Mars Curiosity Rover Successfully Reaches Jesuit Seminary

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Pool photo by Brian van der Brug Berkeley, CA––NASA announced Tuesday that its 2.5 billion dollar Mars Curiosity Rover has successfully touched down in the Jesuit Seminary in Berkeley. For close to a decade, the Church and NASA alike have been fascinated with the possibility that the Jesuit seminary might at one time have contained the chemical resources and ingredients needed to support a religious community. The Rover has already begun to... Read More

Catholic League’s William Donohue Offended About Something

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New York, NY––It is being reported to Eye of the Tiber at this hour that Catholic League President, William Donohue, may possibly be offended about something.    Read More →

Dissident Legionary Parts Hair In The Middle

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  Thornwood, NY–Speaking to an assembly of Legionary of Christ seminarians this week, Communications Director for the Legionaries Jim Fair expressed outrage over the most recent scandal to hit the fragile religious congregation, when just last week Legionary priest Ronald Mckellen was caught on tape with his hair parted down the middle; a clear violation of the rules and regulations of the congregation. “It is an outrage! It is a scandal,... Read More

Pope To Move Crystal Cathedral To Rome?

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(Photo: Crystal Cathedral, 21 June 2005/Nepenthes) Vatican City––According to the Vatican press office this week, tentative plans are being discussed with regards to a potential move of Orange County Diocese’s newly acquired Crystal Cathedral to Rome. The Cathedral was the home of the Reformed Church in America until it was bought out in 2010 by the Diocese of Orange. One Vatican official who asked to remain anonymous said Wednesday that... Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Update On Newly Discovered Manuscript

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Photo: AP Rome, Italy––In what many were touting “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife,” the recently discovered, 4th century papyrus found by a historian at Harvard Divinity School seemed to shed light on an age old debate on whether Jesus ever married. The papyrus, no larger than a business card, contains the phrase, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…'” But it is now being reported that a second, smaller piece of... Read More

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