Latino Gang Member’s Our Lady Of Guadalupe Tattoo Used For Devotions

November 26, 2012 by  
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The Barrio––Mother of Latino gang member “Joker” announced today that Sunday’s family hour of devotion before the elaborately tattooed image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on her son’s naked back was a complete success. “Everything was beautiful,” she told Eye of the Tiber. “He stood with his back turned to us, and we turned off the lights, and lit two candles, and put them on both sides of the sacred image of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe.” Joker’s cousin Snoopy said that the 23-year-old’s gracefully inked flesh canvass was just short of the dazzling cloak of San Juan Diego. “When I looked at it, you know…It was like San Juan Diego’s cloak, you know…only, like a cloak made of flesh and not cotton.” Joker, who was a half-hour late for the devotions, apologized to family that had gathered, explaining that he was late due to extended holiday work hours at his job as a street pharmacist at the corners of 9th and Cesar Chavez Way.