Millions To Miss Pope’s Global Hour Of Adoration Due To Super Busy Schedules

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World, The–Citing “super busy” schedules, millions from around the globe are reporting that they unfortunately are not going to be able to make it to the first-ever Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration led by Pope Francis this Sunday. The news comes as a shock to many in the Vatican who were counting on the millions of Catholics from around the world to show up so that Pope Francis would not have to cover their hour. Millions, who originally planned to attend, and were reportedly telling their friends just the other day that they really needed to start making it out to adoration more often, were it not for the overwhelming amount of stuff on their plate at the moment, told reporters that they simply couldn’t find the time in the day just yet, with work being how it is this time of the year and all. “I’m just absolutely swamped right now,” millions said in unison. “I hardly have time to breathe. I mean, I know that’s a bad excuse and all, but it’s just…you know.” Millions of Catholics, located everywhere from Rome to Venezuela, went on to say that they felt bad leaving the Pope “hanging” like that, but it was just that they had these files due in on Monday, and that there was also that one thing that their significant others had been harping them about for months that they just had to take care of after Mass on Sunday.” At press time, millions have planned to make it up by saying an Our Father and Hail Mary before they go to bed sometime next week.

  • Lisa

    omg I feel really bad saying this but I totally understand, sometimes ur just too busy and you just don’t have enough time for this kind of thing. Im just really confused though because how does the press already know that nobodys gonna show up? I mean r u supposed to rsvp for this kind of thing, and maybe Pope Francis didn’t want to be embarrassed or something so he’s just letting everyone know what to expect?

    • Lee

      Your kidding Lisa? Very sad state of affairs, God have mercy on us all JMJ

  • Kate

    Aaahahahaha, this is great! Poor Pope Francis, having to cover so many errant Catholics’ adoration hours! I’ll be sure to say a Glory Be, too, to make it up to him. 😉

  • Bruce W.

    Good time to read the parables about the sower of the seed or the rich young man. Then make your final decision.

  • Cindy Coleman

    Absolutely! I mean, REALLY, how can Pope Francis expect us to give up one WHOLE hour to adore our Precious Lord on the Feast of Corpus Christi? Seriously, like there is all that laundry that was piling up all week to do, I need to grocery shop because were too busy at the kid’s sports on Saturday and then had a picnic to go to…..those don’t count as ‘servile work’ do they? If he had just gone for, like, 5 minutes I might have been able to fit it in to my busy schedule. But not a Holy Hour. What next, expecting us to go to Mass every Sunday? Sheesh!

    • kdpfam

      Not to mention having to watch the NCIS marathon to catch the episodes I’ve missed.

  • Fidei Defensor

    “See! I told ya so!” – Fr. Richard McBrien

  • Magdalene

    As a lay person who oversees adoration at my parish, I do not find this too far fetched actually. Our parish is large and we have one adoration day a week and one overnight a month on First Friday. It is SO hard to find committed adorers–almost all have come because of my personal invitation. This weekend we are going to have sign-up for it. My pastor said he will preach it. But he never comes to our adoration and none of the staff except one person who sometimes comes for a half an hour. They call adorers “your people” when they want me to ask something of them. They are not “my people”. When I try to find someone to help me they say their plate is too full. When someone new signs up it is most common they will suddenly discover that their work schedule will not allow them to keep their hour. I wonder if they have time for any TV then?

    The time in adoration in the presence of Our Lord is the front porch of heaven! We do want to spend eternity in His Presence, don’t we? It breaks my heart that Our Lord is so little known and loved in the most Holy Eucharist.

  • anton

    Oh……..sure!!!!!……..but everyone has time for earth hour!

  • Steve Lowe

    Came back from Adoration and read this and laughed cause I have yet to meet two of my fellow adorers for the hour that I have volunteered for the past two years. I feel so bad when I can’t make it for whatever reason. Our parish is blessed to have an Adoration leader who can find subs when needed and given reasonable notice.

  • Adorer

    I wonder what one will say when The Lord tells them He waited and waited for them. And when He asks them, “Could you not spend one hour with me?” What will they say?

  • Whoa, easy cowboy!

    It was kinda short notice, too, right? Also, at least in the USA, it landed smack in the middle of our mass schedule. It was 11 a.m. on the East Coast, 10 a.m. in the Midwest, 9 a.m. in the Rockies, and 8 a.m. on the West Coast. For that matter, because the relevant mass times were already listed, the parish is obliged to follow through with them. It would cause complete chaos to try to reschedule everything on 5 days’ notice. Certainly the Holy Father at least understands, huh?

    It’s a beautiful sign statement and with more warning or at a different time, will be easier for the Western Hemisphere to join in, anyway. I am sure gobs of Africans, Europeans, and Asians were able to and did. Awesome! God be praised! Not something we can just move Sunday Mass around for, though, huh?

    My parish was actually tooling around having our regularly scheduled mass, followed by Corpus Christi procession, followed by all-parish adoration at that time. Hardly a waste.

    An upshot is that even outlets like NBC News were doing their poor little best to explain what the heck Eucharistic Adoration is. God be praised! This pope sure knows how to make headlines and get people talking. He seems to be shaking Holy Mother Church as hard as he can. “Wake up! Wake up!” God is so merciful to give us such an extraordinary leader for such extraordinary times.

    • bad planning

      When was this announced? I first saw it on a website less than 1 week before. Families spend weeks/months planning a simple vacation. The Church gives 1 weeks notice for a world wide event???
      A worthwhile and potentially unifying event.
      Try again next year, but announce it at Easter!

      • Haha. Right. Well, I think the Pope may have done it off the cuff. He seems to do that. Also, it doesn’t really take any organizing, and he probably suspected that not everyone would be able to make it 🙂

        Next year, like you said.

        It would be cool if all the parishes had processions on, say, Christ the King.

  • Jenny

    That was funny. I was completely caught off guard though when our priest announced it yesterday morning at 8 AM Mass. I had not even heard about this and it was scheduled for 9 AM. I did stay for the hour. Maybe more in our parish would have stayed if they had known about it.

  • How about they restore the Holy Days of Obligation first before giving us any grief for not making something most people still don’t know about.

  • Susan Weber

    I really enjoy this blog, the “Catholic Onion” as I think of it, but I have to say that the Holy Hour in union with Pope Francis was not advertized at all in my parish. Not only that, but it was at the same time as one of our Sunday Masses. One could hardly cancel a Mass to have a Holy Hour! We do have a weekly holy hour in our parish, but a special one on Corpus Christs would have been, well, special!

  • Jamey Brown

    I gave up salads for Pope Francis’ Global Day of Fasting and Prayer. In honor of His Holiness I also ate all Italian, mostly. But hold the salad, no spinach pasta, or zucchini lasagna either. Pizza –but none with artichoke or spinach. I’ll admit I had a BBQ bacon Whopper for breakfast but that was before I decided to go Italian—but “hold the lettuce and tomato please, for world peace” in honor of obedience to the Magisterium. And I went the whole nine yards too with no vegetable juices or fruit smoothies. Just stuck to soda and beer. But since I’m also boycotting Coca-Cola along with South America because Coke trashed the Church in Spain, I stuck to the beer. Dos Equis for me, por favor. Viva Christo Rey!