Word On Fire Launches “Catholicism” DVD Box Set Into Space

February 7, 2018 by  
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The most powerful rocket to leave Earth since Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy launched from Des Plaines, Illinois this morning.

The Fire On The Earth jumbo rocket, developed by flamboyant bishop Robert Barron, held a mannequin carrying a Catholicism DVD box set as it floated into space some time later.

Real-time footage from the box set itself shows the series of epic DVD film highlighting the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith travelling at 24,500 mph as Michael Joncas’ On Eagles’ Wings plays in the background.

Word On Fire Content Director Intern, Brendon Vogue, author of Return: Draw Your Martian Back to the Church, told the press this morning that the “silly and fun” mission was a success because it will “get people around the world excited about Catholicism.”

“Sure, cosmic radiation will soon begin to tear the DVD box set to pieces, but you know what can’t be torn to pieces? Catholicism itself. And that’s the point of this fun mission.”