Local Christian Still Pretty Hopeful Abortion Soon To Be Banned After Brett Kavanaugh Sides With Planned Parenthood

December 12, 2018 by  
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Telling fellow parishioners that even though Brett Kavanaugh for some reason decided to side with liberals in declining to hear a case that could have allowed states to defund Planned Parenthood, local Christian Randal Miller confirmed that he was still hopeful that the new justice was just the man to finally put an end to abortion.

“I don’t know, I guess I just have trust in God and his new administration,” Miller told fellow parishioners outside of Mass this morning. “I guess I just feel that this is the man God has ordained to put an end to abortion. Sure, I don’t know why he made the decision he did, but God works in mysterious ways, right? I’m sure God just didn’t want the Supreme Court to potentially allow states to defund the most murderous and demonic organization in the world for his own reason.”

Miller went on to say that he couldn’t see any possible way that a conservative Supreme Court wouldn’t overturn Roe v. Wade within the next year or so.

“We finally have everything we’ve always prayed for. Now that we pretty much control the Supreme Court, well—I’ll let you do the math. Listen, at the end of the day, Kavanaugh is a Catholic. There’s no way in a million years that a Catholic politician would ever go against his word or back down because of pressure.”