Christendom College Freshman Finally Engaged

August 2, 2018 by  
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Image:AgnosticPreachersKid   Christendom College faculty and students celebrated today as one of the last remaining unwed students “finally” got engaged. Those who witnessed the proposal, which took place in the adoration chapel, told EOTT today that freshman Marie Elizabeth Therese Townsend was proposed to by longtime courter, Alex Sandoval. “It’s about gosh darn time,” Alice Montgomery, a friend of Townsend, said as she adjusted her hair... Read More

TAC Alumnus Actually Seems Pretty Normal So Far, New Acquaintances Agree

August 1, 2018 by  
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  Local Thomas Aquinas College alumnus Marcus Donavon actually came across as being a surprisingly regular guy, new acquaintances of the graduate told EOTT just hours after meeting him. “Well, he was pretty normal until we found out that he was a TAC grad,” one new acquaintance, Kevin Purcell, told EOTT. “I mean, there wasn’t anything in particular that seemed off about him, except for the hipster European chain-smoker vibe he gave off. But... Read More

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