Most Doctrinally Sound Sermon Given On The Catholic Faith In Past Three Decades Unfortunately Given By Protestant Pastor

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San Marcos, CA–What some are calling the most mesmerizing, breathtaking, and doctrinally sound sermons delivered on the Catholic Faith in the past three decades was unfortunately given at the noon service at Deluge Community Church in San Marcos, California last Sunday. “It was so thrilling to learn about what the Catholic Church teaches,” said cradle-Catholic Helen Seymour, who accidentally... Read More

New Federal HHS Mandate To Force Protestant Business Owners To Pray To Mary Against Their Consciences

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Washington, DC––Horizon Baptist College in Washington, DC has become the first casualty of the new HHS mandate that requires Protestant colleges, groups, and businesses to pray to Mary, Mother of God. A top legislative staffer for the U.S. Baptist Convention says that the nations Protestant leaders will push for congress to approve conscience exemptions for the new mandate. The mandate also... Read More

Pope Francis Apologizes For Prank Video Message To Evangelicals

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Pope Francis is apologizing this morning after it was revealed that a video of the Pontiff calling for “communion” with Protestant communities was actually a prank. In a candid video taken from an iPhone earlier this morning, Francis expressed regret for the video sent to a recent gathering of Charismatic and Pentecostal ministers hosted by Kenneth Copeland, in which he stated that he desired... Read More

Protestant Friend Knows All He Needs To Know About Catholic Church

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Orange County, CA–Area Protestant Ezekial Atkinson reported earlier this morning that he didn’t need a lecture on Church teaching because he “already knows everything he needs to know about the Catholic Church.” The stunning revelation came just moments after longtime Catholic friend Gerald Prescott asked Atkinson whether he ever considered that he [Atkinson] might... Read More