Irritated Catholic Forced To Walk Over Sleeping Homeless Man While Praying At Abortion Clinic

September 23, 2020 by  
Filed under Parish Life

Just an hour into his rosary at a Planned Parenthood near his home, local Catholic Alex Dennison was forced to endure repeatedly stepping over a sleeping homeless man who had inconveniently decided to sleep in his “mission territory.”

“Geez–so frustrating,” Dennison told others gathered in prayer with him. “How the freaking hell are we supposed to focus on praying for Jesus to end abortion if idiots like this are in the way. I mean, it’s not like he has a home, am I right? So he can literally sleep anywhere. But he had to choose right here.”

Dennison told the dozen or so others praying at the clinic to “kind of bump into him once in a while” so that he might wake up and move.

“I’m not trying to be prick or anything, but we’re literally trying to help the vulnerable here–those who can’t defend themselves and who need our help, and this jackass decides he’s gonna take a mid-morning nap on our sidewalk. I mean, hey buddy, you ever heard of a dumpster or sewer?”

At press time, Dennison has asked everyone to pray for the homeless man, that God not punish him too severely for his inconsiderate actions.