down the horseman that accidentally trampled over his daughter Abigail en route to usher in the apocalypse. Also starring  Marcus Grodi as Jake’s sidekick and Fr. John Trigilio playing all seven of the Beast’s heads, this drama is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • dupledge

    Beeswax candles at the ready for this one 😉

  • FatherWagner

    I wonder who they are getting to play the horse. I hear that’s a two man job. One for the front and another for…

  • Ed Morrissey

    Didn’t Clint Eastwood do this in Pale Rider?

    • parishioner ordinaire

      yes, but he did it wearing a poncho, not a Robe of Righteousness

  • christopherschaefer

    Cardinal Burke would be a natural for one of the horsemen. He recently said we ‘might’ be at the ‘finis saeculorum’.

  • Hotrod1962

    Mother Angelica will be voicing the role of God.

    • Charles

      Will she again call down anathema on the female alter Christus at the Denver WYD?

      • Child of the True Church

        If SHE doesn’t – Christ will!

  • HermitTalker

    I pray R ARROYO and his PAPAL POSSE will get swallowed up. Unholy Quaternity of dissenters

    • samton909

      I was talking to Pope Francis yesterday and he asked me “Hey, where is that Hermit Talker guy, I really liked him” I told him you were on a secret mission. He seemed to accept that answer.

      • HermitTalker

        Thanks. I am firmly on his side against the theologically illiterate biblically and moral law deprived wannabes.

        • samton909

          Don’t you talk about our dear Tucho like that.

  • samton909

    Raymond Arroyo, with his puckish humor, will play a sort of devil may care horseman, the kind who will spread pestilence and slaughter, but you still can’t help but like the guy.

    • HermitTalker

      A US priest friend who is “”conservative,” visited recently and called Raymond a hypocrite. I recently asked R.A. to drop those three “recta” from TWO. Plural of rectum.

      • samton909

        I see your old obsession with excrement sneaking back into your discourse, Perhaps you misunderstood. When Pope Francis talked about coprophagia, he was not recommending it.

        • HermitTalker

          You prefer I use Ozark Hillbilly English to Latin?

          • samton909

            You can use whatever language you want to describe your rectal interests. The entire world awaits your next pronouncement on excreta, recta etc.

          • HermitTalker

            Thank you. As a senior scholar I occasionally confuse Eschatology with Scatology.

  • polistra24

    Misdated parody. Arroyo is just about the only remnant of serious Catholicism at EWTN. Since Mother Angelica died, the majority of EWTN’s employees and content have drifted into full alignment with USCCB and Bergoglio.

    • HermitTalker

      Ya mean dey all be Catholic now? Laudetur Jesus Christos,

      • HermitTalker

        ChristUs typo.

      • Child of the True Church

        You have to remain obedient to Sacred Tradition to remain “Catholic” Sir. No new novelties or condemnations of former Popes Dogmatic Statements.

        Get a new view of this by reading the Catholic Encyclicals of CANONISED Saintly Popes. To believe the Church can become hypocritical and anti- Christ (ie disagreeing with Christ’s Teachings) you become anathematised.

        St Justin Martyr, disciple of St John the Evangelist stated “No Heretic, Schismatic or Apostate can enter the Kingdom of Heaven” Who determines whether you be one, (or all 3)?

        The former dogmatic statements of 2000 years of lawful Popes.

        Sorry, you place yourself OUTSIDE the Institution of Christ when you try to evangelise concepts contrary to Church Teaching.

        The Latin Mass was codified as being the Mass of the Roman Rite Church in “Quo Primum” a Papal Bull written by Pope St Pius V. He placed an anathema on any NEW Rites for eternity. He also insisted that his missal be the ONLY Missal used by every Roman Catholic Priest for ever. Those are pronounced Laws, that, when disobeyed, or laughed at, result in our excommunication – which leads to our separation from Our Lord forever, damn us. (unless we repent)

        No, I’m not a blind Pharisee. Church Teaching is ABOVE the whims of Popes. If a Pope alters or tries to amend what other Popes have dogmatically proclaimed – they cease to be Catholic and the See become vacant. The will of Man is too proud. The Dogmas of the Faith may humble us, but unless we become like little obedient children, we can not enter the Kingdom. As Christ was obedient unto death. So must WE be. Remain faithful to the Sacred Magesterium Sir, every Pontiff signs a pledge when elected that he will never do, write, teach ANY new law, doctrine etc….but promises legally that he will be faithful to the Traditions and dogmatic Magesterial pronouncements of former Popes forever.(Lest Christ decree him anathematised)

        Research Blessed Anne Emmerich, Marie Julie Jahenny
        Watch Fr Gregory Hesse (Catholic Canon Lawyer) on YOUTUBE. The Church trained them to speak regarding true Church Teaching – Hear what they say!.

        • HermitTalker

          Learn some Latin and English Pius. Pius V, saint that he was could not decree that future Popes, also saints could not translate Mass texts. He made a decision for his papacy not for the 20th century. You muddled up heretic.

          • Child of the True Church

            Excuse me ! I don’t speak on my OWN authority. I listen to the authoritarian sources that Our contemporary RC Church trained to enlighten us. I suggest YOU take a look too! As for your comment regarding Pope St Pius V – listen to what the RC Canon Lawyer has to say. I think HE is far more of an authority to pass judgement than we are.


        • Tradition&Authority

          You basically believe that all popes after Pius V are false since they modified the mass and the missal to add saints and saints-day-prayers and feast days and solemnities and lots of other stuff like collects and more. funny you have the Sacred Heart while it was added as a tradition in the late 1600s. Only in 1856 did Pope Pius IX modify the Tridentine mass to add the Feast of the Sacred Heart to the mass. Are you saying you follow a false pope’s tradition?

    • Iam Happytobe

      I love how people who don’t even work at the network think they know anything about the EWTN employees. It’s too easy to just shout your opinions or observations rather than state real facts. “[T]he majority of EWTN’s employees and content have drifted into full alignment with USCCB and Bergoglio” = case in point. Completely false.

      • HermitTalker

        They tell me this is a satirical site. Not sure we all see it that way.

    • Paul Avizinis

      I am familiar with Mother Angelica and the USCCB, but who is this Bergoglio chap. I detest, I mean detect sedi-vacantist ( useless as it is ).

  • Casper

    Can we just bring back the renegade Fr. Corapi? And hey, whatever happened to Patrick Coffin from Catholic Answers?

    • disqus_VFYC4t5TnK

      He’s at patrickcoffin.media with his own show!

    • samton909

      Father Corapi would be great! He could be the horseman who has a lovable prostitute girlfriend, and he can constantly be threatening legal action against God if he doesn’t straighten up and fly right.

      • HermitTalker

        Father Corapi once warned his EWTN audience about the attacks on clergy that eventually brought him down

  • I thought the four horsemen would be 4 great heretics and Arroyo would fight them off with his quick wit and continual smile.

  • DLink

    About time there was an alternative to the rapture films but I’m not sure this is the way. Seems to me a straight story based on John’s scripture transferred to near present time would be a little more appropriate.