Pope Francis To Work Midnight Shift At McDonald’s to Help The Poor

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ROME––The new Holy Father, after paying his hotel bill the day of his election to “give an example to priests,” has decided to submit an application to work the midnight shift at the McDonald’s on Via Del Corso in order to “make a few extra clams” to give to the poor. “My children, as St. Paul reminded the Thessalonians: ‘For you remember our labor and toil, brethren; we worked night and day, that we might not burden any of you, while we preached to you the gospel of God.’ I also, taking his example, wish to toil, in order to raise funds for a new couch that this one guy really needs.” The manager at the McDonald’s, who reviewed the Holy Father’s application, stated that the Pope was, “ridiculously overqualified” for the job, but added, “but like, he’s the Pope. How exactly do you say no to him?” At press time, His Holiness was reportedly selling three Big Macs to Cardinal Sandri of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, and then proceeding to kneel and ask for his blessing.

  • Robert Tonozzi

    I have never been this inspired as a Catholic in my life. Thank you Father. WE ARE LISTENING NOW
    Oh this life has been 55years.

  • Enchanted. Finally, a Pope who gets out there and mingles with the ordinary person as an ordinary person, ironically making him extraordinary.

  • mark

    Absoolutely ridiculous , the pope is a king and ruler of the christs kingdom, and here he is doing the mindless job of a peasant . congrats holy father you are successfuly turning upside down the natural order for the respect of persons. God has no respect for persons, and so also should his vicoor.

    • jaci

      What is wrong with you? You obviously have know idea who our God is. You know, the one born in an animals’ dwelling with a feeding trough as a bed. His respect for us is so deep, he chose to become one of us After creating us in his own image. When we are baptized we become priest, prophet ,and king by right of our baptism in Christ Jesus. You need prayers and you have mine, Mark.

      • Jaci, you explained it so beautifully that if Mark doesn’t understand the message, I pity him.

    • Rachel

      MacDonalds is an honnest decent job and the kids who work there are not mindless peasents. They are are hard working indiciduals, most of whom are in university and refuse to live off their student loans and mooch off their parents. If the Holy Father wants to be in amongst these kids and help to serve the normal everyday folk sho shop there then thats his perogative. Fra be it from me or anyone else to tell the Pope what he should and should not do.

  • Leo Hunt

    …April fool?

  • RAW

    Please don’t forget this is satire



  • I. M. Joking

    Why the midnight shift? That’s when there will be the fewest people going to the restaurant. If he really wanted to serve he would go there during the morning rush when everyone is going to get their McLattes! But as usual the Church always tries to make it appear that it is concerned with the poor without truly doing anything about it. Geez And what’s up with Cardinal Sandri and THREE BIG MACS?!?!?! Shouldn’t the Holy Father told him that is GLUTTONY?!?!? That is material cooperation in evil. This Holy Father is turning the Papacy upside down.

    • TIffany Woods

      Did you even read the article? He is giving his EARNINGS to the poor, not free McDonalds. Why does it matter what time of day he works in order to make a little extra cash? He is still the pope, he needs the daytime to do his other job. Besides, in a city like Rome there will always be people at McDonalds around the clock.

      Lastly, for sin of overeating to be considered gluttony, one must knowingly overeat to the point of excess. Have you ever ate a Big Mac? It is such a lame excuse for a hamburger eating 3 and nothing else would barley feed one normal person.

      • Beautiful, Tiffany. I guess it is human nature for there to be negative comments regarding anything good that one does. Our governor gets blasted left and right for his decisions even though his efforts are intended for the betterment of our state. So now, it is with the humble Pope Frances that there has to be such low-brow nonsense. I love that he is doing this. It is on his own time rather than taking away from the business of his calling. God bless him for his humble acts.

      • I. M. Joking

        OMG PLEASE just read my NAME for pete’s sake! This is joking around. The WHOLE ARTICLE is. Sheesh.

        • Veronica

          Blessed are the smartypants…for they will discern the wry humor in this piece.

    • Rachel

      Maybe the drunks and the homeless will role in during the midnight shift and he’ll be able to minister to them and help them.

  • charles bird

    My doctor says no one in his right mind eats there. Detroiters who eat only there die in their 20s. So that ain’t helping the poor.

    • Caitlin

      Have you ever been to one in Rome? They are completely different then ones here in the states.

  • Lance Colvard

    It is a false humility when one destroys the traditions of the Church and the Papacy.

    • Dan

      It is false humility not to follow in the example that Jesus left himself, our Pope is doing just that, we are proud of him.

      • jim111

        Glad to see Pope Frances is so much holier then the arrogant popes like Jp2 and B16 who kept all those traditions of the Papacy. After all its not like those traditions had a purpose, like giving the pope his proper dignity as Head of the church or something.

        • KBunge

          Sorry, but I’m going to have to intervene here about John Paul the Second. He was in no way arrogant – in fact he was one of the most inspirational political figures in Poland during communism. He was a member of Solidarnosc (the peoples/workers party against the communists) and he spearheaded many underground missions to help overthrow the communist government. He was an amazing man who offered hope to a nation that was in the throes of communism and oppression. Many of his sermons had dual meanings for the Polish people and he was seen as a true father or uncle to the people of Poland especially. He taught theology at a University before his papacy began and he tried, in every way possible, to help man, woman and child. DO NOT EVER SAY THAT HE WAS ARROGANT AGAIN… Even if you are trying to be sarcastic. You have no idea who he was and what he did, you are the arrogant one, not John Paul the 2nd.

        • Rachel

          Come on. John Paul II and Benedict XVI were awesome too in their own individual ways. Theyre all our popes and all deserve respect no matter what their styles. Its how God made them.

    • Rachel

      He isnt destroying any traditions. He’s just inventing some new ones 🙂

  • Mary

    Okay guys, this website is a satire site…so this DIDN’T really happen.

  • Eric

    It’s interesting to read the lame attempts of some out-of-touch traditionalists that cast a slur on Pope Francis’ priority to honor the poor. Just like their counterpart in the Gospel, these modern day Pharisees think they are better than a pope who bows to serve the poor simply because they can claim to external rituals of the Churchg that has not really moved their interior disposition to love their neighbor. In this case, they may have to wonder when they meet Christ on the last day why his questions to them will be about service to the neighbor, and not rubrics: “I was hungry and you did not feed me, thirsty and you did not give me drink, homeless and you did notwelcome me…”

    • anne m

      Eric It’s Satire, we Love Pope Francis, we’re having a Laugh at the rad trad nutcases.

  • Ryan

    So everyone knows the pope isn’t actually working at a McDonald and that this is a JOKE right? Some of these comments make me a little concerned.

    • I. M. Joking

      LOL apparently not. People are really taking this seriously. Yikes.

    • Veronica

      I’m shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED that no one has taken one of these “news items” to CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC and tried to pass it off as “real”…may God bless these readers with a sense of humor!

      • Mike Dross

        Sorry, Veronica, but they have. NPR went completely bonkers over the Click to Confess hoax. I’m pretty sure that the story came from here.

  • anne m

    ahhhhhhhhh I Love the sarcasm, those rad trads are nutcases and they’re always putting out “SCANDAL” about The Pope Or any Pope they “Dislike” Glad to have Eye of the Tiber to give us real catholic folk a laugh, although some readers may think this story to be true….*sigh.*