Rad Trad Woman Just Wants A Good Man Who’s Willing To Wait Till Marriage Before Flagellating

March 6, 2018 by  
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Local SSPV woman Deanna Russell confessed to friends late last night that all she wanted in life was a good and holy man who was willing to wait till marriage before flagellating his body.

“I don’t know, call me old fashion, but I don’t wanna flagellate my body with just anyone,” she told friends as she sighed, longingly, at the thought of the day when she would share that sacred moment with her husband as both he and she scourged their bodies with lashes or rods, violently tearing away bits and pieces of their flesh for the sake of Christ’s suffering on the cross. “Thing is is that I’ve never flogged and it would be amazing to find that special someone that has had the will power to not have mutilated his body for God too.”

Russell went on to say that, though she was not opposed to marrying a man who has viciously ripped out little bits of flesh from his back by the use of lash to mortify himself in the past, that she would only consider him if he had changed and was now a born again flagellation virgin.

“The problem is that, from the guys I’ve met on dating sites and those I’ve courted in the past, it just seems like all the guys out there now are just looking for a one night flogging or a quickie lash. It really sucks.”