Mars Curiosity Rover Successfully Reaches Jesuit Seminary

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Berkeley, CA––NASA announced Tuesday that its 2.5 billion dollar Mars Curiosity Rover has successfully touched down in the Jesuit Seminary in Berkeley. For close to a decade, the Church and NASA alike have been fascinated with the possibility that the Jesuit seminary might at one time have contained the chemical resources and ingredients needed to support a religious community. The Rover has already begun to send back images to the NASA headquarters in Houston, one of which, researchers believe, appear to be a pair of leather pants.

Original post date: 9/25/2012

  • Poor Yorek


    “Presumably, no intelligent life has been discovered?”

    • Me

      Beam me up, Scotty?

  • CL

    I don’t get it?

    • The Jesuits, for the most part, are no longer Catholic. And S.J, can easily stand for Sine Jesu (Without Christ)
      The present pope did not even get a decent catechism in the Jesuit Seminary.
      So, looking for a proper Jesuit Seminary is a funny adventure.
      Finding traces of Catholic Faith in a Jesuit Seminary is as jubilatory as finding water on Mars.
      Water gives life – no life on Mars.
      Faith gives Christ-ian life – such is nonexistent in a Jesuit formation.

      Looking for proof?…see asylum material, Karl Rahner – he did not even believe in the Resurrection of Christ.
      Or just wait for the pope francis to open his mouth.