SSPX Excommunicates Renegade Bishop For Installing Bishops Without Approval

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Peoria, AZ – SSPX Arizona Bishop Gerald Leif confirmed Thursday that he has installed four bishops in spite of SSPX forbiddance. The move comes months after meetings collapsed between Bishop Leif and SSPX’s Superior General, Bernard Fellay. Leif, a prominent critic of the Society’s growing liberal view toward ecumenism has denounced the Society’s dialogue with the Vatican. A spokesman for the Diocese of Arizona declined to comment, but did say that the four newly appointed bishops would continue to acknowledge the authority of Bernard Fellay as supreme head of SSPX, but would defy the excommunication.

Original print date: 9-14-2012

  • Fr D

    So, what is the over/under on how many commenters don’t realize that this is a (clever and amazingly believable) parody?

  • frmitch

    Without Peter, the flock scatters and descends into chaos. Now the SSPX is experiencing the plague of Protestantism which is lack of unity.

  • Dear Fr. Don. Over/under is an execrable example of Hierarchicalism that we Catholics jettisoned in the glorious revolution of the 1960s.

    We are all the people of God – especially the laity – and so we are called to love, not mock, those who were differently intellectually gifted.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m confused. I thought there were 4 Bishops in the SSPX and I’ve certainly never heard of “Bishop Gerald Leif”.

    I’m also confused ~ at the end of this article it says ” Original Print Date 9-14-12″. Huh?

  • Elizabeth

    Sorry, I guess I’m a little sleepy this morning (that’s my excuse) and didn’t catch the sarcasm!

  • DetJohn

    You just know that this would happen sooner or later.

  • Christopher Leo Biddle

    As an FSSPer I can appreciate this humor.

  • Allan Wafkowski

    As much as I sympathize with with the goals of the SSPX, we are now coming around full circle. Disobedience begets disobedience. The SSPX was and is right in combating the errors that have taken hold of the Catholic Church, but they chose a Protestant way of doing it. What moral force can the SSPX bring to bear on these new rebels who did precisely what the SSPX did decades ago?

    The SSPX could be of great service to the Church if it returned to the pope, and not semantically only, and taught from within.

  • Big Bad Mad Rad Trad

    I know this is meant to be satire, but please don’t fall that tiresome the smug neo-Conservative Catholics fall into a la Catholic Answers and their ‘Rad Trad’ crusade, i.e. absolute, uncompromising criticism of the SSPX, ‘disobedient’, ‘schismatic’, ‘no-better-than-Protestant etc.. Look into the history of why Lefebvre did what he did. You might learn that what he did was legitimately Catholic. There’s a lot more to the whole story than most people think. He didn’t just suddenly decide to consecrate bishops without Papal approval simply to annoy John Paul II. Lefebvre and the society were treated very unjustly even before the Econe consecrations. Look into it, you might even come to sympathise with his position. I certainly did. And for years I snubbed the SSPX proudly believing myself to be a superior Catholic, never thinking I would fall into their error of disobedience, schism etc.. I eventually got over myself. The Church is in a terrible crisis. There is no FSSP where I live. The diocese won’t allow it. FSSP can’t operate without the local bishops’ permission. If it hadn’t been for the SSPX I might have lost the faith. Things are bad where I live, a stronghold of modernism. The SSPX aren’t as crazy as you think. I’ve been going to Mass there for a while now, they’re nice, normal people. Really.

    • Rorate Commentor

      Keep up the fight in the comment section of a satirical blog. That is truly the sign that you have the truth, given by God, and are not some crank with an internet connection and too much time on your hands.

    • Mike Dross

      What I demand to know is why Big Mad Rad Trad has such an amazing portrait and nobody else does.

  • Just because the SSPX refuses submission to the Pope and refuses communion with those subject to his authority that doesn’t make them schismatic! And anyone who disagrees is a wish-washy neo-con guitar banging love thy neighbour liberal!!

  • Joseph a worker

    “Schism is the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.” Canon Law 751.

    Let’s stop pretending that SSPX is not schismatic.

  • Devoted Follower of Joseph

    I’m incredibly surprised at the number of Canon Lawyers I see around the internet these days. They do a tremendous job interpreting Canon Law based a translation into the vulgar tongue. Thanks, Joseph a worker, J.C.D!

  • kaufman316
  • Eerie de Veré

    I suspect this is a commentary on Bishop Williamson defying Bishop Fellay as Superior General today and consecrating (now former SSPX priest) Fr Faure a bishop at a South American monastery loyal to Williamson’s Resistance faction.

  • John Ingram

    “The Society’s growing liberal view of ecumenism”? Are you serious? Who wrote this article, Bishop Williamson? What absolute rubbish.

  • Jim the Scott

    The SSPX excommunicates someone for installing bishops without approval….that is like reading about Huge Heffneir firing a Playmate for posing nude……

    The irony…….