ICEL Calls For All-Meme Missal Translation For Youth Masses

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Citing a need for the Church to “reach out to its estranged youth,” the International Commission on English in the Liturgy requested, and has already begun intensive work on, an all-meme edition of the Roman Missal. Representatives from the Commission, unhappy with the new translation of the Missal, shared their concern that the Church is not “speaking the language of the people.” “Young... Read More

New State-Of-The-Art Church Promises Comforts Of The Future

October 29, 2012 by  
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LONDON––A new state-of-the-art church in London opened today with Christmas/Easter size crowds eager for an opportunity to experience the next generation of churches. St. Joseph Cupertino Parish pastor Roger O’Malley gave Eye of the Tiber an exclusive tour of the mega Catholic Church. “As you can see everyone gets their own synthetic leather recliner, which includes storage... Read More

Swede Invents Thicker Confessional Walls; Wins Nobel Prize

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Sweden––Alsog Dalgaard of Sweden has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his achievement in work in building thicker, more sound-resistant confessionals. The Nobel Prize committee awarded Dalgard the award “for discovery of ground-breaking methods that enable audibility-obstruction and buffering within confessionals.“ The former rocket scientist said he was at first hesitant to... Read More

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