Parishioners Refuse To Stand During The Our Father

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[News Brief]

Catholics parishioners across the U.S. protested during the Our Father Sunday in defiance of Pope Francis, who said that parishioners who kneel during the “Lord’s Prayer” should be denied communion.

Many parishioners sat, kneeled, or stayed inside restrooms during the recitation of the Our Father, with some pastors encouraging parishioners to express themselves.

Demonstrations began Sunday when nearly two dozen parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel parish took a knee. Other laymen who chose to remain standing locked arms, as opposed to holding hands.

Seattle parishioners announced they would not participate in the anthem as a city, saying, “We will no longer stand for the crappy catechesis in this country. Out of love for our Church, and in honor of Christ’s sacrifice made on our behalf, we unite to oppose those that would deny our most basic religious instructions. We remain committed in continuing to work towards better homilies and for better motu proprios.”

  • FatherWagner

    I blame the Greeks. They started all this dissident nonsense 1500 years ago.

    Of course, I blame the Greek Orthodox for almost everything.

    • Thibaud313

      I have a thesis that German bishops are responsible for all the problems of the world since the 10th century. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

      • parishioner ordinaire

        Which number of the Theses was that?

  • samton909

    At our church, the lady who led the opening hymn took a knee during the processional. Since she was standing behind the lectern, all we could see of her was when she raised her little hand when we were supposed to sing.

    • Stephen Phelan


    • Beth Van


  • Sr. Mary Brigid

    Relax, people…they’re basically standing, because as John Madden pointed out years ago:

  • KJL

    if only they hadn’t removed all the kneelers…

    • Alan


  • Count Joannes Picus Mirandolen

    When did he say that? Is there an article, a reference? Tks

    • parishioner ordinaire

      Welcome to EOTT, Count Mirandolen. This is a Catholic satire website. Pope Frank did not say that out loud

      • Guy McClung

        Catholic satire, yes; but almost always also Catholic truth. Re the kneelers: We have it on Bergoglian authority, AL Para. 299, that these poor souls must be “integrated’ into the new Bergoglian ecclesia, the total mercy “via caritas,” and allowed to participate in “ecclesial service;'” and the “various forms of exclusion currently practiced against them” must be “surmounted.” The public adulterers should kneel in solidarity with them before they go up to serve as EMs. Guy McClung, Texas

    • Amy Meyer

      This is satire.

      • Frank Hammond

        It used to be satire – EOTT has really run out of steam…

  • William of Orange

    I stand with those who are kneeling!!

    Wait. Crap.

    • William of Orange

      I meant to say that sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in.


  • Ed Morrissey

    I understand that, in some parishes, a compromise has been reached. The celebrant will now kneel at times during the consecration in solidarity with the congregation.

  • Hotrod1962

    Excommunicate the SOB’s.

  • Vince M Sr

    While others gathered in Chapel reciting the rosary in front of the Monstrance, excalciatus, in hope that Christ would be present and forgive the protestors

  • Dan

    Sounds a bit like a “Latin Mass”, where some people stand and other people kneel. Locking arms, though, no. Physical contact is strictly prohibited.

  • Next, we report on how parish bake sales have been affected at parishes where people stand vs where they kneel…

  • Jeb Barrett

    As Americans none of should participate this theocracy prayer a and as residents of the 21st Century we should certainly reject atonement theology. That is primitive and toxic.

  • Rose Lincoln

    “…some pastors encouraging parishioners to express themselves”. Does that mean those who are in restrooms too?

  • Beth Van

    Excellent satire of the football fiasco! You do realize some idiot is going to want to do this for real, right?

  • kamiller42

    “Pope Francis, who said that parishioners who kneel during the “Lord’s Prayer” should be denied communion.”

    Now I KNOW this is satire. Everyone gets Eucharist!

    • Monk

      A priest was asked by a scrupulous married couple if they were permitted to have conjugal relations and then receive communion without confession. He told them it was fine as long as they didn’t block the aisle.

      • Lee Bacchi

        A great church version of the frozen food department one.

  • Jane Chifley

    It’s the heart that matters if your kneeling as an act of defiance then that’s not worship of God, but your own opinion.

  • Frank Hammond

    The former Bishop of Gary was ahead of his time – he banned all kneeling during Mass many years ago – now people do whatever sit, stand, kneel, leave during Mass, etc.

  • pat

    The bishops will no doubt put an end to this quickly…..
    by dropping the Our Father from the mass altogether.