Millions To Miss Pope’s Global Hour Of Adoration Due To Super Busy Schedules

May 30, 2013 by  
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World, The–Citing “super busy” schedules, millions from around the globe are reporting that they unfortunately are not going to be able to make it to the first-ever Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration led by Pope Francis this Sunday. The news comes as a shock to many in the Vatican who were counting on the millions of Catholics from around the world to show up so that Pope Francis would not have to cover their hour. Millions, who originally planned to attend, and were reportedly telling their friends just the other day that they really needed to start making it out to adoration more often, were it not for the overwhelming amount of stuff on their plate at the moment, told reporters that they simply couldn’t find the time in the day just yet, with work being how it is this time of the year and all. “I’m just absolutely swamped right now,” millions said in unison. “I hardly have time to breathe. I mean, I know that’s a bad excuse and all, but it’s just…you know.” Millions of Catholics, located everywhere from Rome to Venezuela, went on to say that they felt bad leaving the Pope “hanging” like that, but it was just that they had these files due in on Monday, and that there was also that one thing that their significant others had been harping them about for months that they just had to take care of after Mass on Sunday.” At press time, millions have planned to make it up by saying an Our Father and Hail Mary before they go to bed sometime next week.