Catholic Answers Runs Out Of Questions; To Close Its Doors In May

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Catholic Answers

San Diego, CA–It was officially announced today that after 25 years, the largest lay-run Catholic apostolate for evangelization and apologetics in the United States Catholic Answers is closing its doors for good this May. The decision to shut down the apostolate was revealed on a live broadcast of The World Over with Raymond Arroyo last week when, during the break, Catholic Answers Founder and President Karl Keating was caught on a hot mic saying, “Honestly, though, I’m kinda over it. I mean, how many times during Lent do I have to be asked whether frog legs are considered meat?” 63-year-old Keating spoke to the press after the interview and apologized to anyone he may have offended. “Here’s the thing…we’ve pretty much answered everything there is to answer. Simply put, we’ve run out of questions.” The apostolate is expected to close its doors after releasing its final issue of Catholic Answers Magazine, in which the topic of the proper amount of incense required during a Chaldean Rite liturgy is discussed. “Yup…that’ll pretty much wrap it up,” Keating said.

  • beagle

    Is this tragedy or comedy?

  • Reprieve! I checked the website of Loome Theological Booksellers and discovered a twenty-volume set of nothing but questions–tens of thousands of them. We’re back in business!

  • Fr. Andrew Younan

    They called me to help answer that last question. The correct answer is “a lot.”

    • How much is “a lot” for Chaldeans? If you could give it to me relative to a Byzantine Divine Liturgy, that would be appreciated.

  • I’m not sure that the incense issue is going to be wrapped up that fast. There is still debate about the Anaphora of Addai and Mari, so the Chaldeans have a lot more questions waiting.

  • pnewton

    Answering the same questions over and over has not proven a problem in the past. Perhaps Catholic Answers can change things up, while reaching out to young people and traditionalists by answering in Pig Latin. Or perhaps they can change their format to Catholic Questions and start responding to all answers in the form of a question, as in Jeopardy.

  • My source who spoke on condition of anonymity tells me the REAL reason they’re shutting down operations is that they ran out of first time callers.

  • Joe Shmo

    The correct answer to the last question is enough to make Mari Shammam faint.

  • Roger W. Schoenecker

    Hold on a while. Very soon there will be so many new questions that it will take CA decades to answer them. The questions will come after several events occur. First, the Vatican will give its “unofficial blessing” to Medjugorji; this will be followed by approval of the works of Maria Valtorta (especially The Poem of the Man God); then the 10 secrets the Virgin Mary has promised will gradually be revealed. Your staff will be inundated with queries.