Use Of Cell Phones At Mass A “Very Ugly Thing,” Pope Tweets During Mass

November 8, 2017 by  
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Pope Francis took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to chastise some in the priesthood and the laity who use their cell phones to take pictures during Masses, saying they should focus on God instead.

“The priest does not say ‘lift up your cell phones to take pictures’ during the Mass,” Francis tweeted to almost 15 million Twitter followers just before he consecrated the Body and Blood of Christ. “He says ‘lift up your hearts.’”

A short time later, Pope Francis could visibly be seen regularly checking his post to see how many likes and retweets he was receiving, with an assistant holding his phone to show him as he distributed communion.

“It makes me very sad when I celebrate Mass here in the piazza or in the basilica and I see so many cell phones held up. The Mass is not a show. I know it sometimes seems like one with all the guitars and balloons and other crap we allow, but it’s not. so remember, no cell phones!”

Francis later went on to take a minute during the announcements to tweet, “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

  • FatherWagner

    I can’t really use my cell phone to take pictures during mass because the disco balls and fog machine keep messing up the photos.

    • Mr. Graves

      Same here. If only the liturgical dancers would gyrate more slowly, I could get a quality snap!

  • James

    But I’ve discerned in my conscience that it is fitting and appropriate to use my phone during Mass. I sent a picture to a child suffering from cancer. Do you hate children suffering from cancer? What I need is accompanyiament (sp?) noot judgement.

    • Peter Tobias

      If the pope condemns you, but your conscience says so, blessed are you.
      Check your conscience though.

  • Felix Kryzanowski

    Especially no selfies.

  • AuthenticBioethics

    “…with an assistant holding his phone to show him as he distributed communion.” If only someone would build a phone into a communion paten… might bring back the practice of using one…

    • samton909

      At our welcoming church, all Eucharistic ministers wear GoPro’s attached to their head to video all receptions. This way we can have the facial recognition software scan all communicants for anyone who has any known violations.

      • VeilOfTiers

        I’m so glad to hear that they care!

  • samton909

    Obviously, no one rule can govern all situations. I think what the Pope meant to say is that using your cell phone during mass is wrong, except when he or anyone he likes does it. (I am getting the hang of this discernment thing)

    • FatherWagner

      That’s pretty funny right there. Funny cause it’s true.

  • Hotrod1962

    You know……..I thought this whole thing was settled when Jesus chastised Matthew for taking pictures with his cell phone during the Last Supper.

    • KJL

      Matthew? I thought he gave Judas permission when he said go do what you have to do.

      • Hotrod1962

        Possibly right….Byzantine tradition states that Judas bought a cell phone from Matthew for about………30 pieces of silver.

        • KJL

          And now people will sell their soul for a few likes and and a share. Type AMEN if you agree.

          • Rose Lincoln


          • VeilOfTiers

            No “like” or “share” button here. What am I to do?

  • Monk

    Are we sure that the liturgical cellphone users aren’t running some kind of augmented reality app?

  • Frank Hammond

    at our Parish it is always a very hard of Hearing Senior who answers their phone during Mass and yells “What?” “I Can’t hear you” then proceeds to hold a conversation for several minutes.

    • Rose Lincoln

      At our parish, the hard of hearing senior actually doesn’t hear their phone ring during Mass and lets it ring for several minutes!!!!

  • David Crowley

    He should have been concentrating on tweeting the words of the mass

  • Charles

    I’ve been waiting and watching for a sign that I’ve finally gotten old enough to not give a scheidt about any of the stuff outta Rome. This thread is confirmation of that sign.

  • He was using a tablet…was there…

  • pat

    The thought that pope who am I to judge is concerned about the integrity and solemnity of the liturgy… is really quite laughable.
    But, really, it was he and people like him who gave us the mess we have now, with the mass opening with the weather report, closing with “Go Patriots” and the oh so relevant political pep rallies that pass for Sunday mass in so many places (especially in ‘Catholic’ colleges)
    Why should anyone care what he says about this, it’s obvious he doesn’t really think it’s a problem. But then what’s more of a problem, cell phones or sacrilegious communions? Taking pictures or singing “Imagine?”

  • William of Orange

    This is a moot point at some of the mission churches in our parish where they enjoy the convenience of ‘Skype-Mass’. Actually, it’s WebEx. It’s fantastic, the worship band leader can screen-share the words to the hymns. The camera zooms in on the host during the elevation and it pans the Nave during the sign of peace. Order unconsecrated hosts from, set one in front of your monitor and BAM, you’re totally there. What a time saver…and the priest shortage becomes irrelevant. Someone should offer Mass for thanksgiving of the Internets.