Homeschool Mom Bribed Hundreds Of Dollars To Get Daughter Into Homeschool

March 14, 2019 by  
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Local mom Annette Bule allegedly paid close to $250 to fix her daughter’s entrance into homeschool.

Bule is accused of paying a “fixer,” and close friend of her husband named Anthony Newman, to guarantee that her husband would agree to homeschool their daughter.

Annette Bule, along with neighbor Kendell Betts, were among the 3 parents indicted at the conclusion of the Knights of Columbus investigation named “Big White Van.” Bule has been reprimanded by her husband for “conspiracy to go back on her word to send their children to a normal Catholic school.”

A wiretapped rotary phone call shows Bule discussed a total of $250 in payments for Newman to take her husband out and “grease the wheels” by buying him enough Chimay beers that, “through inebriation,” he might be more willing to finally be convinced of the superiority of homeschooling.