Critics Call Scott Hahn’s Latest Book “Lots Of Pun To Read”

December 14, 2012 by  
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Steubenville, OH––Ignatius Press has announced that Scott Hahn’s upcoming book will be loaded from start to finish with laugh-out-loud, side-splitting, yet thought-provoking puns. “With this book, I’ve managed to fully explore the way humor and moral theology compliment one another,” explained Hahn in an exclusive interview with Eye of the Tiber. “The results are simply pun-tastic.”

Hahn, known for his heavy use of puns, said that his new book on Capital Punishment, titled, Capital Pun-ishment: A Light Look at a Grave Matter has taken theology and wit to a whole new level. “Does it really do us any good to get ‘hung up’ on propriety when discussing capital punishment?” asks Hahn. “If you find something ‘shocking’ about an electric chair joke, then maybe you could use an ‘injection’ of humor. And that’s what this book will provide. These are all original puns that I came up with myself,” Dr. Hahn added with a smile. “So, I guess you could say this was a ‘Hahn-solo’ project.”