Biden and Ryan End Debate With Recitation Of Rosary

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Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Danville, KY––After a heated and combative debate at Centre College last night, Vice President Joe Biden and Paul Ryan took to their knees to say and reflect on the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. It was the first time in history that two Roman Catholic vice presidential candidates shared the stage for a debate, and as expected, the two put their differences aside for a half-hour of fellowship. “It was beautiful,” one witness said, explaining how Cardinal Timothy Dolan arrived on stage with a golden monstrance containing the eucharist. “His Eminence blessed Biden and Ryan, then placed the monstrance right there in front of them.” Video of the rosary shows the two clearly emotional candidates holding on to one another for support as each took turn leading the decades.

  • Something tells me only one of these men is likely to pray the Rosary.

    • TheRealAaron

      Let’s not be too judgemental. I disagree with lots of things Biden supports, but he is from an old Irish Catholic family and supposedly prays the Rosary frequently.

      • Brian

        look at his life beyond the minute he does the prayer thing. that tells me a whole lot about his life. can’t live on coattails of family when it comes to relationship with Christ.

    • Roberto

      I agree to not jump to conclusions.
      A good question to ask both of them, and each of us, is why we feel uneasy in making our devotion to praying the rosary known to others. Are we buying into the “keep your religion private” a little too much? In that case, look at how others are taking advantage of our reluctance.

    • lizaanne

      It’s actually pretty well known that Joe Biden prays the rosary on a regular basis. We can only hope that Our Lady will turn his heart at some point.

    • Justin

      Doubt Paul “It’s okay for gays to adopt” Ryan does.

  • David

    What if they said the rosary before the debate? Both guys could use a dose of humility, me thinks.

  • Trip

    Some attendees reported that Biden repeatedly began the second half of the Hail Mary well before Ryan could finish reciting the first half. Biden also appears to have experienced a manifestation of the charismatic gift of “holy laughter.”

    • Brian Crane

      That literally made me lol just like Biden. 🙂

    • iteachthefaith

      I spluttered into my coffee and laughed so hard at your comment. Excellent!

      • Rose

        A little bit of pee came out…

  • Daniel

    In other news, Joe Biden expanded his bulletproof logic on abortion to waive all Americans of the duty to pay taxes saying, “I believe in my heart it is against the will of God to not pay your taxes, but would never want to enforce that rule on my fellow brothers and sisters.” Sales of his recent book “The Morality of Law” are expected to soar.

  • John

    Can someone provide another source attesting to whether or not this rosary actually occurred? I did a Google search of “Biden and Ryan pray rosary after debate” and found nothing.

    • Daniel

      It’s a joke. All the articles are jokes. In this one they are chiefly pointing out the absurdity of having two politicians who both proclaim to be Catholic but who disagree so vividly on important topics.

  • Michael Barsness

    Dude/dudetes this is hilarious. I can’t imagine someone like Biden having Divine and Catholic Faith. Some people pray the rosary like inserting coins in a candy machine. There is a reason he’s been warned not to go to communion. Now we judge by his actions and words in which he says, its not the bad judgment in a condemning way. We see action and its bad…