World Must Choose Between Excommunicating And Canonizing Covington Teens, With No Other Options

January 21, 2019 by  
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Students from Covington Catholic high school located in Kentucky became the center of attention this week after video of the students appeared to show some mocking a Native American activist on the steps of Lincoln Memorial.

But early yesterday, new videos of the incident began to emerge, changing the narrative for many, and having people around the world questioning the essential question of whether the teens should be canonized or whether they should be altogether excommunicated from the Catholic Church, with absolutely no other option to consider.

“There is absolutely no grey matter in the situation,” said one expert. “The teens are either racists who will one day face their lord Satan, or they are walking saints, martyrs, worthy to be venerated in every Catholic church in the world. There are no other alternatives—and all of us, whether we were there or not, whether we’ve seen the videos or just read about it on social media, have been given the burden of deciding their fate. I wish we could say that there were mistakes made on both sides and to move on and let the teens learn a lesson from the incident, but alas that cannot be. They must have their lives and their futures absolutely torn apart. Or have flower petals thrown beneath their feet everywhere they walk from this day on. There is no middle ground.”